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1IEEE Access411,51518670
2Optics Express511,12452128
3Laser Physics Letters4091022
4Optics Communications577171840
5Optics and Laser Technology5764348
7IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials25657981
8IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications17529112140
9Optics and Lasers in Engineering26528617
10Optics Letters29519112282
11International Journal of Neural Systems1150817
12Laser Physics5747222
13IEEE Transactions on Image Processing6451235247
14IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology17408132222
15Nanoscale Research Letters103844364
16IEEE Transactions on Communications13368138163
17IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics213632158
18IEEE Sensors Journal2033540112
19IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications4318207194
20Optical Materials292951768
21ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces72881.3K1.4K
22Neural Computing and Applications102775274
22Applied Optics2327759197
24Computers in Biology and Medicine227535862
25IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence2274410355
26Applied Optics252641026
27Epilepsy Research126355886
28Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics27237854
29Optical Materials Express15236616
30Chemical Communications22352.1K1.2K
30IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering2235254116
32Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation7215101106
33Applied Physics Letters72111.2K1.3K
34IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology7209150161
35Journal of Lightwave Technology2020472203
35IEEE Communications Letters6204216149
37Physics Reports1201177284
39Chemistry - A European Journal11932.0K850
40Multimedia Tools and Applications1418877111
42IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics1018147115
43IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting61781832
44Physical Review Letters21772.3K2.2K
44IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering3177517475
46IEEE Photonics Journal191682369
47IEEE Internet of Things Journal10166159354
49Scientific Reports41558.0K6.2K
50Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry21511.0K475
52Analytical Chemistry41451.0K1.4K
53Advanced Optical Materials5143203279
55Optical Engineering251361674
56IEEE Photonics Technology Letters15133103254
58Epilepsy and Behavior2131517242
60Physics Letters, Section A: General, Atomic and Solid State Physics7127466500
61Journal of Materials Chemistry C6125528829
62Advanced Science4121282528
63Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing111193458
64Optical and Quantum Electronics301181089
64IET Communications131182442
66Solid State Communications3108699460
67International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics21071.1K908
67IEEE Systems Journal910749210
69Pattern Recognition3104321507
70Physical Communication31033317
71Pattern Recognition Letters3102186248
72Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies1101266239
73Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society110052921
74Seizure: the Journal of the British Epilepsy Association198484155
75Physical Review A8918741.3K
76Physical Review B5891.9K2.5K
77Electronics Letters887194234
78Applied Physics Express158421113
79Journal Physics D: Applied Physics983111574
80Neural Processing Letters3827260
80Nano-Micro Letters182246253
82Journal of Alloys and Compounds6811.3K2.2K
82IEEE Signal Processing Letters781126323
84IEEE Transactions on Big Data2794336
85Multidimensional Systems and Signal Processing3774230
86IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems376372562
87Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics4751.6K2.1K
88Electronics (Switzerland)673269301
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90Journal of Physical Chemistry B1722.4K1.8K
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92Lecture Notes in Computer Science24705301.2K
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98Journal of Modern Optics136242155
102International Journal of Intelligent Systems260150150
103NPG Asia Materials158194271
104Journal of Applied Physics5571.5K2.4K
104European Radiology2579081.2K
106Signal, Image and Video Processing25611357
107IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing255475634
108Construction and Building Materials2531.1K1.6K
108IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics153727772
108IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics253165149
108Radiation Oncology153308226
112Chemical Physics Letters3521.2K1.5K
112Infrared Physics and Technology65234127
112IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics55275453
115Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies7511152
115IEEE Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networking15112874
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117Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine150648509
117IEEE Wireless Communications Letters450149216
120Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical2491.6K2.6K
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120Visual Computer149285116
123Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems247580231
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123IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems247109201
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127IEEE Transactions on Multimedia346162309
129Physiological Measurement145343323
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131International Journal of Communication Systems74435146
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133Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics543242562
133Journal of Digital Imaging143249209
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141Materials Chemistry Frontiers237208374
143IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control1361.0K1.1K
143Signal Processing236384616
146Chinese Physics B435214240
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146IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters335266499
146Journal of Optics (United Kingdom)63521228
146IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing135176142
151IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation434349746
151Optoelectronics Letters6342618
151Machine Vision and Applications23453153
151Journal of Computational Science13490103
155Procedia Engineering432377699
155Sensors and Actuators A: Physical2325681.1K
155Dyes and Pigments132911886
155IET Information Security2322137
159Materials and Design1317881.2K
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162Analyst, The1301.4K1.7K
162Computational and Theoretical Chemistry130616421
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165Computer Communications429133455
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165Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience229451985
165Journal of Advanced Transportation129252140
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171Quantum Information Processing328199287
171IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Signal Processing128189279
171Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications128150108
176International Journal of Quantum Chemistry126907623
176Semiconductor Science and Technology126406380
176IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices626291915
179Chinese Physics B3255669
180Frontiers in Psychology1243.1K2.8K
180Frontiers in Neuroscience1241.6K2.0K
180Photonic Sensors3241244
180IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging1247641.3K
184Physics in Medicine and Biology2236281.3K
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184IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing223333581
184Journal of Electronic Imaging52334131
188Crystal Growth and Design2227641.4K
188Lasers in Medical Science322117500
