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1Dictionary of protein secondary structure: Pattern recognition of hydrogen-bonded and geometrical featuresBiopolymers198313,990
2Examination of the secondary structure of proteins by deconvolved FTIR spectraBiopolymers19862,855
3Protein secondary structure analyses from circular dichroism spectroscopy: Methods and reference databasesBiopolymers20081,969
4Reduced surface: An efficient way to compute molecular surfacesBiopolymers19961,818
5Stereochemical criteria for polypeptides and proteins. V. Conformation of a system of three linked peptide unitsBiopolymers19681,551
6Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. I. Conceptual basis and theoryBiopolymers19741,467
7Mode of action of membrane active antimicrobial peptidesBiopolymers20021,374
8Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. II. An experimental realizationBiopolymers19741,340
9Self‐assembly of peptide amphiphiles: From molecules to nanostructures to biomaterialsBiopolymers20101,317
10Study of the ?molten globule? intermediate state in protein folding by a hydrophobic fluorescent probeBiopolymers19911,264
11Ellipsometry as a tool to study the adsorption behavior of synthetic and biopolymers at the air–water interfaceBiopolymers19781,222
12Enthalpy-entropy compensation phenomena in water solutions of proteins and small molecules: A ubiquitous properly of waterBiopolymers19701,197
13Calculating thermodynamic data for transitions of any molecularity from equilibrium melting curvesBiopolymers19871,130
14The equilibrium partition function and base pair binding probabilities for RNA secondary structureBiopolymers19901,130
15Amphipathic, α-helical antimicrobial peptidesBiopolymers20001,102
16Protein stability curvesBiopolymers19871,033
17DNA condensation by multivalent cationsBiopolymers19971,019
18Shape complementarity at protein-protein interfacesBiopolymers1994991
19Viscosity and sedimentation study of sonicated DNA-proflavine complexesBiopolymers1969961
20Development and current status of the CHARMM force field for nucleic acidsBiopolymers2000923
21Langevin dynamics of peptides: The frictional dependence of isomerization rates ofN-acetylalanyl-N?-methylamideBiopolymers1992922
22Oligonucleotide interactions. III. Circular dichroism studies of the conformation of deoxyoligonucleolidesBiopolymers1970917
23Different conformations of double‐stranded nucleic acid in solution as revealed by circular dichroismBiopolymers1973897
24Theory and applications of the generalized born solvation model in macromolecular simulationsBiopolymers2000878
25Phase transitions of the starch-water systemBiopolymers1979877
26A consistent empirical potential for water-protein interactionsBiopolymers1984759
27Stereochemistry of nucleic acids and their constituents. IV. Allowed and preferred conformations of nucleosides, nucleoside mono-, di-, tri-, tetraphosphates, nucleic acids and polynucleotidesBiopolymers1969745
28Collagen‐based biomaterials for wound healingBiopolymers2014731
29Kinetics of biopolymerization on nucleic acid templatesBiopolymers1968730
30Mode of action of linear amphipathic α-helical antimicrobial peptidesBiopolymers1998729
31Generalized-ensemble algorithms for molecular simulations of biopolymersBiopolymers2001725
321H-nmr parameters of the common amino acid residues measured in aqueous solutions of the linear tetrapeptides H-Gly-Gly-X-L-Ala-OHBiopolymers1979723
33Dependence of the melting temperature of DNA on salt concentrationBiopolymers1965698
34Condensation of DNA by multivalent cations: Considerations on mechanismBiopolymers1991689
35Collagen scaffolds for tissue engineeringBiopolymers2008674
36Reduced surface: an efficient way to compute molecular surfacesBiopolymers1996657
37Control of peptide conformation by the Thorpe-Ingold effect (C?-tetrasubstitution)Biopolymers2001630
38The structure of native celluloseBiopolymers1974610
39Quantitative IR spectrophotometry of peptide compounds in water (H2O) solutions. I. Spectral parameters of amino acid residue absorption bandsBiopolymers1990607
40Solvent denaturationBiopolymers1978571
41Excluded volume as a determinant of macromolecular structure and reactivityBiopolymers1981557
42A novel approach for calculating starch crystallinity and its correlation with double helix content: A combined XRD and NMR studyBiopolymers2008554
43The conformational analysis of peptides using fourier transform IR spectroscopyBiopolymers1995550
44Fourier transform ir spectroscopy of collagen and gelatin solutions: Deconvolution of the amide I band for conformational studiesBiopolymers1988534
45Time-dependent fluorescence depolarization and Brownian rotational diffusion coefficients of macromoleculesBiopolymers1969532
46Molecular conformation of poly(S-lactic acid)Biopolymers1968524
47Estimation of amino acid residue side-chain absorption in the infrared spectra of protein solutions in heavy waterBiopolymers1975520
48Animal antimicrobial peptides: An overviewBiopolymers1998518
49Parameters of helix-coil transition theory for alanine-based peptides of varying chain lengths in waterBiopolymers1991515
50A revisit to the three-dimensional structure of B-type starchBiopolymers1988511