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Journal Self-Citation Rates and Impact Factors in Dentistry, Oral Surgery, and Medicine: A 3-year Bibliometric Analysis


Characteristics of oral methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis isolated from dental plaque


Awareness and practice of 2D and 3D diagnostic imaging among dentists in Hong Kong

British Dental Journal (1.5 101), 228, 701-709. [Citation Report]

[News] 3D printed parts: calling all dentists and technicians

British Dental Journal (1.5 101), 228, 497-497. [Citation Report]

Micro-computed tomography evaluation of root canal filling quality with apical negative pressure

Journal of Dentistry (4.5 120), 100, 103431. [Citation Report]

Effect of treatment with resiniferatoxin in an experimental model of pulpal inflammatory in mice

International Endodontic Journal (5.1 128★★), 54, 2099-2112. [Citation Report]

Impact of mounting methods in computerized axiography on assessment of condylar inclination** Presented at the 91st General Session & Exhibition of the International Association of Dental Research in Seattle, Washington, March 2013.View all notes


Influence of margin location and luting material on the amount of undetected cement excess on CAD/CAM implant abutments and cement-retained zirconia crowns: an in-vitro study

BMC Oral Health (3.4 56), 19, 111. [Citation Report]

Oral problems and associated risk indicators in adults in the Russian Federation, India, and China

BMC Oral Health (3.4 56), 19, 114. [Citation Report]

TMJ symptoms reduce chewing amplitude and velocity, and increase variability

Evaluation of Postoperative Complications after Mandibular Third Molar Extraction without Suture and its Association with Age and Gender

Effectiveness Of Eutectic Mixture Of Local Anaesthetics Vs Lidocaine As A Topical Anaesthetic Agent In Dentistry


Crystalline phases involved in the hydration of calcium silicate-based cements: Semi-quantitative Rietveld X-ray diffraction analysis

Incidence of Periapical Lesions in Patients Visiting a Private Dental Institute - A Dental Hospital Based Retrospective Study


International Dental Journal (2.1 76), 69, 436-444. [Citation Report]

Effectiveness Of Lidocaine Gel Vs Lidocaine Spray As A Topical Anaesthetic Agent Before Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block


Ultra-short versus standard-length dental implants in conjunction with osteotome-mediated sinus floor elevation: A randomized controlled clinical trial


An in situ and ex situ study of the microstructural evolution of a novel lithium silicate glass-ceramic during crystallization firing

Dental Materials (4.9 159), 36, 645-659. [Citation Report]

Survival of dental implants and occurrence of osteoradionecrosis in irradiated head and neck cancer patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Clinical Oral Investigations (3.9 4★★), 25, 5579-5593. [Citation Report]

The association between food insecurity, diet quality, and untreated caries among US children

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