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#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics642687
2Department of Philosophy1126121
3Department of Philosophy6224117
4Department of Philosophy31811812
5Department of Philosophy1317245
6Department of Philosophy3168194
7Department of Philosophy41181415
8School of Applied Social Sciences11127436
9Department of Philosophy2106147
10Department of Philosophy1913820
11School of Social Work1894915
11School of Social Work1895935
11College of Nursing18910072
11Department of History189111
15Department of Philosophy387105
16Department of Philosophy28511
17Department of Philosophy6831215
18Department of Politics and International Studies4804053
19Department of Philosophy378136
20Department of Sociology77766
21Department of Philosophy4751917
22Faculty of Law170266
23School of Social Work3651122
24Department of Philosophy56443
25Department of Philosophy36397
26Department of Philosophy2622128
26Department of Philosophy26265
28Department of Political Science660827
29Department of Philosophy15983
30Department of Philosophy25721
31Department of Philosophy354811
32Department of Philosophy1521411
32Department of Philosophy and the History of Technology252813
34Department of Philosophy3501513
34Department of Philosophy2503327
36School of Philosophy3471213
37Department of Political Science34566102
38Department of Philosophy3443953
39Department of Philosophy142157
40Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics241714
40Department of Philosophy4412135
42Department of Political Science4403471
42Durham Law School44089
44Department of Philosophy238139
45Department of Political Science3372935
46Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied13583
46Department of Philosophy53599
46Faculty of Law13531
49Department of Political Science1347155
49Department of Political Science1346061
49Department of Philosophy2343035
52Department of Philosophy433818
53Department of Philosophy3322244
53Department of Political Science43273104
53Department of Philosophy232816
56Centre for Ethics and Poverty Research23131
56Department of Philosophy2311216
56Department of Philosophy23163
59School of Human Services and Social Work1304742
60Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics328511
61Department of Philosophy22775
61Department of Philosophy3271826
63Medical Ethics Unit12619
63Institute of Psychiatry126347406
63Department of Philosophy1261512
66Department of Philosophy125117
66Department of Philosophy225610
66Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies2252320
66Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies12544
70Department of Philosophy32467
70Department of Philosophy124710
70Department of Philosophy12476
70Department of Philosophy1241415
70School of Arts and Social Sciences124815
75Department of Philosophy1232525
75Department of Political Science1231511
75Department of Political Science1232420
75Department of Political Science1233445
75Department of Philosophy223109
75Department of Philosophy12321
75Department of Philosophy2231420
82Department of Philosophy122913
82Department of Philosophy5221226
82Department of Philosophy22264
82Department of Philosophy2223247
86Department of Sociology1213440
86Department of Philosophy421916
86Department of Philosophy42137
89Faculty of Philosophy2203866
89Department of Philosophy520725
89Department of Philosophy12044
89Law School120229
89Department of Sociology120101132
94Department of Philosophy21944
94Department of Philosophy11963
96Department of Economics118120140
96Institute of Philosophy2182633
96Department of Philosophy3182030
96Department of Philosophy1182539
96Argyros School of Business and Economics1183347
101Department of Philosophy and Religion11734
101Department of Philosophy417930
101Department of Sociology117104102
101Department of Philosophy417417
101School of Medicine117471536
101Department of Philosophy21721
107Department of Philosophy1162935
107Department of Philosophy2162151
107Institute of Gerontology1162646
110Department of Philosophy1153431
110Department of Philosophy and Religion115108
112Department of Political Science1146467
112Department of Philosophy3141123
112Faculty of Philosophy3142359
112Department of Philosophy31447
112Department of Philosophy1141319
112Department of Political Science1142734
118School of Social and Political Science213114202
118Faculty of Law3131850
118Hoover Chair of Economic and Social Ethics41311
118Department of Philosophy1133944
118Department of Philosophy1132525
118Department of Philosophy213510
118Department of Philosophy213416
118Department of Philosophy1134153
118Department of Philosophy11398
127Center for Bioethics112910
127Department of Anthropology11292124
127Osgoode Hall Law School1123744
127School of Health and Education1122330
