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Most Cited Articles of Npj 2D Materials and Applications in 2018

Dielectric properties of hexagonal boron nitride and transition metal dichalcogenides: from monolayer to bulk2018267
Exciton physics and device application of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductors2018249
Two-dimensional materials with piezoelectric and ferroelectric functionalities2018133
Emerging nanofabrication and quantum confinement techniques for 2D materials beyond graphene201875
Imperceptible electrooculography graphene sensor system for human–robot interface201865
Device physics of van der Waals heterojunction solar cells201855
Electrical devices from top-down structured platinum diselenide films201850
Substrate engineering of graphene reactivity: towards high-performance graphene-based catalysts201846
All-solid-state high-energy planar hybrid micro-supercapacitors based on 2D VN nanosheets and Co(OH)2 nanoflowers201846
A flexible solar-blind 2D boron nitride nanopaper-based photodetector with high thermal resistance201841
Van der Waals junction field effect transistors with both n- and p-channel transition metal dichalcogenides201836
Large-grain MBE-grown GaSe on GaAs with a Mexican hat-like valence band dispersion201832
Piezoelectricity and valley chern number in inhomogeneous hexagonal 2D crystals201830
Structural transformation of layered double hydroxides: an in situ TEM analysis201828
Identification of amino acids with sensitive nanoporous MoS2: towards machine learning-based prediction201828
Anisotropic band splitting in monolayer NbSe2: implications for superconductivity and charge density wave201827
Liquid-interface-assisted synthesis of covalent-organic and metal-organic two-dimensional crystalline polymers201827
Enhanced interlayer neutral excitons and trions in trilayer van der Waals heterostructures201825
Multiscale framework for simulation-guided growth of 2D materials201820
Synthesis of ultrathin two-dimensional nanosheets and van der Waals heterostructures from non-layered γ-CuI201818
Electronic transport in a two-dimensional superlattice engineered via self-assembled nanostructures201817
Nitrogen-doping induces tunable magnetism in ReS2201816
Overcoming the quantum efficiency-lifetime tradeoff of photocathodes by coating with atomically thin two-dimensional nanomaterials201816
Strain relaxation via formation of cracks in compositionally modulated two-dimensional semiconductor alloys201815
Large photoelectric-gating effect of two-dimensional van-der-Waals organic/tungsten diselenide heterointerface201813