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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Chemistry4246245185
2School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering6229130150
3College of Chemistry220619898
4Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering1157176
5School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering314614794
6School of Chemistry and Materials Science31278881
7School of Materials and Energy212111459
8Department of Chemical Engineering1101225153
8Physical Sciences Division11018046
10College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering499260251
11Faculty of Materials Science and Chemistry29712897
12Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry794227481
13Department of Chemistry993166312
14Department of Chemistry689200262
15College of Environmental Science and Engineering183181144
16Graduate School of Engineering1801.1K558
17College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences579161234
18College of Chemistry and Materials Science16812778
19College of Chemistry466199246
19School of Chemical Engineering26610877
21Department of Chemistry161155105
22College of Chemical Engineering258160143
23School of Physics153443303
23Department of Chemistry153423321
23Department of Materials Science and Engineering153164126
23School of Engineering153607415
27Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering150523424
27Department of Materials Science and Engineering150182132
29College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering249162150
30School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering247180187
31Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science245102137
31School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering245270277
31Department of Applied Chemistry1459275
31State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering1453529
35State Key Laboratory of Chemical Resource Engineering444193295
36School of Materials Science and Engineering443155238
36College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering343228289
36Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry2435664
39Department of Chemical Engineering142263293
39Faculty of Science and Engineering142151128
41Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering241160200
42School of Materials and Energy140236173
42Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics140171153
44College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering1398174
45Department of Chemistry238152204
45Department of Chemistry238162201
45School of Chemistry and Materials Science238130144
48Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology237224375
48Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry237134175
50Department of Chemistry233351466
51Department of Chemistry132383414
51Department of Physics132241164
51Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry1326458
54Department of Chemistry131295286
54Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry23180123
54College of Chemical Engineering231129172
57Ministry of Education130309318
58Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering329111232
58Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences329205433
60Department of Chemistry228105182
60Department of Chemistry128400452
62School of Materials Science and Engineering127368315
63Institute of Organic Chemistry3263873
64Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering124379394
64Department of Applied Chemistry1243821
66Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering123443484
67Department of Chemical Engineering122328420
67Department of Chemical Engineering122116125
69Department of Chemical Engineering121155208
70Department of Chemistry120153205
70College of Materials Science and Engineering120267248
70Department of Chemical Physics220137211
70College of Materials Science and Engineering1204569
74School of Materials Science and Engineering119105117
74Clean Energy Research Center11977101
74Center for Spintronics1192423
74Institute of Chemistry219473623
74School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering219352509
74Department of Chemistry319217399
74College of Materials Science and Engineering119203225
74Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering119269299
74Department of Materials Science and Engineering119262285
74Center for Electronic Materials1191319
84College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering317326587
84School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering117206228
84Department of Chemistry117322395
84Department of Applied Chemistry117162185
88College of Chemical and Biological Engineering316180342
88Schulich Faculty of Chemistry116157192
88Institute of High Energy Physics216421605
88Department of Chemistry116180200
92School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering115330364
92School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering1153361
94Chemistry and Nanoscience Center1144263
95Department of Chemistry113343416
95Materials Physics and Applications Division11380122
95Department of Chemistry213196279
98Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology112123200
98Department of Chemistry212196413
98Department of Chemical Engineering1125591
98Engineering Research Center of Nano-Geomaterials of Ministry of Education112108154
98School of Chemical Engineering112408456
98School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering212237397
104School of Engineering1118921.0K
104School of Materials Science and Engineering111271329
104Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Hierarchical Nanomaterials1113950
104School of Materials Science and Engineering211200320
104Department of Chemistry111378538
109Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology110279463
109Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry110196298
109Department of Chemistry110201344
109School of Ecology and Environmental Science11099140
109School of Environment and Energy110197275
109Department of Materials Science and NanoEngineering11088135
109School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering21077127
116Department of Chemistry19812
116Department of Physics and Astronomy19101150
116School of Environmental Science and Engineering195878
116Department of Materials Science and Engineering19221251
116Department of Chemical Engineering19206322
116Stratingh Institute for Chemistry1987142
116Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research194481
116Department of Chemistry29158267
124Department of Mechanical Engineering18247352
124College of Chemistry18193282
126School of Chemical Engineering27194442
126Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering17162323
126Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry27251542
129College of Chemical Engineering16276375
129School of Chemistry26181414
129Department of Chemistry16110179
129Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry16175330
133Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering2583221
133Department of Materials Science15271369
133College of Chemistry15284408
133Ministry of Education15330558
133College of Chemical Engineering15239371
138Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry24262728
138Department of Chemical Engineering14164287
138Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering14164341
138Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Oregon Center for Electrochemistry1428
138Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering14124266
138School of Biotechnology and Health Sciences1478158
144Department of Chemical Engineering23325630
144School of Chemical and Biological Engineering13340567
144Department of Chemistry13140248
144Department of Chemistry13282481
144Department of Chemical Engineering1375136
144School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology13317624
144Department of Chemistry13264501
144Faculty of Chemistry13198291
144Department of Chemistry13928
153Department of Chemical Engineering12489863
153Department of Chemistry12131286
153School of Engineering12155326
153Department of Chemistry12295521
153Ministry of Education126651.1K
153Institute of Physical Chemistry12141224
159Chair of Industrial Organic Chemistry and Biotechnology11926
159Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering11222385
159Department of Chemistry11231429
159Institute of Inorganic Chemistry11213
159Research School of Chemistry11342604
159Department of Chemistry11191338
159School of Chemistry11254422
159Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science11161344
159Department of Chemistry11439745
159Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry11227407
159College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering11104238
159Department of Chemistry11392742
159College of Environmental Science and Forestry11292580
159Department of Applied Chemistry1174135
159College of New Energy11102182
159Department of Chemical Engineering11312
175Department of Chemical Engineering10109245
175Department of Chemistry1094213
175Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology10261481
175Department of Chemistry10259520
175Physics of Energy Conversion and Storage101025
175Institute of Biochemistry1073180
175Department of Chemistry10229466
175Department of Chemistry109481.6K
175Department of Chemistry10249480
175Department of Chemical Engineering10257500
175School of Chemistry10151283
175Department of Chemistry10348618
175Institute of Organic Chemistry1055133
175Department of Chemistry10146293
175Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry1082181
175Department of Chemistry10234470
175Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering10119286
175Department of Chemistry10216425
175Department of Chemistry10212405
175Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies1054153
175School of Chemical Engineering and Technology106741.1K
175Department of Chemistry1010