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1American Journal of Orthopsychiatry9,254177,78711
2Community Mental Health Journal4,04670,64911
3Issues in Mental Health Nursing3,66148,18011
4Aging and Mental Health3,487102,10111
5Journal of Mental Health2,31850,39511
6Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research1,95650,78611
7International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction1,76637,70611
8Microbial Biotechnology1,63226,12011
9Mental Hygiene1,5602,21311
10Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry1,50524,43411
11International Journal of Mental Health1,46812,74911
12Mental Health, Religion and Culture1,40919,48711
13Systems Research and Behavioral Science1,31644,23111
14BJPsych Bulletin1,0655,59411
15Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health1,00221,80311
16Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health8977,06911
17Occupational Therapy in Mental Health8115,28711
18Mental Health Review Journal7564,31611
19Journal of Mental Health Administration5625,66711
20BJPsych International5322,59811
21Journal of Mental Health Counseling5288,48811
22Mental Health and Social Inclusion5192,30411
23Mental Health and Physical Activity5189,17011
24Advances in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities4322,72311
25Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics4156,11211
26Journal of Health and Human Behavior4115,48711
27Journal of Rural Mental Health3361,72811
28Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Mental Health31294911
29Cultural Diversity and Mental Health2892,05711
30Advances in Mental Health2813,03611
31European Journal of Mental Health25573111
32Evidence-Based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health2471,11611
33Journal of Muslim Mental Health2062,87911
34Kind En Adolescent17922011
35Mental Health and Society17518711
36Implementation Research and Practice16281011
37Psychiatric Bulletin (2014)14470911
38Mental Health Global Challenges Journal10811611
39The Internet Journal of Mental Health688111
39Open Health686911
41Global Psychiatry5137111
42Psychology of Well-being501,71711
43American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research2020011
44Research in Community and Mental Health169411
45North Carolina Journal of Mental Health13010
46Reaching Out5010
47Journal of Mental Health and Aging21711
48Menninger Perspective1010