127Department of Social Work11299
127Department of Philosophy21237
133School of Engineering and Applied Sciences111332443
133Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics411419
133Faculty of Law3111848
133School of Social Sciences41174245
133School of Business11137
133Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies11179
133Department of Philosophy1111010
133Department of Sociology11144
141Department of Philosophy310814
141School of Social Work110136176
141Department of Philosophy310612
141Department of Philosophy and History of Ideas110612
141Department of Philosophy11064
141Center for Ethics11036
141School of Humanities and Social Sciences2102556
141Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice2103497
141School of Social Sciences and Psychology110139214
141Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences11045
141Institute of Ethics1101312
141Department of Philosophy1101728
141Department of Philosophy11052
154Department of Philosophy195773
154Faculty of Medicine19325422
154Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology19617
154Faculty of Medicine19285368
154Department of Bioethics194563
154School of Social Work192251
160Department of Political Science183751
160School of Social Work182145
160Faculty of Medicine18351487
160Faculty of Education and Social Work1882105
160Department of Philosophy2879
160Department of Humanities and Social Sciences2859139
160Department of Philosophy381227
160Department of Philosophy283256
160School of Philosophy181723
160Department of Philosophy and Religion1837
160Department of Political Science181624
171Department of Philosophy171725
171School of Law172842
171Department of Political Science274689
171Department of Philosophy47737
171Department of Philosophy2799
171School of Education1787124
171Department of Philosophy1799
171Department of Philosophy37618
171Faculty of Social Sciences17229274
171School of Applied Social Sciences27120
171Unit of Digital Education and Master Programmes1711
171Department of Philosophy and Religion171225
183School of Health in Social Sciences161951
183Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security162252
183Department of Psychology16148207
183Faculty of Law1672126
183Department of Philosophy1686
183School of Social Work26104192
183School of Politics and International Studies1675122
183School of Law162021
183Department of Sociology16132194
183Faculty of Social Sciences16110
183Department of Philosophy161725
194Institute of Psychiatry15145210
194School of Information and Library Science155174
194School of Education15107155
194Department of Bioethics253470
194Department of Philosophy15920
194Department of Philosophy153147
194Institute of Demography and Socioeconomics15628
194Schulich School of Law154256
194School of Social Sciences25110235
194School of Philosophy and Ethics1588
194Department of Sociology15102160
194School of Law1589
194Center for Applied Ethics and Philosophy1511
194Faculty of Health Sciences15248397
194School of Public Health15235381
194School of Social Work155479
194School of Chemical and Life Sciences154083
194Department of Philosophy1599
212Religious Studies Program1411
212Department of Psychology14168248
212Department of Philosophy241027
212School of Social Work144578
212Department of Political Science1496153
212Department of Philosophy14918
212Department of Philosophy24730
212Department of Political Science245198
212Department of Sociology and Social Work144892
212Department of Philosophy2415
212Department of Political Science141938
212Department of Economics14710
212Department of Sociology1475131
212School of Social Sciences1479139
212Department of Political Science and Social Policy14828
212Department of Philosophy142232
212Department of Philosophy1437
212Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences145098
212Department of Philosophy142227
231Department of Philosophy132130
231School of Law134791
231Department of Philosophy133557
231Department of Philosophy and Religion1387
231Centre for Higher Education Research13711
231Department of Philosophy132450
231School of Business and Economics1389129
231Department of Philosophy13516
231Department of Social Work and Criminology131021
231Department of Philosophy231026
231Department of Philosophy and Religion2327
231School of Law333081
231School of Philosophy231027
231Department of Philosophy231124
231Department of Philosophy132334
231School of Education and Social Work231452
231Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences13417
231Department of Philosophy131421
231Department of Philosophy131224
231Faculty of Business Management and Social Sciences131135
231School of Humanities and Social Sciences13115
231Department of Philosophy and Social Studies13619
231School of Health Sciences135392
