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Most Cited Articles of Department of Communication and Computer Engineering in 2021

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Exergy and Energy Analyses of Microwave Dryer for Cantaloupe Slice and Prediction of Thermodynamic Parameters Using ANN and ANFIS AlgorithmsEnergies20212
The use of artificial neural network to design and fabricate one of the most compact microstrip diplexers for broadband L-band and S-band wireless applicationsWireless Networks20211
A new model for analyzing the role of new ICT-based technologies on the success of employees' learning programsKybernetes20211
Comprehensive Assessment from Optimum Biodiesel Yield to Combustion Characteristics of Light Duty Diesel Engine Fueled with Palm Kernel Oil Biodiesel and Fuel AdditivesMaterials20211
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Comparison of Optimized and Conventional Models of Passive Solar Greenhouse—Case Study: The Indoor Air Temperature, Irradiation, and Energy DemandEnergies2021
Assessment of active seismotectonic for Shivah Lalayi basin, Iraq, using remote sensing and GIS techniquesArabian Journal of Geosciences2021