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50 years of Geographia Polonica in the light of citations

Geographia Polonica (1.2 16), 87, 143-155. [Citation Report]

Curators, objects and the indigenous agency


Submerged memories: Memory, history, and displacement around Lake Asad, Syria

Memory Studies (0.7 34★★), 12, 322-335. [Citation Report]

[Discussion] Memory politics: A commentary

Memory Studies (0.7 34★★), 12, 336-343. [Citation Report]

Ravana’s Sri Lanka: Redefining the Sinhala Nation?

South Asia (0.9 14), 42, 781-795. [Citation Report]

Cinema of Crisis and the Documentary Impulse: The UPF Masters in Creative Documentary

Colonial ways of seeing: Caribbean visual cultures 1750–1900

Atlantic Studies (0.3 15★★), , 1-9. [Citation Report]

“It’s Important to hear a Human Voice,” Jews under COVID-19: An Oral History Project


HPV Vaccine recommendations: does a health care provider’s gender and ethnicity matter to Unvaccinated Latina college women?

Ethnicity and Health (2.1 57), 24, 645-661. [Citation Report]

Tusslers, Beatdowns, and Brothers: A Sociohistorical Overview of Video Game Arcades and the Street Fighter Community

Games and Culture (1.9 47★★), 14, 742-762. [Citation Report]

Is radio an effective method for delivering actionable information for responding to emerging pest threats? A case study of fall armyworm campaign in Zambia


Sounds of Loss: Church Bells, Place, and Time in the Habsburg Empire During the First World War*

Past & Present (1 77★★), 244, 195-234. [Citation Report]

Modern by Design: Chicago Streamlines America

Design and Culture (0.6 13★★), 12, 237-241. [Citation Report]

“Io ho tutto tradotto fedelmente e senza timore”: la Farsaglia di Gaetano Polidori (1841)


Interchangeable Bodies: International Marriage and Migration in the Eighteenth-Century Moravian Church


The Rebellion of the Daughters: Jewish Women Runaways in Habsburg Galicia. By Rachel Manekin. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2020. xiii + 280 pp. $35.00 hardcover.


Catholicism and the Making of Politics in Central Mozambique, 1940–1986. By Eric Morier-Genoud. Rochester Studies in African History and the Diaspora. Rochester, N.Y.: University of Rochester Press, 2019. xvii + 245 pp. 24.99 e-book.

The Return of Chen Ching Lin: Chinese Deserters and Chinatowns in the British Raj, 1943–46

South Asia (0.9 14), , 1-15. [Citation Report]

Between national sovereignty and foreign capital: the fate of the French companies’ concessions in Turkey after the War of Liberation

Middle Eastern Studies (1.5 46), 55, 879-896. [Citation Report]

Are international small business owners really that different?

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