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1Mediated effects of insomnia in the association between problematic social media use and subjective well-being among university students during COVID-19 pandemicSleep Epidemiology202234
2Self-reported sleep duration and timing: A methodological review of event definitions, context, and timeframe of related questionsSleep Epidemiology202122
3Racial/ethnic minorities have greater declines in sleep duration with higher risk of cardiometabolic disease: An analysis of the U.S. National Health Interview SurveySleep Epidemiology202214
4Association of co-morbid insomnia and sleep apnoea symptoms with all-cause mortality: Analysis of the NHANES 2005-2008 data.Sleep Epidemiology202212
5Unprecedented times and uncertain connections: A systematic review examining sleep problems and screentime during the COVID-19 pandemicSleep Epidemiology202211
6The association between problematic internet use, psychological distress, and sleep problems during COVID-19Sleep Epidemiology20219
7The Effects of Sleep on Firefighter Occupational Performance and Health: A Systematic Review and Call for ActionSleep Epidemiology20217
8College students’ sleep difficulty during COVID-19 and correlated stressors: A large-scale cross-sessional survey studySleep Epidemiology20216
9Prevalence and predictors of under or overestimation sleep duration in adults: The ELSA-Brasil studySleep Epidemiology20215
10Public interest and awareness regarding general health, sleep quality and mental wellbeing during the early COVID-19 pandemic period: An exploration using Google trendsSleep Epidemiology20225
11Sex and racial/ethnic disparities in sleep duration and timing on weekdays and weekends across lifespan in the US populationSleep Epidemiology20225
12Depression and mania symptoms mediate the relationship between insomnia and psychotic-like experiences in the general population.Sleep Epidemiology20224
13Sleep problems in individuals with Rett Syndrome: A systematic review and meta-analysisSleep Epidemiology20224
14The bidirectional relationship between sleep and externalizing behavior: A systematic reviewSleep Epidemiology20224
15Correlates of daytime sleepiness and insomnia among adults in SamoaSleep Epidemiology20224
16Prevalence and correlates of total sleep time among the older adults during COVID-19 pandemic in BangladeshSleep Epidemiology20213
17Sleep health network analysis based on questionnaire data from 35,808 subjects concerned by their sleepSleep Epidemiology20213
18Sleep difficulties and use of prescription and non-prescription sleep aids in Portuguese higher education studentsSleep Epidemiology20213
19Social media for students’ sleep health promotion – a health intervention report during COVID -19Sleep Epidemiology20213
20Sleep quality in the Brazilian general population: A cross-sectional studySleep Epidemiology20223
21Sleep quality of adult tobacco users: A systematic review of literature and meta-analysisSleep Epidemiology20223
22Predictors of Early Nap Cessation: Longitudinal Findings from a Large Study of Young ChildrenSleep Epidemiology20233
23Prevalence and Predictors of Sleep and Trauma Symptoms in Wildfire SurvivorsSleep Epidemiology20233
24The prevalence of insomnia in Spain: A stepwise addition of ICSD-3 diagnostic criteria and notesSleep Epidemiology20233
25Help-seeking behavior of young and middle-aged Austrians with chronic insomnia: Results from the 2017 national sleep surveySleep Epidemiology20212
26Cohort profile: The Western Australian Sleep health study, a prospective sleep clinic cohort studySleep Epidemiology20212
27Associations of sleep and individual characteristics with accelerometer-measured catch-up sleep among older employeesSleep Epidemiology20222
28Tuning Hyper Parameters of Deep Learning Model to Monitor Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)Sleep Epidemiology20222
29Changes in lifestyle during the COVID-19 lockdown in Brazil: Impact on sleep qualitySleep Epidemiology20222
30Sleep parameters associated with university students’ grade point average and dissatisfaction with academic performanceSleep Epidemiology20222
31Obstructive Sport Apnea (OSA) and contact sports: A systematic review and meta-analysisSleep Epidemiology20222
32Prevalence, incidence, and characteristics of CPAP treated OSA patients with residual excessive daytime sleepiness, as indicated by health-related data – A population representative studySleep Epidemiology20222
33Prevalence and risk factors of sleep problems in Bangladesh during the COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic review and meta-analysisSleep Epidemiology20222
34Epidemiological studies on sleep quality can help in improving public mental health initiatives and development of better sleep technologiesSleep Epidemiology20222
35Parental socioeconomic status and childhood sleep: A systematic review and meta-analysisSleep Epidemiology20222
36Characteristics of adults newly diagnosed with idiopathic hypersomnia in the United StatesSleep Epidemiology20232
37Gender variation of total sleep time and association with academic achievement among the school going adolescents: A cross-sectional study in rural BangladeshSleep Epidemiology20211
38Musculoskeletal pain during the night and its relationship to sleep quality and poor sleep perception among older adultsSleep Epidemiology20211
39Investigating the insomnia severity spectrum using the Pittsburgh Insomnia Rating Scale (PIRS)Sleep Epidemiology20211
40Sleep duration among preschoolers in Taiwan: A longitudinal studySleep Epidemiology20211
41Is physical inactivity or sitting time associated with insomnia in older men? A cross-sectional studySleep Epidemiology20221
42Comparing symptom measurement tools in pediatric narcolepsySleep Epidemiology20221
43Characterising the relationship between sleep stages and associated spectral power in diabetesSleep Epidemiology20221
44Unmet need for a holistic approach to insomnia diagnosis – a review of current tools in practiceSleep Epidemiology20231
45Dentists’ role in obstructive sleep apnea: A more comprehensive reviewSleep Epidemiology20241
46Daily concordance between ecological stressors and sleep in young minority children during the pre-COVID-19 outbreak periodSleep Epidemiology20210
47Patient characteristics and compliance with positive airway pressure therapy during New York City's 2020 COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home orders: The NYU comprehensive epilepsy center-sleep center telemedicine experienceSleep Epidemiology20210
48Sleep reduction in adolescents: socio-demographic factors and the mediating role of sleep hygiene practicesSleep Epidemiology20220
49Associations of self-reported sleep duration and sleep difficulties with cardiometabolic risk factors among U.S.-born and foreign-born black adults in the United States: NHANES 2005-2016Sleep Epidemiology20220
50Associations between Sleep Apnea Risk and Cardiovascular Disease Indicators among Chinese and Korean AmericansSleep Epidemiology20220