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Purinergic contraction of the rat vas deferens in L-NAME-induced hypertension: effect of sildenafil

Asian Journal of Andrology (1.8 72), 12, 415-421.

Chronic inhibition of nitric-oxide synthase induces hypertension and erectile dysfunction in the rat that is not reversed by sildenafil

BJU International (3.5 149), 106, 78-83.

Effect of short- and long-term sildenafil treatment on erectile dysfunction in rats with partial bladder outlet obstruction

Neurourology and Urodynamics (2.1 101), 35, 108-114.

Effect of Sildenafil Citrate on Penile Weight and Physiology of Cavernous Smooth Muscle in a Post–radical Prostatectomy Model of Erectile Dysfunction in Rats

Urology (1.5 198), 77, 761.e1-761.e7.
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