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1Parametrized quasi-soft thresholding operator for compressed sensing and matrix completionComputational and Applied Mathematics2020194
2Octagonal fuzzy neutrosophic number and its application to reusable container inventory model with container shrinkageComputational and Applied Mathematics2021100
3Bipolar fuzzy TOPSIS and bipolar fuzzy ELECTRE-I methods to diagnosisComputational and Applied Mathematics202088
4A Rothe-modified shooting method for solving a nonlinear boundary value problem arising in particulate processesComputational and Applied Mathematics201987
5Decision-making model under complex picture fuzzy Hamacher aggregation operatorsComputational and Applied Mathematics202085
6FMNEICS: fractional Meyer neuro-evolution-based intelligent computing solver for doubly singular multi-fractional order Lane–Emden systemComputational and Applied Mathematics202082
7Maclaurin symmetric mean operators and their applications in the environment of complex q-rung orthopair fuzzy setsComputational and Applied Mathematics202078
8Group decision-making method based on prioritized linguistic intuitionistic fuzzy aggregation operators and its fundamental propertiesComputational and Applied Mathematics201974
9An effective analytical method for buckling solutions of a restrained FGM nonlocal beamComputational and Applied Mathematics202272
10New numerical studies for Darcy’s problem coupled with the heat equationComputational and Applied Mathematics202071
11Applications of partial belong and total non-belong relations on soft separation axioms and decision-making problemComputational and Applied Mathematics202071
12Numerical analysis of time fractional Black–Scholes European option pricing model arising in financial marketComputational and Applied Mathematics201968
13On the unit Burr-XII distribution with the quantile regression modeling and applicationsComputational and Applied Mathematics202167
14Integrated intelligent computing with neuro-swarming solver for multi-singular fourth-order nonlinear Emden–Fowler equationComputational and Applied Mathematics202064
15Qualitative analysis of caputo fractional integro-differential equations with constant delaysComputational and Applied Mathematics202162
16Approaches to multi-attribute decision-making based on picture fuzzy Aczel–Alsina average aggregation operatorsComputational and Applied Mathematics202261
17Cloud-based ERP system selection based on extended probabilistic linguistic MULTIMOORA method and Choquet integral operatorComputational and Applied Mathematics201959
18q-Homotopy analysis method for solving the seventh-order time-fractional Lax’s Korteweg–de Vries and Sawada–Kotera equationsComputational and Applied Mathematics201958
19Performance of nonconforming spectral element method for Stokes problemsComputational and Applied Mathematics202255
20Cubic bipolar fuzzy ordered weighted geometric aggregation operators and their application using internal and external cubic bipolar fuzzy dataComputational and Applied Mathematics201954
21A unified algorithm for solving variational inequality and fixed point problems with application to the split equality problemComputational and Applied Mathematics202054
22The memory effect on fractional calculus: an application in the spread of COVID-19Computational and Applied Mathematics202152
23An efficient computational method for local fractional transport equation occurring in fractal porous mediaComputational and Applied Mathematics202048
24A fractional analysis of Noyes–Field model for the nonlinear Belousov–Zhabotinsky reactionComputational and Applied Mathematics202046
25Spherical fuzzy Dombi power Heronian mean aggregation operators for multiple attribute group decision-makingComputational and Applied Mathematics202246
26The extragradient algorithm with inertial effects extended to equilibrium problemsComputational and Applied Mathematics202045
27A naturally emerging bivariate Mittag-Leffler function and associated fractional-calculus operatorsComputational and Applied Mathematics202045
28A new picture fuzzy information measure based on shannon entropy with applications in opinion polls using extended VIKOR–TODIM approachComputational and Applied Mathematics202044
29Some derivative free quadratic and cubic convergence iterative formulas for solving nonlinear equationsComputational and Applied Mathematics201041
30A note on the spectral gradient projection method for nonlinear monotone equations with applicationsComputational and Applied Mathematics202039
31Multiple attribute decision-making approach for Pythagorean neutrosophic normal interval-valued fuzzy aggregation operatorsComputational and Applied Mathematics202239
32Analytical treatment of regularized Prabhakar fractional differential equations by invariant subspacesComputational and Applied Mathematics202239
33An extended MABAC method for multi-criteria group decision-making problems based on correlative inputs of intuitionistic fuzzy informationComputational and Applied Mathematics201938
34Perturbation theory for Moore–Penrose inverse of tensor via Einstein productComputational and Applied Mathematics201938
35On the nonlinear $$\varvec{\varPsi }$$ Ψ -Hilfer fractional differential equationsComputational and Applied Mathematics201938
36A modified Halpern algorithm for approximating a common solution of split equality convex minimization problem and fixed point problem in uniformly convex Banach spacesComputational and Applied Mathematics201938
37Novel decision-making approach based on hesitant fuzzy sets and graph theoryComputational and Applied Mathematics201937
38Location selection of electric vehicles charging stations by using the spherical fuzzy CPT–CoCoSo and D-CRITIC methodComputational and Applied Mathematics202337
39Chebyshev polynomials for solving two dimensional linear and nonlinear integral equations of the second kindComputational and Applied Mathematics201236
40Decision-making approaches based on color spectrum and D-TOPSIS method under rough environmentComputational and Applied Mathematics202036
41A novel score function based CRITIC-MARCOS method with spherical fuzzy informationComputational and Applied Mathematics202136
42Approximate solution of time-fractional fuzzy partial differential equationsComputational and Applied Mathematics201935
43Dynamics analysis and numerical simulations of a delayed stochastic epidemic model subject to a general response functionComputational and Applied Mathematics201935
44Strong convergence of a forward–backward splitting method with a new step size for solving monotone inclusionsComputational and Applied Mathematics201935
45Core and core-EP inverses of tensorsComputational and Applied Mathematics202035
46Soft rough Pythagorean m-polar fuzzy sets and Pythagorean m-polar fuzzy soft rough sets with application to decision-makingComputational and Applied Mathematics202035
47The mean operators and generalized products of fuzzy soft matrices and their applications in MCGDMComputational and Applied Mathematics202035
48Event-triggered stochastic synchronization in finite time for delayed semi-Markovian jump neural networks with discontinuous activationsComputational and Applied Mathematics202035
49Viscosity S-iteration method with inertial technique and self-adaptive step size for split variational inclusion, equilibrium and fixed point problemsComputational and Applied Mathematics202235
50Application of combination schemes based on radial basis functions and finite difference to solve stochastic coupled nonlinear time fractional sine-Gordon equationsComputational and Applied Mathematics202235