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Most Cited Articles of NeuroToxicology in 2006

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Autism and environmental genomics2006113
The return of the dark neuron. A histological artifact complicating contemporary neurotoxicologic evaluation2006112
Cocaine-mediated enhancement of Tat toxicity in rat hippocampal cell cultures: the role of oxidative stress and D1 dopamine receptor2006101
Acute neurotoxic effects of the fungal metabolite ochratoxin-A200699
Alterations of visual evoked potentials in preschool Inuit children exposed to methylmercury and polychlorinated biphenyls from a marine diet200698
Prenatal methyl mercury exposure from fish consumption and child development: a review of evidence and perspectives from the Seychelles Child Development Study200686
Acute neurotoxic effects of mancozeb and maneb in mesencephalic neuronal cultures are associated with mitochondrial dysfunction200686
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Effects of sarin and cyclosarin exposure during the 1991 Gulf War on neurobehavioral functioning in US army veterans200680
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Acute manganese administration alters dopamine transporter levels in the non-human primate striatum200672
Seizure duration following sarin exposure affects neuro-inflammatory markers in the rat brain200669