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5Prevalence of Adolescent Problem Gambling: A Systematic Review of Recent ResearchJournal of Gambling Studies2017336
6A Science-Based Framework for Responsible Gambling: The Reno ModelJournal of Gambling Studies2004334
7Toward the development of an adolescent gambling problem severity scaleJournal of Gambling Studies1993315
8Pathological gambling: A review of the literature (prepared for the American Psychiatric Association task force on DSM-IV committee on disorders of impulse control not elsewhere classified)Journal of Gambling Studies1991311
9Gambling Technologies: Prospects for Problem GamblingJournal of Gambling Studies1999294
10Neurodevelopment, Impulsivity, and Adolescent GamblingJournal of Gambling Studies2003293
11Estimating the prevalence of adolescent gambling disorders: A quantitative synthesis and guide toward standard gambling nomenclatureJournal of Gambling Studies1996289
12Fruit machine gambling: The importance of structural characteristicsJournal of Gambling Studies1993266
13Gambling participation in the U.S.--results from a national surveyJournal of Gambling Studies2002265
14Cognitive Distortions in Heavy GamblingJournal of Gambling Studies1997260
15Behavioural Addictions in Adolescents and Young Adults: Results from a Prevalence StudyJournal of Gambling Studies2011246
16Validity of the Problem Gambling Severity Index Interpretive CategoriesJournal of Gambling Studies2013232
17Juvenile gambling in North America: an analysis of long term trends and future prospectsJournal of Gambling Studies2000230
18Evaluating the Problem Gambling Severity IndexJournal of Gambling Studies2009203
19Reliability and Validity of the Pathological Gambling Adaptation of the Yale-Brown Obsessive-Compulsive Scale (PG-YBOCS)Journal of Gambling Studies2005200
20An Empirical Examinination of Jacobs' General Theory of Addictions: Do Adolescent Gamblers Fit the Theory?Journal of Gambling Studies1998197
21Exploring college student gambling motivationJournal of Gambling Studies2002197
22Barriers to Seeking Help for Gambling Problems: A Review of the Empirical LiteratureJournal of Gambling Studies2009197
23Familial and social influences on juvenile gambling behaviorJournal of Gambling Studies1997191
24Rapid Onset of Pathological Gambling in Machine GamblersJournal of Gambling Studies2002191
25The Prevalence of Problem Gambling Among U.S. Adolescents and Young Adults: Results from a National SurveyJournal of Gambling Studies2008190
26Gambling on the internet: A brief noteJournal of Gambling Studies1996187
27Adolescents with gambling problems: from research to treatmentJournal of Gambling Studies2000185
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29The Convergence of Gambling and Digital Media: Implications for Gambling in Young PeopleJournal of Gambling Studies2010184
30Gambling, delinquency, and drug use during adolescence: mutual influences and common risk factorsJournal of Gambling Studies2001183
31Patterns and characteristics of adolescent gamblingJournal of Gambling Studies1993181
32Prevalence estimates of adolescent gambling: a comparison of the SOGS-RA, DSM-IV-J, and the GA 20 questionsJournal of Gambling Studies2000176
33Is the SOGS an Accurate Measure of Pathological Gambling Among Children, Adolescents and Adults?Journal of Gambling Studies2000174
34Gender differences in gambling progressionJournal of Gambling Studies2001173
35Revising the South Oaks Gambling Screen in different settingsJournal of Gambling Studies1993171
36Assessing the Playing Field: A Prospective Longitudinal Study of Internet Sports Gambling BehaviorJournal of Gambling Studies2007171
37Real Limits in the Virtual World: Self-Limiting Behavior of Internet GamblersJournal of Gambling Studies2008170
38Motivators for Change and Barriers to Help-Seeking in Australian Problem GamblersJournal of Gambling Studies2005167
39The Psychology of Esports: A Systematic Literature ReviewJournal of Gambling Studies2019167
40The Cognitive Psychology of Lottery Gambling: A Theoretical ReviewJournal of Gambling Studies1998166
41The Relationship of Ecological and Geographic Factors to Gambling Behavior and PathologyJournal of Gambling Studies2004163
42When Passion Leads to Problematic Outcomes: A Look at GamblingJournal of Gambling Studies2004160
43The prevention of gambling problems in youth: a conceptual frameworkJournal of Gambling Studies2002158
44Professional Help-Seeking for Gambling Problems: Awareness, Barriers and Motivators for TreatmentJournal of Gambling Studies2014158
45Gambling and Problem Gambling in the United States: Changes Between 1999 and 2013Journal of Gambling Studies2015157
46The Stubborn Logic of Regular Gamblers: Obstacles and Dilemmas in Cognitive Gambling ResearchJournal of Gambling Studies2004156
47The NODS–CLiP: A Rapid Screen for Adult Pathological and Problem GamblingJournal of Gambling Studies2009155
48Voluntary Limit Setting and Player Choice in Most Intense Online Gamblers: An Empirical Study of Gambling BehaviourJournal of Gambling Studies2013155
49Prevalence rates of youth gambling problems: are the current rates inflated?Journal of Gambling Studies2003152
50Psychopathology in pathological gamblers seeking treatmentJournal of Gambling Studies1996151