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1Role of proline under changing environmentsPlant Signaling and Behavior20121,868
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11Reactive oxygen species signaling in plants under abiotic stressPlant Signaling and Behavior2013527
12The role of microbial signals in plant growth and developmentPlant Signaling and Behavior2009472
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17Insights into the significance of antioxidative defense under salt stressPlant Signaling and Behavior2010400
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19Callose synthesis in higher plantsPlant Signaling and Behavior2009355
20Stress-induced flavonoid biosynthesis and the antioxidant machinery of plantsPlant Signaling and Behavior2011351
21Unraveling the role of fungal symbionts in plant abiotic stress tolerancePlant Signaling and Behavior2011343
22Oxidative signaling in seed germination and dormancyPlant Signaling and Behavior2008318
23Cadmium stress tolerance in crop plantsPlant Signaling and Behavior2011311
24Calcium Signaling Network in PlantsPlant Signaling and Behavior2007310
25Salicylic acid alleviates adverse effects of heat stress on photosynthesis through changes in proline production and ethylene formationPlant Signaling and Behavior2013307
26Glycinebetaine and abiotic stress tolerance in plantsPlant Signaling and Behavior2011301
27Humic substances biological activity at the plant-soil interfacePlant Signaling and Behavior2010274
28The Root Apex ofArabidopsis thalianaConsists of Four Distinct Zones of Growth ActivitiesPlant Signaling and Behavior2006257
29Gibberellic acid in plantPlant Signaling and Behavior2013248
30Transcriptional control of flavonoid biosynthesisPlant Signaling and Behavior2014247
31The Physiological Function of Melatonin in PlantsPlant Signaling and Behavior2006242
32Aluminum stress signaling in plantsPlant Signaling and Behavior2009241
33Role of lignification in plant defensePlant Signaling and Behavior2009238
34Cytosolic calcium and pH signaling in plants under salinity stressPlant Signaling and Behavior2010235
35Plant growth promotion byBacillus megateriuminvolves cytokinin signalingPlant Signaling and Behavior2008233
36Nitric Oxide Functions as a Positive Regulator of Root Hair DevelopmentPlant Signaling and Behavior2006228
37Functional diversity of the plant glycine-rich proteins superfamilyPlant Signaling and Behavior2010227
38Systemic Acquired ResistancePlant Signaling and Behavior2006226
39Carbon and nitrogen nutrient balance signaling in plantsPlant Signaling and Behavior2009225
40Risk-taking plantsPlant Signaling and Behavior2012220
41Plant NHX cation/proton antiportersPlant Signaling and Behavior2009217
42Trichoderma-induced plant immunity likely involves both hormonal- and camalexin-dependent mechanisms inArabidopsis thalianaand confers resistance against necrotrophic fungiBotrytis cinerea.Plant Signaling and Behavior2011217
43Transcriptional regulation of lignin biosynthesisPlant Signaling and Behavior2009215
44Function of MYB domain transcription factors in abiotic stress and epigenetic control of stress response in plant genomePlant Signaling and Behavior2016215
45MAPK machinery in plantsPlant Signaling and Behavior2010211
46Chemical signaling under abiotic stress environment in plantsPlant Signaling and Behavior2008203
47Plant age and genotype impact the progression of bacterial community succession in the Arabidopsis rhizospherePlant Signaling and Behavior2009203
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49Indole-3-acetic acid: A widespread physiological code in interactions of fungi with other organismsPlant Signaling and Behavior2015201
50GRAS-domain transcription factors that regulate plant developmentPlant Signaling and Behavior2009198