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1Investigating the Importance of Trust on Adopting an Autonomous VehicleInternational Journal of Human-Computer Interaction2015676
2Support vector machines for default prediction of SMEs based on technology creditEuropean Journal of Operational Research2010163
3Quality-of-service oriented web service composition algorithm and planning architectureJournal of Systems and Software2008143
4Predicting the pattern of technology convergence using big-data technology on large-scale triadic patentsTechnological Forecasting and Social Change2015141
5Application of hierarchical facility location problem for optimization of a drone delivery system: a case study of Amazon prime air in the city of San FranciscoInternational Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology2018137
6A novel decomposition analysis of green patent applications for the evaluation of R&D efforts to reduce CO2 emissions from fossil fuel energy consumptionJournal of Cleaner Production2018112
7Global stock market investment strategies based on financial network indicators using machine learning techniquesExpert Systems With Applications2019111
8A Deep Learning Model for Robust Wafer Fault Monitoring With Sensor Measurement NoiseIEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing201785
9Integrated process planning and scheduling in a supply chainComputers and Industrial Engineering200882
10Comparison of technology efficiency for CO 2 emissions reduction among European countries based on DEA with decomposed factorsJournal of Cleaner Production201778
11Using ridge regression with genetic algorithm to enhance real estate appraisal forecastingExpert Systems With Applications201272
12Using AHP to determine intangible priority factors for technology transfer adoptionExpert Systems With Applications201271
13Non-driving-related tasks, workload, and takeover performance in highly automated driving contextsTransportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour201971
14Portfolio algorithm based on portfolio beta using genetic algorithmExpert Systems With Applications200667
15Agent-based diffusion model for an automobile market with fuzzy TOPSIS-based product adoption processExpert Systems With Applications201167
16Forward–backward analysis of RFID-enabled supply chain using fuzzy cognitive map and genetic algorithmExpert Systems With Applications200865
17PDM and ERP integration methodology using digital manufacturing to support global manufacturingInternational Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology201163
18Technological convergence in standards for information and communication technologiesTechnological Forecasting and Social Change201663
19Decentralized supply chain planning framework for third party logistics partnershipComputers and Industrial Engineering200861
20Analyzing research trends in personal information privacy using topic modelingComputers and Security201760
21Analysis of Technological Innovation and Environmental Performance Improvement in Aviation SectorInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health201159
22QoS-aware dynamic MAP selection schemes in HMIPv6 networksJournal of Parallel and Distributed Computing201257
23Structural equation model for effective CRM of digital content industryExpert Systems With Applications200852
24Wearable device adoption model with TAM and TTFInternational Journal of Mobile Communications201652
25Predicting the financial performance index of technology fund for SME using structural equation modelExpert Systems With Applications200751
26Open or close: On the sharing of femtocells201151
27Patent valuation based on text mining and survival analysisJournal of Technology Transfer201550
28Cost of ownership model for the RFID logistics system applicable to u-cityEuropean Journal of Operational Research200949
29Patent-based QFD framework development for identification of emerging technologies and related business models: A case of robot technology in KoreaTechnological Forecasting and Social Change201549
30A logistics model for the transport of disaster victims with various injuries and survival probabilitiesAnnals of Operations Research201549
31Re-evaluation of global innovation index based on a structural equation modelTechnology Analysis and Strategic Management201649
32Adaptive product tracking in RFID-enabled large-scale supply chainExpert Systems With Applications201148
33Performance of Machine Learning Algorithms for Class-Imbalanced Process Fault Detection ProblemsIEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing201648
34Uncapacitated single allocation p-hub maximal covering problemComputers and Industrial Engineering201246
35MIP models and hybrid algorithm for minimizing the makespan of parallel machines scheduling problem with a single serverComputers and Operations Research201246
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38Usefulness of support vector machine to develop an early warning system for financial crisisExpert Systems With Applications201141
39Machine-learning-based deep semantic analysis approach for forecasting new technology convergenceTechnological Forecasting and Social Change202041
40Stock fraud detection using peer group analysisExpert Systems With Applications201239
41Utilizing mobile phone-based floating population data to measure the spatial accessibility to public transitApplied Geography201839
42An Incremental Clustering-Based Fault Detection Algorithm for Class-Imbalanced Process DataIEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing201538
43Development of a Structural Equation Model for ride comfort of the Korean high-speed railwayInternational Journal of Industrial Ergonomics200937
44The relationship between motivation and information sharing about products and services on FacebookBehaviour and Information Technology201537
45Patent Network Analysis and Quadratic Assignment Procedures to Identify the Convergence of Robot TechnologiesPLoS ONE201637
46An early warning system for detection of financial crisis using financial market volatilityExpert Systems200636
47Facilitating cross-selling in a mobile telecom market to develop customer classification model based on hybrid data mining techniquesExpert Systems With Applications201136
48Synchronized production planning and scheduling in semiconductor fabricationComputers and Industrial Engineering201636
49An order quantity negotiation model for distributor-driven supply chainsInternational Journal of Production Economics200835
50Product failure pattern analysis from warranty data using association rule and Weibull regression analysis: A case studyReliability Engineering and System Safety201535