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Most Cited Articles of Nano Letters in 2012

Graphene quantum dots derived from carbon fibers20121.7K
Negligible particle-specific antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles20121.6K
Growth of large-area and highly crystalline MoS2 thin layers on insulating substrates20121.5K
Water desalination across nanoporous graphene20121.5K
A yolk-shell design for stabilized and scalable li-ion battery alloy anodes20121.4K
Integrated circuits based on bilayer MoS₂ transistors20121.3K
Transparent triboelectric nanogenerators and self-powered pressure sensors based on micropatterned plastic films20121.3K
Probing the nature of defects in graphene by Raman spectroscopy20121.3K
High-performance single layered WSe₂ p-FETs with chemically doped contacts20121.3K
Sodium ion insertion in hollow carbon nanowires for battery applications20121.3K
Anomalous zero-bias conductance peak in a Nb-InSb nanowire-Nb hybrid device20121.2K
Aberration-free ultrathin flat lenses and axicons at telecom wavelengths based on plasmonic metasurfaces20121.2K
Hydrogenated TiO2 nanotube arrays for supercapacitors20121.1K
MoS₂ nanosheet phototransistors with thickness-modulated optical energy gap20121.1K
Evidence of silicene in honeycomb structures of silicon on Ag(111)20121K
Tunable bandgap in silicene and germanene20121K
Graphene-multilayer graphene nanocomposites as highly efficient thermal interface materials20121K
Thermally driven crossover from indirect toward direct bandgap in 2D semiconductors: MoSe2 versus MoS22012974
Hierarchical three-dimensional ZnCo₂O₄ nanowire arrays/carbon cloth anodes for a novel class of high-performance flexible lithium-ion batteries2012896
Synthesis of monolayer hexagonal boron nitride on Cu foil using chemical vapor deposition2012887
Ferroelectricity in Simple Binary ZrO2 and HfO22012848
A broadband, background-free quarter-wave plate based on plasmonic metasurfaces2012824
High-efficiency broadband anomalous reflection by gradient meta-surfaces2012823
Nanoscale triboelectric-effect-enabled energy conversion for sustainably powering portable electronics2012820
Nanoelectronic programmable synapses based on phase change materials for brain-inspired computing2012805