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1A quantitative description of membrane current and its application to conduction and excitation in nerveJournal of Physiology195218,877
2Receptive fields, binocular interaction and functional architecture in the cat's visual cortexJournal of Physiology196211,049
3Long‐lasting potentiation of synaptic transmission in the dentate area of the anaesthetized rabbit following stimulation of the perforant pathJournal of Physiology19735,598
4Receptive fields and functional architecture of monkey striate cortexJournal of Physiology19685,447
5Excitability changes induced in the human motor cortex by weak transcranial direct current stimulationJournal of Physiology20004,557
6New methods for calculating metabolic rate with special reference to protein metabolismJournal of Physiology19494,357
7Mitochondrial formation of reactive oxygen speciesJournal of Physiology20033,704
8Receptive fields of single neurones in the cat's striate cortexJournal of Physiology19593,611
9The effect of sodium ions on the electrical activity of the giant axon of the squidJournal of Physiology19493,174
10A theory of cerebellar cortexJournal of Physiology19692,774
11Corticocortical inhibition in human motor cortex.Journal of Physiology19932,688
12The variation in isometric tension with sarcomere length in vertebrate muscle fibresJournal of Physiology19662,622
13Application of fourier analysis to the visibility of gratingsJournal of Physiology19682,577
14The period of susceptibility to the physiological effects of unilateral eye closure in kittensJournal of Physiology19702,485
15The contrast sensitivity of retinal ganglion cells of the catJournal of Physiology19662,359
16Currents carried by sodium and potassium ions through the membrane of the giant axon of LoligoJournal of Physiology19522,104
17Excitatory amino acids in synaptic transmission in the Schaffer collateral‐commissural pathway of the rat hippocampus.Journal of Physiology19832,074
18Postnatal microbial colonization programs the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system for stress response in miceJournal of Physiology20042,024
19Quantal components of the end‐plate potentialJournal of Physiology19541,975
20The aggregation of blood plateletsJournal of Physiology19631,972
21On the Absorption of Fluids from the Connective Tissue SpacesJournal of Physiology18961,849
22On the existence of neurones in the human visual system selectively sensitive to the orientation and size of retinal imagesJournal of Physiology19691,834
23The action of calcium on the electrical properties of squid axonsJournal of Physiology19571,671
24Measurement of current‐voltage relations in the membrane of the giant axon of LoligoJournal of Physiology19521,512
25On the Regulation of the Blood‐supply of the BrainJournal of Physiology18901,479
26The dual effect of membrane potential on sodium conductance in the giant axon of LoligoJournal of Physiology19521,461
27An unidentified depressor substance in certain tissue extractsJournal of Physiology19311,451
28Method for the calculation of velocity, rate of flow and viscous drag in arteries when the pressure gradient is knownJournal of Physiology19551,447
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30Optical and retinal factors affecting visual resolution.Journal of Physiology19651,397
31The influence of potassium and chloride ions on the membrane potential of single muscle fibresJournal of Physiology19591,393
32Spontaneous subthreshold activity at motor nerve endingsJournal of Physiology19521,383
33A study of the ‘desensitization’ produced by acetylcholine at the motor end‐plateJournal of Physiology19571,378
34Chromatic mechanisms in lateral geniculate nucleus of macaque.Journal of Physiology19841,376
35The measurement of volume changes in human limbsJournal of Physiology19531,365
36On the local reactions of the arterial wall to changes of internal pressureJournal of Physiology19021,354
37Physiological types and histochemical profiles in motor units of the cat gastrocnemiusJournal of Physiology19731,353
38The physiological activity of adenine compounds with especial reference to their action upon the mammalian heart1Journal of Physiology19291,344
39An analysis of the end‐plate potential recorded with an intra‐cellular electrodeJournal of Physiology19511,321
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42The number and distribution of capillaries in muscles with calculations of the oxygen pressure head necessary for supplying the tissueJournal of Physiology19191,247
43Mitochondrial formation of reactive oxygen speciesJournal of Physiology20031,246
44Reconstruction of the action potential of ventricular myocardial fibresJournal of Physiology19771,244
45Pharmacological Modulation of Cortical Excitability Shifts Induced by Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation in HumansJournal of Physiology20031,227
46The neural mechanism of binocular depth discriminationJournal of Physiology19671,221
47Co‐operative action of calcium ions in transmitter release at the neuromuscular junctionJournal of Physiology19671,200
48The components of membrane conductance in the giant axon of LoligoJournal of Physiology19521,197
49Voluntary strength and fatigueJournal of Physiology19541,188
50Kinetic and pharmacological properties distinguishing three types of calcium currents in chick sensory neurones.Journal of Physiology19871,185