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Most Cited Articles of Numanities - Arts and Humanities in Progress

Over the Human201713
Arts and Humanities in Progress201610
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New Localism20193
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Spaces and Meanings20192
Semiotics as a Proposal for a Numanistic Educational Programme20182
Meanings & Co.20192
Exploring a Semiotic Conceptualisation of Modelling in Digital Humanities Practices20192
Racism and Classism in Mexican Advertising20192
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The Complex Identity of Meat20181
Lithuanian Viewers’ Attitude Towards Dubbed Animated Films20181
Self-interpreting Language Animal: Charles Taylor’s Anthropology20201
Language Acquisition in Virtual Worlds Versus Traditional Classroom Environments: A Comparative Overview Between the United States and Russia20211
Regulating Social Behaviour by Multimodal Public Signs: Semiotic Pragmatics of Prohibition20211
Rationality and Reasonableness in Textual Interpretation20191
Redefining Essence: Tuning and Temperament of Chinese Traditional Music20191
Phenomenology and the Challenge of Virtuality20191
Essence or Context?20191
The Final Radicalism of the Avant-Garde and Its Postmodernist Consequences20191