231Department of Philosophy1346
231School of Law131234
231Department of Philosophy1311
257Department of Political Science222553
257Department of Philosophy122549
257Institute of Philosophy122741
257Department of Political Science125494
257Department of Philosophy222046
257Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics12619
257Department of Political Science1286144
257Department of Geography222075
257Department of Philosophy121314
257Department of Philosophy1278
257School of Social Work12125182
257Department of Psychology12183269
257Department of Political Science1244
257Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions221122
257Department of Psychology12252380
257Department of Psychology1292138
257School of Philosophy122029
257School of Philosophy and Art History121013
257Department of Social Work and Social Pedagogy123263
257Faculty of Law222254
257Department of Political Science12724
257Department of Philosophy22411
257Department of Politics and International Studies121834
257Department of Philosophy and Science Studies121116
257Faculty of Social Sciences121023
257Department of Social Work122149
257Department of Philosophy22516
257Department of Philosophy1246
257Department of Philosophy1213
257Department of Philosophy1258
257Department of Philosophy12710
257Faculty of Arts and Humanities1211
257Department of Philosophy and Religion1225
290School of Philosophy11919
290Department of Philosophy112450
290Faculty of Law1154115
290Department of Philosophy1155
290Department of Philosophy211747
290Faculty of Law11510
290Department of Philosophy113153
290Department of Philosophy112151
290Department of Political Science1169125
290Centre of Medical Law and Ethics21727
290Department of Philosophy21318
290Department of Philosophy21515
290Department of Philosophy111735
290Department of Political Science111640
290Department of Philosophy212367
290School of Population and Public Health11293470
290Department of Sociology113192
290Department of Political Science and International Relations112474
290Department of Political Science112033
290Department of Political Science112541
290School of Philosophy11611
290Department of Philosophy111223
290Department of Psychology11176279
290Institute of Philosophy1167
290Centre for Philosophy1141
290School of Social Sciences1147101
290Department of Philosophy11617
290Department of Philosophy11811
290Department of Philosophy111014
290Department of Philosophy113374
290Smith Institute for Political Economy and Philosophy11413
290Department of Political Science113061
290Center for Social Work Education111140
290Department of Social Work1113
290Department of Political Science112761
290Department of Philosophy11611
290Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences114994
290Department of Humanities and Social Sciences114787
290Department of Philosophy111528
290Department of Philosophy1115
290Department of Geography112461
331Faculty of Social Work10923
331Department of Philosophy20519
331Department of Anthropology102354
331Department of Political Science101544
331Professor of Criminal Law1012
331School of Social Sciences1062140
331Department of Philosophy101221
331Department of Philosophy10715
331School of Law1084174
331Department of Psychology10458647
331Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences10220368
331Centre for Research Ethics and Bioethics102453
331Department of Political Science1089163
331School of Social Work10129206
331School of Education1052118
331Department of Philosophy10618
331Department of Political Science and International Studies1064120
331Department of Philosophy201137
331Department of Political Science106195
331Department of Philosophy20517
331Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences102055
331Department of Sociology1091192
331Department of History102956
331Department of Economics1062132
331Department of Philosophy102562
331Department of Philosophy10615
331School of Law101960
331Department of Philosophy101119
331School of Social Work1058130
331Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law103171
331Institute of Sociology10425
331Macquarie Law School104084
331Department of Philosophy1049
331Institute for Studies of Religion102651
331Department of Philosophy103674
331Department of Sociology and Social Research1082161
331York Law School102255
331Department of Philosophy201018
331Department of Philosophy102351
331Department of Philosophy1035
331School of Business1093183
331School of Humanities and Social Sciences1069194
331School of Social Work1075123
331Department of Philosophy2047
331Department of Philosophy10411
331Department of Philosophy10611
331Department of Political Science10410
331Department of Philosophy101126
331Department of Political Science10311
331School of Law102543
331Department of Philosophy1010