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1Xampling: analog to digital at sub-Nyquist ratesIET Circuits, Devices and Systems2011331
2Design of energy-efficient and robust ternary circuits for nanotechnologyIET Circuits, Devices and Systems2011200
3Field programmable analogue array implementation of fractional step filtersIET Circuits, Devices and Systems2010154
4SiC and GaN devices – wide bandgap is not all the sameIET Circuits, Devices and Systems2014103
5Design and development of symmetrical super‐lift DC–AC converter using firefly algorithm for solar‐photovoltaic applicationsIET Circuits, Devices and Systems202089
6High-quality factor asymmetric-slope band-pass filters: a fractional-order capacitor approachIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201286
7Performance study of fractional order integrator using single-component fractional order elementIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201184
8Thermal properties of graphene and few‐layer graphene: applications in electronicsIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201582
90.5‐V bulk‐driven CMOS operational amplifierIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201373
10Current-mode third-order quadrature oscillatorIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201072
11Analogue signal processing applications using a new circuit topologyIET Circuits, Devices and Systems200967
12Integrated waveguide circuits for optical quantum computingIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201167
13Wide band-gap power semiconductor devicesIET Circuits, Devices and Systems200764
14Low-power nanophotonic devices based on photonic crystals towards dense photonic network on chipIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201160
15Electronically tunable low-voltage mixed-mode universal biquad filterIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201155
16Energy harvesting from wind and water for autonomous wireless sensor nodesIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201254
17High input impedance VM-APSs with grounded passive elementsIET Circuits, Devices and Systems200753
18Approach for third order quadrature oscillator realisationIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201553
19Low-power and high-quality Cordic-based Loeffler DCT for signal processingIET Circuits, Devices and Systems200751
20High-input low-output impedance all-pass filters using one active elementIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201251
21Graphene electronic sensors – review of recent developments and future challengesIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201551
22Reversible logic‐based image steganography using quantum dot cellular automata for secure nanocommunicationIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201751
23Variable gain amplifier circuit using titanium dioxide memristorsIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201150
24Grounded capacitor current mode single resistance-controlled oscillator using single modified current differencing transconductance amplifierIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201047
25Comparative study of 16‐order FIR filter design using different multiplication techniquesIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201746
26Voltage-mode cascadable all-pass sections with two grounded passive components and one active elementIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201045
27Energy storage and loss in fractional‐order circuit elementsIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201544
28Hardware design of multiclass SVM classification for epilepsy and epileptic seizure detectionIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201844
29High‐frequency floating memristor emulator and its experimental resultsIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201944
30Accurate and computer efficient modelling of single event transients in CMOS circuitsIET Circuits, Devices and Systems200742
31Quadrature oscillator using grounded components with current and voltage outputsIET Circuits, Devices and Systems200942
32Design of on-chip error correction systems for multilevel NOR and NAND flash memoriesIET Circuits, Devices and Systems200741
33High output impedance current-mode all-pass sections with two grounded passive componentsIET Circuits, Devices and Systems200841
34Review on system development in eddy current testing and technique for defect classification and characterizationIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201740
35Low complexity flexible filter banks for uniform and non-uniform channelisation in software radios using coefficient decimationIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201139
36Scalable and systolic Montgomery multiplier over GF(2m) generated by trinomialsIET Circuits, Devices and Systems200738
37Dual‐band RFID tag antenna based on the Hilbert‐curve fractal for HF and UHF applicationsIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201638
38Scalable model for predicting the effect of negative bias temperature instability for reliable designIET Circuits, Devices and Systems200837
39New building block: multiplication-mode current conveyorIET Circuits, Devices and Systems200937
40Graphene‐based biosensors: methods, analysis and future perspectivesIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201537
41Behaviour modelling of wideband RF transmitters using Hammerstein–Wiener modelsIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201036
42Design methodology of Miller frequency compensation with current buffer/amplifierIET Circuits, Devices and Systems200835
43Accurate model for single-photon avalanche diodesIET Circuits, Devices and Systems200835
44Novel CNFET ternary circuit techniques for high‐performance and energy‐efficient designIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201935
45Cascadable adiabatic logic circuits for low-power applicationsIET Circuits, Devices and Systems200834
46Start-up circuit with low minimum operating power for microwatt energy harvestersIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201134
47Configuration for realising a current-mode universal filter and dual-mode quadrature single resistor controlled oscillatorIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201234
48Component reduced current‐mode full‐wave rectifier circuits using single active componentIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201634
49Thermal image processing for real‐time non‐contact respiration rate monitoringIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201734
50Transmission gate‐based 9T SRAM cell for variation resilient low power and reliable internet of things applicationsIET Circuits, Devices and Systems201934