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1Prevalence of headache in Europe: a review for the Eurolight projectJournal of Headache and Pain2010421
2Migraine is first cause of disability in under 50s: will health politicians now take notice?Journal of Headache and Pain2018408
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4The global burden of migraine: measuring disability in headache disorders with WHO's Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)Journal of Headache and Pain2005328
5Migraine and psychiatric comorbidity: a review of clinical findingsJournal of Headache and Pain2011301
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7Migraine: the seventh disablerJournal of Headache and Pain2013260
8European headache federation guideline on the use of monoclonal antibodies acting on the calcitonin gene related peptide or its receptor for migraine preventionJournal of Headache and Pain2019260
9Cost of healthcare for patients with migraine in five European countries: results from the International Burden of Migraine Study (IBMS)Journal of Headache and Pain2012248
10The global prevalence of headache: an update, with analysis of the influences of methodological factors on prevalence estimatesJournal of Headache and Pain2022240
11Blocking CGRP in migraine patients – a review of pros and consJournal of Headache and Pain2017217
12Depression and risk of transformation of episodic to chronic migraineJournal of Headache and Pain2012214
13Validation of the Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7 (GAD-7) and GAD-2 in patients with migraineJournal of Headache and Pain2015214
14Treatment of chronic migraine with transcutaneous stimulation of the auricular branch of the vagal nerve (auricular t-VNS): a randomized, monocentric clinical trialJournal of Headache and Pain2015212
15Safety and efficacy of deep brain stimulation in refractory cluster headache: a randomized placebo-controlled double-blind trial followed by a 1-year open extensionJournal of Headache and Pain2010206
16Aids to management of headache disorders in primary care (2nd edition)Journal of Headache and Pain2019195
17Migraine in women: the role of hormones and their impact on vascular diseasesJournal of Headache and Pain2012192
18Habituation and sensitization in primary headachesJournal of Headache and Pain2013183
19Poor medical care for people with migraine in Europe – evidence from the Eurolight studyJournal of Headache and Pain2018183
20Reported concepts for the treatment modalities and pain management of temporomandibular disordersJournal of Headache and Pain2015179
21Headache disorders are third cause of disability worldwideJournal of Headache and Pain2015179
22Gut-brain Axis and migraine headache: a comprehensive reviewJournal of Headache and Pain2020179
23Neuromodulation of chronic headaches: position statement from the European Headache FederationJournal of Headache and Pain2013178
24GBD 2015: migraine is the third cause of disability in under 50sJournal of Headache and Pain2016176
25Calcitonin gene-related peptide and pain: a systematic reviewJournal of Headache and Pain2017161
26Fluctuations in episodic and chronic migraine status over the course of 1 year: implications for diagnosis, treatment and clinical trial designJournal of Headache and Pain2017158
27Headache and pregnancy: a systematic reviewJournal of Headache and Pain2017155
28Headache and comorbidity in children and adolescentsJournal of Headache and Pain2013151
29Riboflavin prophylaxis in pediatric and adolescent migraineJournal of Headache and Pain2009150
30Disrupted default mode network connectivity in migraine without auraJournal of Headache and Pain2013146
31Headache, depression and anxiety: associations in the Eurolight projectJournal of Headache and Pain2016145
32Comorbid and co-occurring conditions in migraine and associated risk of increasing headache pain intensity and headache frequency: results of the migraine in America symptoms and treatment (MAST) studyJournal of Headache and Pain2020143
33European Headache Federation guideline on the use of monoclonal antibodies targeting the calcitonin gene related peptide pathway for migraine prevention – 2022 updateJournal of Headache and Pain2022143
34Anxiety and depression symptoms and migraine: a symptom-based approach researchJournal of Headache and Pain2017141
35A narrative review on the burden of migraine: when the burden is the impact on people’s lifeJournal of Headache and Pain2019141
36Lifting The Burden: The Global Campaign to Reduce the Burden of Headache WorldwideJournal of Headache and Pain2005137
37Mechanisms of migraine as a chronic evolutive conditionJournal of Headache and Pain2019137
38Safety and patients’ satisfaction of transcutaneous Supraorbital NeuroStimulation (tSNS) with the Cefaly® device in headache treatment: a survey of 2,313 headache sufferers in the general populationJournal of Headache and Pain2013136
39Diagnosis, prevalence estimation and burden measurement in population surveys of headache: presenting the HARDSHIP questionnaireJournal of Headache and Pain2014136
40Advances in genetics of migraineJournal of Headache and Pain2019136
41Trigger factors of migraine and tension-type headache: experience and knowledge of the patientsJournal of Headache and Pain2006135
42One-year prevalence and the impact of migraine and tension-type headache in Turkey: a nationwide home-based study in adultsJournal of Headache and Pain2012135
43Hormonal contraceptives and risk of ischemic stroke in women with migraine: a consensus statement from the European Headache Federation (EHF) and the European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health (ESC)Journal of Headache and Pain2017130
44My Migraine Voice survey: a global study of disease burden among individuals with migraine for whom preventive treatments have failedJournal of Headache and Pain2018130
45Psychiatric comorbidity in patients with chronic daily headache and migraine: a selective overview including personality traits and suicide riskJournal of Headache and Pain2009129
46Italian guidelines for primary headaches: 2012 revised versionJournal of Headache and Pain2012129
47Real-life data on the efficacy and safety of erenumab in the Abruzzo region, central ItalyJournal of Headache and Pain2020129
48Understanding the nature of psychiatric comorbidity in migraine: a systematic review focused on interactions and treatment implicationsJournal of Headache and Pain2019127
49A prospective real-world analysis of erenumab in refractory chronic migraineJournal of Headache and Pain2020127
50The methodology of population surveys of headache prevalence, burden and cost: Principles and recommendations from the Global Campaign against HeadacheJournal of Headache and Pain2014126