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Dysfunction of the endothelial-platelet pathway in patients with erectile dysfunction before and after daily treatment with tadalafil

Andrologia (2.2 65), 44, 152-156.

Chronic Administration of Tadalafil Improves the Symptoms of Patients with Amicrobic MAGI: An Open Study


Endothelial apoptosis decrease following tadalafil administration in patients with arterial ED does not last after its discontinuation


Re: Endothelial Apoptosis Decrease Following Tadalafil Administration in Patients With Arterial ED Does Not Last After Its Discontinuation

The Journal of Urology (0.4 312★★), 186, 1991-1992.

Endothelial Antioxidant Compound Prolonged the Endothelial Antiapoptotic Effects Registered After Tadalafil Treatment in Patients With Arterial Erectile Dysfunction

Journal of Andrology (100), 33, 170-175.

Effects of tadalafil treatment combined with physical activity in patients with low onset hypogonadism: results from a not-randomized single arm phase 2 study

Aging Male (4.9 46), 19, 155-160.

Seminal vesicles of infertile patients with male accessory gland infection: ultrasound evaluation after prolonged treatment with tadalafil, a selective phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor

Andrologia (2.2 65), 45, 386-391.
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