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Top Articles

1Insights into the modeling of adsorption isotherm systemsChemical Engineering Journal20105,747
2Sorption of dye from aqueous solution by peatChemical Engineering Journal19983,284
3Activation of persulfate (PS) and peroxymonosulfate (PMS) and application for the degradation of emerging contaminantsChemical Engineering Journal20182,583
4Application of peroxymonosulfate and its activation methods for degradation of environmental organic pollutants: ReviewChemical Engineering Journal20171,802
5Natural zeolites as effective adsorbents in water and wastewater treatmentChemical Engineering Journal20101,692
6Physico–chemical treatment techniques for wastewater laden with heavy metalsChemical Engineering Journal20061,581
7Renewable fuels and chemicals by thermal processing of biomassChemical Engineering Journal20031,538
8A review on the adsorption of heavy metals by clay minerals, with special focus on the past decadeChemical Engineering Journal20171,412
9Chemistry of persulfates in water and wastewater treatment: A reviewChemical Engineering Journal20171,320
10On the comparison of pseudo-first order and pseudo-second order rate laws in the modeling of adsorption kineticsChemical Engineering Journal20161,289
11Initial behavior of intraparticle diffusion model used in the description of adsorption kineticsChemical Engineering Journal20091,063
12An overview of the structure and magnetism of spinel ferrite nanoparticles and their synthesis in microemulsionsChemical Engineering Journal20071,040
13Role of nanomaterials in water treatment applications: A reviewChemical Engineering Journal20161,004
14Utilization of agro-industrial and municipal waste materials as potential adsorbents for water treatment—A reviewChemical Engineering Journal2010958
15Carbon nanotubes as adsorbents in environmental pollution management: A reviewChemical Engineering Journal2011925
16Hydroxyl radicals based advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) for remediation of soils contaminated with organic compounds: A reviewChemical Engineering Journal2016919
17Fluoride removal from water by adsorption—A reviewChemical Engineering Journal2011901
18Adsorption of methylene blue by a high-efficiency adsorbent (polydopamine microspheres): Kinetics, isotherm, thermodynamics and mechanism analysisChemical Engineering Journal2015882
19A review on anaerobic–aerobic treatment of industrial and municipal wastewaterChemical Engineering Journal2009879
20Hydrothermal conversion of biomass waste to activated carbon with high porosity: A reviewChemical Engineering Journal2016876
21An overview of the modification methods of activated carbon for its water treatment applicationsChemical Engineering Journal2013839
22Wastewater treatment by means of advanced oxidation processes at basic pH conditions: A reviewChemical Engineering Journal2017838
23Cadmium removal and recovery from aqueous solutions by novel adsorbents prepared from orange peel and Fe2O3 nanoparticlesChemical Engineering Journal2012835
24Treatment technologies for emerging contaminants in water: A reviewChemical Engineering Journal2017812
25Fundamental principles and application of heterogeneous photocatalytic degradation of dyes in solutionChemical Engineering Journal2009795
26Surface functional groups of carbon-based adsorbents and their roles in the removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions: A critical reviewChemical Engineering Journal2019790
27Kinetic study and equilibrium isotherm analysis of Congo Red adsorption by clay materialsChemical Engineering Journal2009784
28Design and applications of interpenetrating polymer network hydrogels. A reviewChemical Engineering Journal2014764
29Reactive species in advanced oxidation processes: Formation, identification and reaction mechanismChemical Engineering Journal2020761
300D to 3D carbon-based networks combined with pseudocapacitive electrode material for high energy density supercapacitor: A reviewChemical Engineering Journal2021755
31Review on electrical discharge plasma technology for wastewater remediationChemical Engineering Journal2014752
32A review of the recent advances on the treatment of industrial wastewaters by Sulfate Radical-based Advanced Oxidation Processes (SR-AOPs)Chemical Engineering Journal2021747
33Adsorption isotherm, kinetic and mechanism studies of some substituted phenols on activated carbon fibersChemical Engineering Journal2010727
342D MXenes: Electromagnetic property for microwave absorption and electromagnetic interference shieldingChemical Engineering Journal2019715
35Characteristics of Elovich equation used for the analysis of adsorption kinetics in dye-chitosan systemsChemical Engineering Journal2009713
36TiO2 photocatalyst for removal of volatile organic compounds in gas phase – A reviewChemical Engineering Journal2018704
37Review on nano zerovalent iron (nZVI): From synthesis to environmental applicationsChemical Engineering Journal2016699
38Dioxin characterisation, formation and minimisation during municipal solid waste (MSW) incineration: reviewChemical Engineering Journal2002697
39The inhibition of the Anammox process: A reviewChemical Engineering Journal2012692
40Abatement of various types of VOCs by adsorption/catalytic oxidation: A reviewChemical Engineering Journal2019682
41The effect of composition and temperature on the properties of fly ash- and kaolinite-based geopolymersChemical Engineering Journal2002681
42Activated carbon from jackfruit peel waste by H3PO4 chemical activation: Pore structure and surface chemistry characterizationChemical Engineering Journal2008681
43A review of the production and applications of waste-derived volatile fatty acidsChemical Engineering Journal2014678
44Green synthesis of iron nanoparticles and their application as a Fenton-like catalyst for the degradation of aqueous cationic and anionic dyesChemical Engineering Journal2011671
45Tea waste as a low cost adsorbent for the removal of Cu and Pb from wastewaterChemical Engineering Journal2007661
46Equilibrium and kinetic studies on basic dye adsorption by oil palm fibre activated carbonChemical Engineering Journal2007649
47A novel facial composite adsorbent for enhanced copper(II) detection and removal from wastewaterChemical Engineering Journal2015643
48A review of emerging adsorbents for nitrate removal from waterChemical Engineering Journal2011627
49Engineered nanomaterials for water treatment and remediation: Costs, benefits, and applicabilityChemical Engineering Journal2016612
50Activated lignin-chitosan extruded blends for efficient adsorption of methylene blueChemical Engineering Journal2017601