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Most Cited Articles of Lighting Research and Technology in 2009

Daylight metrics and energy savings2009173
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A colour harmony rendering index based on predictions of colour harmony impression200944
A camera as a sensor for lighting and shading control200942
Obstacle detection: A pilot study investigating the effects of lamp type, illuminance and age200936
Energy efficiency in lighting — considerations and possibilities200924
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Good lighting with less energy: Where next?200917
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An experimental study of a facade mounted light pipe200914
Psychophysiological, performance and subjective correlates of different lighting conditions200914
Measurement and specification of lighting: A look at the future200913
Transmission illuminance proxy HDR imaging: A new technique to quantify luminous flux200912
A model for the explanation of discomfort and pain in the eye caused by light200910
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Using digital cameras as quasi-spectral radiometers to study complex fenestration systems20093
Lifetime prediction of fluorescent lamps used in photovoltaic systems20092
The unified system of photometry applied to remote airfield lighting20091
Evaluation of LED illumination for dental instruments2009
Replacement rate of filament lamps in an organisation: A rule of thumb2009