188Advances in Materials Science and Engineering122662420
188Journal of Real-Time Image Processing22248102
193Journal of Materials Chemistry A1212.2K3.2K
193Journal of Semiconductors6211062
193Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation221150317
193Multimedia Systems32126143
193Applied Materials Today22186400
198IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems220321474
198Knowledge-Based Systems2203611.0K
198Biological Cybernetics32094416
198BioMedical Engineering OnLine220100431
198Sensor Review520465
198Biomedical Engineering Letters12066104
204Journal of Materials Chemistry B1191.2K2.0K
204ACS Applied Nano Materials4192841.5K
206Measurement Science and Technology118479664
206Chinese Optics Letters8182269
208Journal of Physics Condensed Matter1171.5K1.6K
208BMC Bioinformatics1171.3K1.9K
208IET Intelligent Transport Systems117117179
211Materials Research Bulletin1161.2K1.8K
211AEU - International Journal of Electronics and Communications316136427
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211Journal of Display Technology116118159
211Clinical EEG and Neuroscience116127181
211Journal of Communications Software and Systems11687
211IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics1161.1K1.7K
218Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing2152981.1K
218Journal of Materials Science and Technology115458908
218Eurasip Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking215187353
221Applied Thermal Engineering1141.2K2.0K
221IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs314281674
221Materials Today Physics114126250
226Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology2134821.3K
226Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering313423144
226Information Processing Letters113428469
226Future Generation Computer Systems213263943
226Clinical and Experimental Hypertension213111371
226Physical Review Applied113744996
226Journal of China Universities of Posts and Telecommunications2133035
226Applied System Innovation1133258
226Information Sciences1131.3K2.0K
235Computational Materials Science1129811.5K
235Composites Part B: Engineering1121.1K2.1K
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235Scientific Programming112191160
235Journal of Materiomics11278172
235Eye and Vision (London, England)1121878
241Journal of Crystal Growth1111.4K1.9K
241Journal of Molecular Structure2111.6K2.9K
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241Journal of Molecular Modeling111700832
241Journal of Nanomaterials2114291.3K
241Photomedicine and Laser Surgery111114289
241Medical Image Analysis111321767
241Journal of Combinatorial Optimization211166309
241China Communications21180163
241Journal of Physiological Sciences111131290
241Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering311134421
253Journal of the Optical Society of America A: Optics and Image Science, and Vision1107031.1K
253Crystal Research and Technology210211442
253Journal of Computer Science and Technology210113269
253Computer Vision and Image Understanding21085395
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253Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering: Imaging and Visualization1104261
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261Procedia Computer Science198251.1K
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261Organic Electronics392761.1K
261Control Engineering Practice19296726
261International Journal of Modern Physics C19339396
261Advanced Materials Interfaces294961.4K
261Computing (Vienna/New York)19160323
261International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence19288344
261Telecommunication Systems2999368
261Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics2956108
261IET Image Processing3959442
261IET Wireless Sensor Systems29772
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261Eurasip Journal on Advances in Signal Processing19299470
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275Surface Review and Letters18387346
275Results in Physics382661.2K
275Optical Review28133252
275Journal of Electroceramics18185313
275Mobile Networks and Applications28135433
275Journal of Signal Processing Systems18148237
275Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics and Materials18163193
275Journal of Integrative Neuroscience1860123
287Ceramics International271.8K4.1K
287IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques177011.1K
287Spectrochimica Acta - Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy271.3K3.1K
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287Soft Computing179881.8K
287Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering171.1K2.4K
287IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics178641.5K
287AASRI Procedia171018
296Journal of Physics: Conference Series661.1K2.7K
296IEEE Transactions on Information Theory167591.1K
296Journal of Materials Research161.2K2.2K
296Wireless Personal Communications562451.2K
296Image and Vision Computing16235611
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296Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing167048
296Frontiers of Information Technology and Electronic Engineering16111237
296International Journal of Optics26554
296Iran Journal of Computer Science16528
306Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online251.1K935
306Solid-State Electronics15551887
306Information Processing and Management15204605
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306Technology in Cancer Research and Treatment2583577
306Journal of Sensors2585631
306IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine2573528
306IEICE Communications Express254639
306OSA Continuum1540132
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315Advanced Engineering Materials144841.1K
315Journal of Medical Systems144001.1K
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315Journal of Chemical Crystallography14421543
315Molecular Simulation14397824
315Tsinghua Science and Technology14105215
315Journal of Optical Communications and Networking1471153
315European Transactions on Telecommunications145487
315International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies14119178
315Journal of Nanophotonics14102236
315Flexible and Printed Electronics141984
315Scientia Sinica Informationis143827
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335Journal of the Acoustical Society of America131.5K2.6K
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335Journal of Applied Geophysics13181493
335International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks23266878
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335Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves13135291
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353Journal of Information Processing124875
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353IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference1263133
353International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology124253
374IFAC Postprint Volumes IPPV / International Federation of Automatic Control111.6K1.9K
374Annalen Der Physik11284592
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374Mathematical Problems in Engineering211.3K3.5K
374Microelectronics Reliability115111.1K
374Oncology Letters111.4K3.6K
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374IEEE Potentials113096
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374Journal of Control Theory and Applications1163187
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374Journal of Optics (India)11105244
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401Information (Switzerland)10280943
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401IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering10241624
4013D Research1029101
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401Journal of Networks20135
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