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1Computers and Industrial Engineering88859427
2Expert Systems With Applications157995183
3Applied Soft Computing Journal94706173
4International Journal of Production Research1836958152
5European Journal of Operational Research2306779346
6International Journal of Production Economics3298262186
7Decision Support Systems425967102
8Total Quality Management and Business Excellence9250812
9Engineering Optimization10223815
10International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems2173406187
11Journal of Air Transport Management11709526
12International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology8161350432
13Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing51573672
14Journal of the Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers1513853
15Lecture Notes in Computer Science14118932808
15IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement3118497302
17Computers and Operations Research2115265266
18Pattern Recognition Letters4109127229
18Computational Statistics and Data Analysis110937878
20Transportation Research, Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review2108157196
21IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering410285150
22Applied Sciences (Switzerland)999565687
23IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Part C: Applications and Reviews19389104
24Computers in Industry48832118
25Journal of Process Control37588146
27Soft Computing274534322
29IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology26814678
30Annals of Intensive Care16412896
31Quality and Reliability Engineering International4636197
32Journal of Heuristics2621245
33Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation35511778
34Journal of Cleaner Production1542.8K3.1K
35Pattern Recognition146754860
36Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing4412151
36Journal of Physiological Anthropology1417350
36IEEE Transactions on Electronics Packaging Manufacturing1412632
39Journal of Manufacturing Systems136160246
40European Journal of Engineering Education1357438
41Managing Service Quality1343090
42Production Planning and Control133212249
44International Journal of Systems Science232428441
44Computer Vision and Image Understanding132172238
46Transportation Research Record428363591
47International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing126149174
48Applied Mathematical Modelling1259061.2K
49Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing72421389
50Industrial Health123173233
50Healthcare (Switzerland)523125423
52Journal of Advanced Transportation222127193
52Naval Research Logistics122218268
54International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics120191298
54Machine Vision and Applications22053246
56Waste Management and Research118277459
56International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences318439
59Tourism Management117180526
59IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing41744183
59Knowledge and Information Systems217124380
59International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Cybernetics1172325
63Mathematical Problems in Engineering1162.1K1.2K
63Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal1164879
65Pattern Analysis and Applications114111197
65Journal of Industrial and Production Engineering4141162
68Computers and Electronics in Agriculture112357899
68BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making112358823
70IEEE Sensors Journal1111.8K2.6K
70Fuzzy Sets and Systems111512901
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87American Journal of Emergency Medicine141.1K2.0K
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99Communications in Computer and Information Science121.0K1.0K
99Frontiers in Physiology121.9K4.7K
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107International Journal of Services and Operations Management2163202
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107International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences115695
113Biometrical Journal10200525
113Journal of Applied Statistics10272865
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113Journal of Chemometrics10156466
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