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Most Cited Articles of Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Applied Marine Biology in 2018

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Simultaneous Improvements of Pseudomonas Cell Growth and Polyhydroxyalkanoate Production from a Lignin Derivative for Lignin-Consolidated BioprocessingApplied and Environmental Microbiology201841
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Comparison of the Biochemical Composition and Nutritional Quality Between Diploid and Triploid Hong Kong Oysters,Frontiers in Physiology201820
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Identification and functional characterization of Toll-like receptor 13 from orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides)Fish and Shellfish Immunology201817
Effects of acclimation on arsenic bioaccumulation and biotransformation in freshwater medaka Oryzias mekongensis after chronic arsenic exposureEnvironmental Pollution201816
Community Composition and Transcriptional Activity of Ammonia-Oxidizing Prokaryotes of Seagrass in Coral Reef EcosystemsFrontiers in Microbiology201815
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Proteome and Transcriptome Analysis of Ovary, Intersex Gonads, and Testis Reveals Potential Key Sex Reversal/Differentiation Genes and Mechanism in Scallop Chlamys nobilisMarine Biotechnology201813
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A fibrinogen-related protein, LvFREP2, from Litopenaeus vannamei facilitates the clearance of Vibrio harveyiFish and Shellfish Immunology201812
The first tropical sea cucumber caspase-8 from Holothuria leucospilota: Molecular characterization, involvement of apoptosis and inducible expression by immune challengeFish and Shellfish Immunology201812
The first morphologic and functional characterization of hemocytes in Hong Kong oyster, Crassostrea hongkongensisFish and Shellfish Immunology201812