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1The New BMI Criteria for Asians by the Regional Office for the Western Pacific Region of WHO are Suitable for Screening of Overweight to Prevent Metabolic Syndrome in Elder Japanese WorkersJournal of Occupational Health2003315
2Do We Recover from Vacation? Meta‐analysis of Vacation Effects on Health and Well‐beingJournal of Occupational Health2009248
3Review of toxicity studies of carbon nanotubesJournal of Occupational Health2017243
4Strategies for Safe and Effective Therapeutic Measures for Chronic Arsenic and Lead PoisoningJournal of Occupational Health2005237
5Perfluorooctanoate and Perfluorooctane Sulfonate Concentrations in Surface Water in JapanJournal of Occupational Health2004236
6Effects of Glutaraldehyde Exposure on Human HealthJournal of Occupational Health2006219
7Persistent Insomnia is a Predictor of Hypertension in Japanese Male WorkersJournal of Occupational Health2003217
8Shiftwork and Metabolic Risk Factors of Cardiovascular DiseaseJournal of Occupational Health2005217
9Low Intake of Vegetables, High Intake of Confectionary, and Unhealthy Eating Habits are Associated with Poor Sleep Quality among Middle‐aged Female Japanese WorkersJournal of Occupational Health2014169
10The Influence of Time, Sex and Geographic Factors on Levels of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate and Perfluorooctanoate in Human Serum over the Last 25 yearsJournal of Occupational Health2004166
11Mental Health Status, Shift Work, and Occupational Accidents among Hospital Nurses in JapanJournal of Occupational Health2004163
12The impact of SARS-CoV-2 on the mental health of healthcare workers in a hospital setting—A Systematic ReviewJournal of Occupational Health2020152
13Body Distribution of Inhaled Fluorescent Magnetic Nanoparticles in the MiceJournal of Occupational Health2008151
14Occupational Exposure Associated with Reproductive DysfunctionJournal of Occupational Health2004148
15Comparative Toxicity of Standard Nickel and Ultrafine Nickel in Lung after Intratracheal InstillationJournal of Occupational Health2003144
16Interstitial Pneumonia Developed in a Worker Dealing with Particles Containing Indium‐tin OxideJournal of Occupational Health2003144
17Occupational Risks and Challenges of SeafaringJournal of Occupational Health2010137
18Workplace Violence Directed at Nursing Staff at a General Hospital in Southern ThailandJournal of Occupational Health2008135
19Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorder among Workers in Taiwan: A Nationwide StudyJournal of Occupational Health2004133
20Prevalence and Determinants of Workplace Violence of Health Care Workers in a Psychiatric Hospital in TaiwanJournal of Occupational Health2008132
21Effects of SO2 on Respiratory System of Adult Miyakejima Resident 2 Years after Returning to the IslandJournal of Occupational Health2009131
22Work‐family Conflict and Burnout among Chinese Doctors: The Mediating Role of Psychological CapitalJournal of Occupational Health2012131
23Bisphenol‐A Affects Spermatogenesis in the Adult Rat Even at a Low DoseJournal of Occupational Health2001130
24Effects of Sarin on the Nervous System of Subway Workers Seven Years after the Tokyo Subway Sarin AttackJournal of Occupational Health2005127
25Workplace responses to COVID-19 associated with mental health and work performance of employees in JapanJournal of Occupational Health2020127
26Di(2‐ethylhexyl)phthalate Induces Hepatic Tumorigenesis through a Peroxisome Proliferator‐activated Receptor α‐independent PathwayJournal of Occupational Health2007124
27“How Fatigued Do You Currently Feel?” Convergent and Discriminant Validity of a Single‐Item Fatigue MeasureJournal of Occupational Health2007120
28Association of Job‐related Stress Factors with Psychological and Somatic Symptoms among Japanese Hospital Nurses: Effect of Departmental Environment in Acute Care HospitalsJournal of Occupational Health2008120
29Systematic review of the association between physical activity and burnoutJournal of Occupational Health2017118
30Karojisatsu in Japan: Characteristics of 22 Cases of Work‐Related SuicideJournal of Occupational Health2005116
31Relationships of Job and Some Individual Characteristics to Occupational Injuries in Employed People: A Community‐Based StudyJournal of Occupational Health2003105
32Work Characteristics and Upper Extremity Disorders in Female Dental Health WorkersJournal of Occupational Health2006104
33Relationships of Working Conditions and Individual Characteristics to Occupational Injuries: A Case‐Control Study in Coal MinersJournal of Occupational Health2004103
34Prevalence of Physical Activity among the Working Population and Correlation with Work‐Related Factors: Results from the First German National Health SurveyJournal of Occupational Health2005102
35Genotoxicity and Cytotoxicity of Multi‐wall Carbon Nanotubes in Cultured Chinese Hamster Lung Cells in Comparison with Chrysotile A FibersJournal of Occupational Health2010102
36The Stress Check Program: a new national policy for monitoring and screening psychosocial stress in the workplace in JapanJournal of Occupational Health2016102
37The practice of active rest by workplace units improves personal relationships, mental health, and physical activity among workersJournal of Occupational Health201798
38Occupational Stress in Nurses in Psychiatric Institutions in TaiwanJournal of Occupational Health200597
39Prevalence and Associated Factors of Burnout among Doctors in YemenJournal of Occupational Health201097
40Prevalence of the Metabolic Syndrome using the Modified ATP III Definitions for Workers in Japan, Korea and MongoliaJournal of Occupational Health200596
41An Integrative Study of the Genetic, Social and Environmental Determinants of Chronic Kidney Disease Characterized by Tubulointerstitial Damages in the North Central Region of Sri LankaJournal of Occupational Health201496
42Physician Burnout and Its Associated Factors: A Cross‐sectional Study in ShanghaiJournal of Occupational Health201495
43Musculoskeletal Problems among Workers of an Iranian Rubber FactoryJournal of Occupational Health200794
44Occupational Exposure to Organophosphate and Carbamate Pesticides Affects Sperm Chromatin Integrity and Reproductive Hormone Levels among Venezuelan Farm WorkersJournal of Occupational Health201394
45Evaluation of Acute Oxidative Stress Induced by NiO Nanoparticles In Vivo and In VitroJournal of Occupational Health201193
46A Survey of Semen Indices in Insecticide SprayersJournal of Occupational Health200491
47Effects of Chronic Noise Exposure on Spatial Learning and Memory of Rats in Relation to Neurotransmitters and NMDAR2B Alteration in the HippocampusJournal of Occupational Health200990
48Chronic Exposures to Cholinesterase‐inhibiting Pesticides Adversely Affect Respiratory Health of Agricultural Workers in IndiaJournal of Occupational Health200990
49Relationships between Work‐related Factors and Disorders in the Neck‐shoulder and Low‐back Region among Female and Male Ambulance PersonnelJournal of Occupational Health200588
50Causal Relationship between Indium Compound Inhalation and Effects on the LungsJournal of Occupational Health200988