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Most Cited Articles of Warneford Hospital in 1990

Studies of the epidemiology of bulimia nervosaAmerican Journal of Psychiatry1990456
HypochondriasisBehaviour Research and Therapy1990455
Cognitive-behavioural problem solving in the treatment of patients who repeatedly attempt suicide. A controlled trialBritish Journal of Psychiatry1990272
Psychological treatment for atypical non-cardiac chest pain: a controlled evaluationPsychological Medicine1990178
Effect of central cholinergic stimulation on regional cerebral blood flow in Alzheimer diseaseLancet, The1990113
Measurement of neurotic symptoms by self-report questionnaire: validity of the SCL-90RPsychological Medicine1990106
Sex differences in the hyperkinetic syndrome of childhoodJournal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines199092
Affective responses to hyperventilation: a test of the cognitive model of panicBehaviour Research and Therapy199075
The impact of pregnancy on eating habits and attitudes to shape and weightInternational Journal of Eating Disorders199065
The nature of wandering in dementia: A community-based studyInternational Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry199063
Single-photon emission computerised tomography (SPECT) in schizophreniaBritish Journal of Psychiatry199058
Wilson's disease: a longitudinal study of psychiatric symptomsBiological Psychiatry199057
Eating disorders in women who abuse alcoholAddiction199056
Quality of life in non-insulin-dependent diabetes and a comparison with insulin-dependent diabetesJournal of Psychosomatic Research199053
Self-poisoning in adolescents. Hospital admissions and deaths in the Oxford region 1980-85British Journal of Psychiatry199045
Couples referred to a sexual dysfunction clinic. Psychological and physical morbidityBritish Journal of Psychiatry199043
Sex therapy for vaginismus: Characteristics of couples and treatment outcomeSexual and Relationship Therapy199040
A community-based study of aggressive behaviour in dementiaInternational Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry199039
Exercise capacity and quality of life in the treatment of heart failureClinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics199038
Deliberate self-poisoning and self-injury in older peopleInternational Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry199034
Depression and the menopauseBMJ: British Medical Journal199031
Psychiatric morbidity in an accident and emergency department. Characteristics of patients at presentation and one month follow-upBritish Journal of Psychiatry199029
Towards a psychology of caringBritish Journal of Clinical Psychology199025
Psychological and physical determinants of premenstrual symptoms before and after hysterectomyPsychological Medicine199024
Emotionalism following brain damage: a complex phenomenonPostgraduate Medical Journal199023