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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Biology163320283
2Faculty of Agriculture2619394
3Soil Science and Plant Nutrition1535158
4Department of Biology1492534
5Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology147169162
5Institute of Space and Planetary Astrophysics14755
5Department of Plant Pathology3471227
8Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology2403059
9Department of Biology539129425
10Department of Zoology125268260
11Faculty of Agriculture32357143
11Department of Biology223921
13Biology Department4221462
14Department of Biology121251308
15Center for Sustainable Development1202847
15Department of Zoology120107125
17School of Public Health119361521
17Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering119153236
17Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources1196072
20Institute of Arctic Biology118201276
20Department of Microbiology2182954
20Biotechnology Research Institute21886236
20Faculty of Agriculture21861102
24Department of Agriculture1173380
25Carbon Management and Sequestration Center1164173
25Division of Plant Pathology1166277
27Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography11312
27Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography113340434
29Division of Microbiology11261108
29Faculty of Agriculture11291130
29Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding112715
32Department of Life Sciences211160470
32Department of Immunology and Biotechnology1112864
32Centre for Biotechnology211113
35Department of Microbiology1101025
35Faculty of Agriculture1102441
37Genetics and Developmental Biology Program191631
37Faculty of Life Sciences19201393
37Department of Plant Physiology and Molecular Plant Biology191938
37Department of Life Sciences192058
37Botany Department19211
37Department of Microbiology1962140
37Institute of Microbiology1963136
37Botany and Zoology Department19930
37Faculty of Biology19157284
37School of Environment and Sustainable Development192239
37Department of Plant Pathology191622
48Institute of Microbiology2827109
48Department of Mycology and Plant Pathology382480
48Centre for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics18420
48Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics1882111
48Department of Zoology182046
53Faculty of Biology378130
53Department of Life Sciences1747123
53Department of Agricultural Microbiology272882
56Institute of Microbiology16500757
56Faculty of Biology2679290
56Department of Chemistry16144245
56Department of Life Sciences16146317
56Department of Biochemistry16128254
56School of Agriculture164571
62Central Department of Microbiology155184
62Molecular Biology Division1563138
62Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition151845
62Department of Microbiology15303492
62Faculty of Agriculture1584145
62Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition151326
62College of Agriculture151644
62Department of Microbiology154377
70Faculty of Biology14315590
70Institute of Microbiology1482169
70Department of Political Science142334
70Faculty of Agriculture142869
70Department of Biology141217
70Department of Plant and Microbial Biology14112214
76Institute of Plant Biology133292
76Institute of General Botany and Plant Physiology131949
76Department of Agricultural Microbiology1376177
76Institute of Oenology and Agro-Food Engineering1338
76School of Life Sciences13140356
76Department of Microbiology133488
76School of Life Sciences13333641
76School of Plant Biology13196340
76Department of Biology131961
76College of Agriculture13205411
76College of Environmental Science and Engineering1377164
76College of Agriculture13270495
76Department of Biotechnology1339
89Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences123993
89Department of Environmental Studies1246149
89Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science12296525
89Faculty of Agriculture123769
89Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology22995
89School of Biotechnology121893
89Department of Chemistry12112209
89School of Biotechnology1247117
89Department of Animal Nutrition1226
89Centre of Environmental Studies1229
89Department of Agricultural Chemistry and Environmental Biogeochemistry12821
100Agriculture Research Organization11628
100Department of Biology115441.0K
100Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology1161191
100Institute of Environmental Engineering114194
100Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry112053
100Institute of Microbiology11122267
100Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology11100256
100Department of Microbiology113498
100Institute of Microbiology211028
100Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry1165145
100Department of Genetics and Biotechnology1130103
100Department of Microbiology1163179
100Institute of Applied Sciences and Humanities112036
100Faculty of Life Sciences11216
114Department of Ecology and Evolution10144290
114Department of Biology10160362
114Department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology1080169
114Faculty of Science and Engineering10133445
114Department of Studies in Biotechnology1056166
114Center of Excellence in Environmental Studies1035101
114Faculty of Pharmacy10156347
114Department of Biology and Microbiology1097252
114School of Life Sciences10397804
114Department of Microbiology102982
114Department of Civil Engineering101633
114College of Agriculture103078
114Environmental Biotechnology Division10832
114Department of Civil Engineering20182546
114Department of Zoology101057
114Department of Botany10637
114Department of Civil Engineering1049110
114Department of Civil Engineering101739
114College of Engineering1051136
114Department of Microbiology10214
114Department of Civil Engineering10231439