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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Geology735826
2Department of Geology42562429
3Department of Geology92532839
4Department of Geology14211619
5Botany Department618832
6School of Chemistry4184911
7Department of Biology1217676109
8Department of Geology31482828
9Division of Biology7147120167
10Institute of Archaeology41421316
11Department of Geology21253029
12Department of Environmental Biology41211525
13Department of Geology412032
13Department of Geology and Geophysics31205255
13Department of Biology5120820
13Department of Geography91201741
17Department of Geology61163254
18Department of Geography211511
19Department of Geology21063437
20Department of Geotechnical Engineering and Geosciences21032525
21Division of Palynology and Environmental Biology59611
22Department of Geology394715
23Department of Biology288232230
23Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology2887688
25Department of Plant Pathology4876391
26Department of Ecological Botany1832518
27Department of Biology382185239
28Department of Geology481820
29Department of Geography1784419
30Department of Geology17697
31Department of Geography47096165
31Department of Geography1706853
31Botany Department27011
34School of Botany267149191
35Botany Department56528
36Geology Department4631519
37Department of Ecology3627386
37Department of Biology4624355
39Geology Department2611414
40Department of Biology160267252
41Department of Palynology and Structural Botany35833
42Department of Botany and Microbiology55761125
42Department of Microbiology and Virology35711
44Department of Geology and Geophysics8542264
45Department of Geography152244219
45Department of Geology1524439
45Department of Geology15211
48Institute of Botany4513462
48College of Life Sciences7513876
50Department of Forest Ecology1506063
51Department of Systematic Botany2491323
52Zinman Institute of Archaeology2482327
53Department of Geology24635
54Department of Geography and Environmental Studies1457362
55Institute of Botany2437175
56Department of Biology3421123
57Department of Biology240158212
57Faculty of Pharmacy24091116
59Botany Department1392020
59Department of Earth Science4393776
59Department of Biology2391825
59Department of Geology2393031
63Faculty of Biology138243194
63Department of Geology2385176
65Department of Geography33766112
65Institute of Botany637150269
65Division of Environmental and Life Sciences1375650
65Department of Physical Geography1373558
65Institute of Botany23770106
70Department of Marine Biology and Limnology13679
70School of Biology33694146
72Department of Geography135186203
72Department of Geology235916
72Faculty of Education1357852
72Centre for Advanced Studies in Botany2354278
72Department of Geography135118119
77Faculty of Pharmacy234114170
77Geology Department3341517
77Institute of Sedimentary and Petroleum Geology3341524
80Institute of Geology and Geophysics133227201
80Department of Geology1331618
80Department of Biology2335195
83Department of Biology132245245
84Institute of Biology and Chemistry13156
84Faculty of Food Science and Engineering13177
86Department of Plant Anatomy and Cytology13031
86School of Medicine130221188
86Department of Geology and Mineralogy3301027
86Department of Zoology and Animal Ecology330611
90Faculty of Geology4293966
90Institute of Systematic Botany1295472
90Department of Geography229166237
90Department of Geology5292354
90Department of Geography129129161
90Department of Plant Biology and Ecology1294553
90Institute of Ecology1294241
90Department of Geography129110155
90Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences22996133
90Department of Environmental Studies12911
100School of Biology328135235
100Department of Laboratory Medicine22895170
102Botany and Zoology Department12766
102Department of Geology1271415
104School of Geography and the Environment326136241
104School of Medicine1264453
106Institute of Geography32577104
106Department of Biology125217277
106Department of Geology1255454
106Department of Geography22551100
106School of Life Sciences125334360
106Department of Geology1254043
112Ministry of Education124386342
112Department of Biology42467160
114College of Medicine223234327
114Department of Phanerogamic Botany1231619
116Department of Geology and Geophysics2224479
116Department of Geology2221018
116Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1223652
119Department of Botany and Plant Pathology1218196
119Department of Geology1214764
119School of Geography121252279
119Institute of Geology1215163
119Faculty of Education1215058
119Department of Natural History2215976
125Department of Biology1203442
125Museum of Natural and Cultural History3201115
125Department of Natural and Social Sciences1202456
125Institute of Chemistry and Environmental Protection1201819
129Department of Paleontology4191434
129Department of Life Sciences319160284
129Department of Physical Geography and Geoinformatics1192941
132Department of Biology118222283
132Department of Geology and Mineral Resources Engineering1182437
132Department of Condensed Matter Physics1181811
132Department of Evolutionary Zoology and Human Biology2183649
132Department of Geology218522
132Department of Pediatrics1181329
132Department of Microbiology2182844
139Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology U-4311722
139Department of Palynology and Climate Dynamics3171943
139Department of Systematic Botany1171520
139School of Geography and Earth Sciences117156195
139Department of Earth Science11757
139Department of Geography and Environmental Management117145173
139Department of Biology1172135
139Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry11791119
139Department of Forest Botany1171013
148Institute of Geography1165271
148Central Department of Geology1162427
148Department of Biology1164591
148Paleontology Division11613
152Faculty of Pharmacy115120173
152Department of Geography2152279
152Department of Geology and Geography2152363
152Graduate School of Agriculture115260301
152Faculty of Agriculture115145175
152Botany Department11522
158Department of Geology1143453
158Department of Geography1143754
158Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment11480110
158School of Agriculture114143194
158Department of Biology31462150
158School of Plant Biology114152191
158Iluka Chair in Vegetation Science and Biogeography11435
158Department of Geography1143946
158Department of Botany41446
158Department of Geology2141532
158Geology Department1142939
158Department of Biology214720
158Institute of History61411
171Biotechnology of Natural Products1133140
171School of Biology2131547
171Department of Geography113148173
