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1Personality and Individual Differences111,43313623
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8Journal of Organizational Behavior1419279119
9Frontiers in Psychology43931.1K205
10Alcohol and Alcoholism43826011
11Psychological Bulletin2335125264
12Journal of Advanced Nursing1318691137
13Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research4313289156
14Journal of Positive Psychology23109042
16Journal of Research in Personality128621175
17Journal of Child and Family Studies328117845
18Journal of Personality Assessment126533881
19Psychology of Religion and Spirituality2256173
20Behaviour Research and Therapy1249417220
20Journal of Behavioral Addictions124911831
22Journal of Applied Psychology1243260231
23Child Abuse and Neglect1220537157
24Clinical Psychological Science121820254
27Cognition and Emotion317811960
28Memory and Cognition2174258176
29British Journal of Clinical Psychology117116166
30Psychological Science1161514461
31Journal of Experimental Psychology: General3156115194
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34Current Opinion in Neurobiology1142249277
35Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion31273834
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37New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development31101216
39International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, The4103510
40Diabetes and Metabolism41011130
40Journal of Experimental Social Psychology310197177
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43Journal of Affective Disorders1851.7K1.1K
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46Current Biology1831.4K1.7K
47International Journal of Training and Development1811213
49Perspectives on Psychological Science177196242
50Journal of Experimental Psychology1768056
51Journal of Psychosomatic Research171690586
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53International Journal of Behavioral Development1633527
54Motivation and Emotion162178169
55Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology154181181
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58Archive for the Psychology of Religion45145
59Aggressive Behavior150217223
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63Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology148106109
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71Developmental Psychology134406566
72Journal of Public Health Research1324211
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75Journal of Psychophysiology1264354
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117Journal of General Psychology11223398
117Journal of Vision51384904
117Journal of Sex Research11341840
117Journal of Cultural Cognitive Science11633
121Behavioral and Brain Sciences101.0K1.7K
121Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied10314665