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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology213154
2Department of Zoology112952
3Institute of Zoology440328593
4College of Life Sciences43453176
5Department of Microbiology1325174
6Department of Zoology425300788
6College of Forestry2253247
8Biology Centre22199181
9Department of Veterinary Medicine319136385
9Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy119132186
9Department of Biology319154382
9Department of Zoology2193252
13Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology117181261
13Department of Biology317271764
15College of Forestry1152234
16Department of Chemistry21496269
17Department of Biology11384126
17School of Life Sciences1131121
17College of Life Sciences11397165
17College of Life Sciences11368
21Department of Zoology212100225
21Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics112312
21Department of Zoology and Entomology1125383
24College of Science and Engineering311119426
24Department of Biology11183132
24Faculty of Science and Engineering111133274
24Graduate School of Life Sciences311186461
24Department of Plant Biology and Biodiversity Management2111352
24College of Life Sciences111185257
30Department of Evolutionary Anthropology2101528
30Department of Genomics and Evolutionary Biology110917
30Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology110148284
30Institute of Ecology and Evolution21073170
30Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology2101752
30Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine1106285
30Department of Bacteriology1105298
30Institute of Veterinary Medicine1101112
38Faculty of Biology193559
38Department of Invertebrate Zoology192137
38Faculty of Life Sciences19201393
38Department of Evolutionary Biology195089
38Department of Biology29231553
38Department of Natural History193557
38Institute for Global Food Security19155293
38Department of Zoology29170367
38Functional Morphology and Biomechanics192743
47Faculty of Pharmacy183468
47Institute of Vertebrate Biology18129198
47Department of Zoology and Entomology18231312
47School of Ecology and Environment183240
47Department of Biology2858160
47Department of Ecology and Evolution18181283
47Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology28108311
47College of Life Sciences18111192
47College of Life Sciences18220380
47Department of Biology18518
47Institute of Zoology18189330
58Department of Evolutionary Anthropology2749147
58Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies2773188
58Institute of Integrative Biology17269533
58Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology17127177
58College of Life Sciences17372584
58Institute of Zoology172956
58Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology17297466
65Department of Evolutionary Biology161138
65Institute for Environmental Studies1656134
65Department of Palynology and Climate Dynamics162653
65Faculty of Biology16346584
65Department of Anthropology16102229
65Faculty of Biology16316534
65Department of Genetics1673182
65Department of Anthropology and Archaeology165180
65Faculty of Veterinary Medicine16410649
65Department of Biology and Ecology16119227
65Department of Biology16185356
65Department of Anthropology163880
65Department of Biology162070
65Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology16824
65Department of Zoology163964
65Faculty of Pharmacy1677181
65School of Life Sciences16117207
65School of Psychology16129181
65Institute for Brain Research and Rehabilitation162272
65Department of Microbiology and Immunology1699202
65College of Bioscience and Biotechnology1678174
65Department of Environmental Biology161743
65College of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine1671117
65School of Biological Engineering16310
65AG Systematics and Evolutionary Biology1624
90Institute of Integrative Biology2599283
90Department of Biochemistry15541885
90Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection15325589
90Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology15378625
90School of Biology15216437
90College of Science and Engineering15266521
90Faculty of Food Science and Fisheries151321
90School of Life Sciences15106219
90Centre for Ecology and Conservation15103186
90Department of Aquaculture and Fish Biology151334
90Department of Archaeology1535
90Department of Zoology153280
102Department of Aquatic Ecology141445
102Department of Genetics14198431
102Evolutionary Biology Centre14256424
102Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences14233460
102Department of Ecology14130239
102Department of Anthropology1495235
102Department of Biology14114284
102Department of Ecology and Evolution14145282
102Department of Materials and Life Sciences14113209
102Institute of Geology and Paleontology141647
102School of Life Sciences14105238
102School of Ecology and Nature Conservation1457108
102School of Life Sciences and Medicine141132
102Graduate School of Agriculture141735
116Department of Parasitology1381156
116Department of Geobiology133292
116Department of Mathematics13177337
116Department of Bioscience Engineering1363174
116Department of Biology13360615
116Section of Ecology13133239
116Evolutionary Biology and Ecology132763
116School of Life Sciences13323585
116Department of Biology13156376
116Department of Genetics and Evolutionary Biology1348139
116Department of Ecology1343101
116School of Life Sciences13433772
116College of Life Sciences13284528
116Department of Biology13129255
116Biotechnology and Germplasm Resources Institute131434
116Department of Biology1339
116Department of Geology13157235
133Department of Medicine12485895
133Faculty of Biology1260150
133Institute of Evolutionary Biology12728
133Department of Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology1286160
133Department of Immunology and Microbiology1298253
133Department of Systematic Zoology and Ecology1244113
133School of Life Sciences126121.1K
133Department of Mathematics and Statistics2279276
133Department of Philosophy121744
133Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology12115244
133Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics12138309
133Faculty of Health Sciences12181340
133Department of Biology1274150
133Graduate School of Health Sciences1264139
133Faculty of Agriculture12187341
133Graduate School of Medicine12276504
133Department of Human Biology and Anatomy121533
133Department of Biology12158390
133Department of Biology12276468
133Department of Biology123090
133Faculty of Health and Nutrition12413
133Institute of Entomology and Molecular Biology121632
133Center for Environmental Biology and Ecosystem Studies1257147
156Research School of Biology11267553
156Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry11162346
156Department of Biology11178366
156School of Life Sciences1134135
156Department of Biology11392776
156Department of Biology11335692
156Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics11345686
156School of Earth Sciences and Engineering11230404
156College of Marine Life Sciences11192421
156Faculty of Agriculture1153123
156College of Life Sciences11167390
156Department of Life Sciences11253447
168Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology10223453
168Department of Zoology10474840
168Department of Biology10163351
168Institute of Evolution and Ecology1037114
168School of Life Sciences105651.1K
168Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences101.3K2.2K
168School of Biology10210432
168Department of Computer Science101360
168Department of Biochemistry10291662
168Department of Biology1031103
168Department of Biochemistry10831
168School of Life Sciences103495
168Department of Biology1088225
168School of Economics10623
168Department of Functional Biology10837