171Department of Biodiversity and Environmental Management (Botany)213312
171Department of Geography1134471
171Botany Department11344
171Department of Microbiology113414
171Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science1136391
171Department of Zoology113111141
180Department of Geology212719
180Department of Biology31287180
180School of Public Health112533623
180Department of Analytical Chemistry1125486
180Institute of Botany312102193
180Department of Geology1121526
180Department of Biology1122452
180Department of Geography112131166
180Department of Geology1122230
180Department of Botany1121119
180Faculty of Earth Science1121428
180Department of Biology1122535
192Department of Biology211108190
192Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection111251305
192Department of Pharmacy111117160
192Department of Biogeography and Palaeoecology1113147
192Department of Geology and Geophysics11144
192Department of Geology11175106
192Department of Internal Medicine111326403
192Institute of Botany5112888
200Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture1104658
200Department of Botany11096130
200Faculty of Medicine110189227
200Department of Geology and Paleontology1101217
200Departments of Botany and Zoology1102448
200Department of Biology11085137
200Department of Geology1102644
207Department of Biology19118163
207Department of Biology294184
207Department of Applied Physics193960
207Department of Physical Geography and Geoinformatics291228
207Department of Geology192952
207Department of Physics19107148
207Department of Biology29203320
207Botany Department193244
207Department of Plant Pathology193666
207Department of Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering49846
207College of Forestry1911
218Medical College18130214
218Institute of Geography and Spatial Management187592
218Department of Geology and Mineralogy181622
218Department of Biology182247
218Department of Biology18122196
218Department of Biochemistry181625
218Faculty of Biology28141259
218Faculty of Geography and Biology18611
218Department of Earth Science1871109
218Faculty of Agriculture18356438
218Department of Food Science and Technology1828
218Faculty of Agriculture18197288
218Department of Biology183155
218College of Landscape Architecture186283
218Department of Biology18712
233Department of Geology174371
233Department of Pharmacology1792156
233Faculty of Agriculture17197236
233Department of Sedimentary and Environmental Geology17520
233Department of Analytical Chemistry175176
233Department of Geography173151
233Faculty of Biology174463
233Department of Applied Sciences2747115
233Department of Forest Botany1749
242Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology16146214
242Groningen Institute of Archaeology162232
242Department of Geology16716
242Institute of Botany1613
242Department of Zoology1688152
242Department of Medicinal Chemistry161822
242Department of Biology262170
242Department of Botany1613
242Centre for Life Sciences1611
242Department of Zoology163855
252Department of Geology and Geography1588153
252Department of Mathematics15137220
252College of Medicine15343492
252Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography15221304
252Department of Geology and Geography1536
252Institute of Botany154173
252Botany Department1546
252Department of Respiratory Allergy and Applied Immunology1524
260Department of Biology14182293
260Institute of Biophysics3457168
260Institute of Archaeology242960
260Department of Biology2470159
260Department of Biology2491215
260Department of Biology14138238
260Department of Geology142331
260Department of Geography14213312
260Faculty of Medicine14319
260Department of Pharmacy1412
260Department of Life Sciences34142391
260Department of Geology242754
260Institute of Geology146293
260Department of Mineralogy2463140
274Institute of Biology Leiden13102175
274Institute of Geology and Palaeontology23720
274School of Earth Science and Geological Engineering132762
274Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology1386131
274School of Public Health13461627
274College of Science and Engineering13214333
274Department of Biology and Chemistry131116
274Centre for Palynology131114
274Department of Geology131928
274Faculty of Biology13153247
274Department of Ecology23210
274Department of Biology134288
274Geology and Geophysics Program132326
274Ministry of Education13150234
274College of Forestry133973
274Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences23535
274Faculty of Engineering and Architecture13826
274Department of Biology23913
274Institute of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development1311
293Adelaide Medical School12203324
293Institute of Limnology124053
293Faculty of Biology12251364
293Department of Environmental Biology2284188
293Department of Evolutionary Biology122245
293Botany Department121526
293Institute of Geology121119
293School of Geology223986
293Department of Geological Engineering125785
293Department of Biology-Chemistry121345
293School of Life Sciences22207371
293Department of Biology12116213
293Department of Geology124773
293Department of Biology12112192
293Department of Geology and Natural Resources121733
293Geology Department123155
293Department of Biology123572
293College of Chemistry and Life Sciences12132198
311Department of Biology11204316
311Faculty of Agriculture1170153
311Department of Quaternary Geology11110
311Department of Biology11312455
311Faculty of Biology21188408
311Botany Department115088
311Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences115086
311Department of Biology113274
311Department of Geography and Geology111954
311Institute of Petroleum Engineering114282
311School of Chemical Engineering11135244
311College of Engineering11516677
311Centre of Advanced Study in Botany11109164
311Institute for Evolutionary Ecology21831
311Department of Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry1181135
311Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics11829
311Department of Ecology115798
311Department of Geology1148
311Department of Anesthesiology1111
311Department of Epidemiology1117
311Department of Biochemistry11527
311Department of Invertebrate Zoology11917
311Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences11722
311Department of Biology112343
335Faculty of Geology1066115
335Department of Paleontology101223
335Department of Geology105492
335Institute of Geology1065124
335Museum of Archaeology101431
335Faculty of Biology1071140
335Department of Biology103147
335Department of Biology1058122
335Faculty of Civil Engineering1074134
335Department of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry102539
335The State Education Department101224
335Faculty of Civil Engineering1013