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Most Cited Articles of Institut d'Imagerie Biomédicale in 2009

Neural signature of the conscious processing of auditory regularitiesProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2009390
Recruitment of an area involved in eye movements during mental arithmeticScience2009313
Converging intracranial markers of conscious accessPLoS Biology2009279
Distributed and antagonistic contributions of ongoing activity fluctuations to auditory stimulus detectionJournal of Neuroscience2009242
Comparative evaluation of the translocator protein radioligands 11C-DPA-713, 18F-DPA-714, and 11C-PK11195 in a rat model of acute neuroinflammationJournal of Nuclear Medicine2009178
Radiolabelled molecules for imaging the translocator protein (18 kDa) using positron emission tomographyCurrent Medicinal Chemistry2009119
Microstructural white matter changes in euthymic bipolar patients: a whole-brain diffusion tensor imaging studyBipolar Disorders200981
Non-classical transcriptional regulation of HLA-G: an updateJournal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine200977
Proteomic analysis of beta-catenin activation in mouse liver by DIGE analysis identifies glucose metabolism as a new target of the Wnt pathwayProteomics200967
No Lewy pathology in monkeys with over 10 years of severe MPTP ParkinsonismMovement Disorders200962
Syntactic complexity and ambiguity resolution in a free word order language: behavioral and electrophysiological evidences from BasqueBrain and Language200961
Diffusion tensor imaging in a rat model of Parkinson's disease after lesioning of the nigrostriatal tractNMR in Biomedicine200959
Methods to monitor gene therapy with molecular imagingMethods200952
Astrocyte cultures exhibit P2X7 receptor channel opening in the absence of exogenous ligandsGlia200951
Episodic memory in detoxified alcoholics: contribution of grey matter microstructure alterationPLoS ONE200946
ADDME--Avoiding Drug Development Mistakes Early: central nervous system drug discovery perspectiveBMC Neurology200945
Characterization of in vivo MRI detectable thalamic amyloid plaques from APP/PS1 miceNeurobiology of Aging200944
Cerebral monoamine oxidase A inhibition in tobacco smokers confirmed with PET and [11C]befloxatoneJournal of Clinical Psychopharmacology200940
A multitracer dopaminergic PET study of young-onset parkinsonian patients with and without parkin gene mutationsJournal of Nuclear Medicine200931
Molecular analysis of the Ink4a/Rb1-Arf/Tp53 pathways in radon-induced rat lung tumorsLung Cancer200926
Normal aging modulates the neurotoxicity of mutant huntingtinPLoS ONE200925
Parkinsonism in Gaucher's disease type 1: ten new cases and a review of the literatureMovement Disorders200924
Commentary on Vul et al.'s (2009) "Puzzlingly High Correlations in fMRI Studies of Emotion, Personality, and Social Cognition"Perspectives on Psychological Science200924
Imaging of language-related brain regions in detoxified alcoholicsAlcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research200922
Counteracting radio frequency inhomogeneity in the human brain at 7 Tesla using strongly modulating pulsesMagnetic Resonance in Medicine200921