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1Applications of magnetic nanoparticles in biomedicineJournal Physics D: Applied Physics20035,148
2Revival of the magnetoelectric effectJournal Physics D: Applied Physics20054,523
3Dielectric relaxation in solidsJournal Physics D: Applied Physics19992,284
4The preparation of magnetic nanoparticles for applications in biomedicineJournal Physics D: Applied Physics20031,673
5Studies of tunnel MOS diodes I. Interface effects in silicon Schottky diodesJournal Physics D: Applied Physics19711,577
6Functionalisation of magnetic nanoparticles for applications in biomedicineJournal Physics D: Applied Physics20031,392
7Airflow control by non-thermal plasma actuatorsJournal Physics D: Applied Physics20071,356
8Optical properties of human skin, subcutaneous and mucous tissues in the wavelength range from 400 to 2000 nmJournal Physics D: Applied Physics20051,340
9MagnonicsJournal Physics D: Applied Physics20101,293
10Growth and applications of Group III-nitridesJournal Physics D: Applied Physics19981,275
11Progress in applications of magnetic nanoparticles in biomedicineJournal Physics D: Applied Physics20091,246
12Penetration and energy-loss theory of electrons in solid targetsJournal Physics D: Applied Physics19721,223
13The emerging role of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in redox biology and some implications for plasma applications to medicine and biologyJournal Physics D: Applied Physics20121,170
14The 2017 terahertz science and technology roadmapJournal Physics D: Applied Physics20171,160
15The spreading of silicone oil drops on horizontal surfacesJournal Physics D: Applied Physics19791,156
16Ac electrokinetics: a review of forces in microelectrode structuresJournal Physics D: Applied Physics19981,085
17Non-thermal plasmas in and in contact with liquidsJournal Physics D: Applied Physics20091,050
18Calculation of hysteresis losses in hard superconductors carrying ac: isolated conductors and edges of thin sheetsJournal Physics D: Applied Physics19701,041
19Finite-size effects in fine particles: magnetic and transport propertiesJournal Physics D: Applied Physics20021,031
20YIG magnonicsJournal Physics D: Applied Physics20101,024
21Hydrostatic limits of 11 pressure transmitting mediaJournal Physics D: Applied Physics20091,015
22Raman scattering study on anatase TiO2nanocrystalsJournal Physics D: Applied Physics20001,008
23Tribology of diamond-like carbon films: recent progress and future prospectsJournal Physics D: Applied Physics20061,003
24SupermagnetismJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2009901
25The Bohm criterion and sheath formationJournal Physics D: Applied Physics1991900
26Theory of space-charge-limited current enhanced by Frenkel effectJournal Physics D: Applied Physics1970893
27The 2018 GaN power electronics roadmapJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2018843
28Solid polymer electrolytes: materials designing and all-solid-state battery applications: an overviewJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2008840
29Developments in magnetocaloric refrigerationJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2005838
30Ozone synthesis from oxygen in dielectric barrier dischargesJournal Physics D: Applied Physics1987829
31Non-thermal atmospheric pressure dischargesJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2005824
32Microplasmas and applicationsJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2006821
33Thermoluminescence glow-curve deconvolution functions for first, second and general orders of kineticsJournal Physics D: Applied Physics1998780
34Detailed balance limit of the efficiency of tandem solar cellsJournal Physics D: Applied Physics1980766
35Phase objects in synchrotron radiation hard x-ray imagingJournal Physics D: Applied Physics1996763
36Plasma assisted ignition and combustionJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2006755
37Nanofabricated and self-assembled magnetic structures as data storage mediaJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2005745
38CMR manganites: physics, thin films and devicesJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2003735
39Mechanisms for exchange biasJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2000726
40Calculated electronic and magnetic properties of the half-metallic, transition metal based Heusler compoundsJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2007717
41The 2017 Plasma Roadmap: Low temperature plasma science and technologyJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2017710
42Electro-rheologyJournal Physics D: Applied Physics1988709
43Semiconductor nanowiresJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2006709
44Resistivity of polycrystalline zinc oxide films: current status and physical limitJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2001700
45Biomedical applications of terahertz technologyJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2006699
46Surface plasmons in metallic nanoparticles: fundamentals and applicationsJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2011695
47Microfluidic methods for generating continuous droplet streamsJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2007677
48Nano-indentation of polymeric surfacesJournal Physics D: Applied Physics1998671
49Thin-film peeling-the elastic termJournal Physics D: Applied Physics1975660
50Recent progress in nanoimprint technology and its applicationsJournal Physics D: Applied Physics2004657