Citation of paper, A categorization of arguments for counting methods for publication and citation indicators

Authors Citing This Paper

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Zaida Chinchilla-Rodríguez3571,1402.3
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György Csomós1281660.9
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Wildgaard, L1240.6
Vladimir Batagelj11103,1492.2
Kim Wildgaard1306642.5
Emanuel Kulczycki1374263.5

Journals Citing This Paper

JournalCiting PapersJournal's IFJournal's Star
Journal of Informetrics43★★
PLoS ONE23.6
Research Evaluation11.7★★
Information Processing and Management15.9★★
PS - Political Science and Politics10.4★★
Pediatric Blood and Cancer12.9★★
Journal of Physics: Conference Series10.2★★