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1Role of Phosphatase Enzymes in SoilSoil Biology2011434
2Solubilization of Phosphorus by Soil MicroorganismsSoil Biology2011126
3Role of PGPR in Soil Fertility and Plant HealthSoil Biology2015124
4Evolutionary-Economic Principles as Regulators of Soil Enzyme Production and Ecosystem FunctionSoil Biology2010124
5Definition of “Heavy Metals” and Their Role in Biological SystemsSoil Biology201098
6Soil Health Indicators Under Climate Change: A Review of Current KnowledgeSoil Biology201196
7Role of Mycorrhizal Symbioses in Phosphorus CyclingSoil Biology201191
8Role of Enzymes in Maintaining Soil HealthSoil Biology201091
9Fate of Organic and Inorganic Pollutants in Paddy SoilsSoil Biology201887
10The Use of Tracers to Investigate Phosphate Cycling in Soil–Plant SystemsSoil Biology201180
11Effects of Heavy Metals on Soil Enzyme ActivitiesSoil Biology201078
12Phosphorus in ActionSoil Biology201174
13Controls on the Temperature Sensitivity of Soil Enzymes: A Key Driver of In Situ Enzyme Activity RatesSoil Biology201063
14Effects of Root Exudates in Microbial Diversity and Activity in Rhizosphere SoilsSoil Biology200860
15Plants in Heavy Metal SoilsSoil Biology201157
16Soil Enzymes as Indication of Soil QualitySoil Biology201056
17Fungi in PermafrostSoil Biology200954
18Soil pH, Soil Health and Climate ChangeSoil Biology201153
19Gold Nanoparticles from Plant System: Synthesis, Characterization and their ApplicationSoil Biology201753
20Soil EnzymologySoil Biology201152
21The Bioremediation Potential of Different Ecophysiological Groups of FungiSoil Biology201352
22Halophilic and Halotolerant Micro-Organisms from SoilsSoil Biology200851
23Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation and Soilborne Pest ManagementSoil Biology201549
24Composition and Cycling of Organic Carbon in SoilSoil Biology200747
25Phosphorus Cycling in Tropical Forests Growing on Highly Weathered SoilsSoil Biology201147
26Paddy Land Pollutants and Their Role in Climate ChangeSoil Biology201847
27Microbial Diversity, Life Strategies, and Adaptation to Life in Extreme SoilsSoil Biology200847
28Biological Phosphorus Cycling in Dryland RegionsSoil Biology201144
29Biodegradation and BioremediationSoil Biology200443
30Root Exudates Modulate Plant—Microbe Interactions in the RhizosphereSoil Biology200843
31Advances in Manganese Pollution and Its BioremediationSoil Biology201542
32True Truffle (Tuber spp.) in the WorldSoil Biology201642
33Fertilizers and Pesticides: Their Impact on Soil Health and EnvironmentSoil Biology202042
34Mountain PermafrostSoil Biology200942
35Advances in Applied BioremediationSoil Biology200941
36Earthworms as Bioindicators of Soil QualitySoil Biology201141
37Fungal Elicitors for Enhanced Production of Secondary Metabolites in Plant Cell Suspension CulturesSoil Biology200940
38Soil Microbial Diversity in Relation to Heavy MetalsSoil Biology201040
39Organo-Mineral–Enzyme Interaction and Soil Enzyme ActivitySoil Biology201040
40Soil Health and Climate ChangeSoil Biology201140
41Microbiology of Oil-Contaminated Desert Soils and Coastal Areas in the Arabian Gulf RegionSoil Biology200839
42Permafrost SoilsSoil Biology200938
43Biofertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture and EnvironmentSoil Biology201938
44Molecular Mechanisms of Plant and Microbe CoexistenceSoil Biology200837
45Microbial Communities and Processes in Arctic Permafrost EnvironmentsSoil Biology200837
46Phosphorus Cycling: Prospects of Using Rhizosphere Microorganisms for Improving Phosphorus Nutrition of PlantsSoil Biology201435
47Application of Nanofertilizer and Nanopesticides for Improvements in Crop Production and ProtectionSoil Biology201735
48Diversity of Endospore-forming Bacteria in Soil: Characterization and Driving MechanismsSoil Biology201135
49Biological Remediation of Soil: An Overview of Global Market and Available TechnologiesSoil Biology200934
50Anatomy of Root from Eyes of a MicrobiologistSoil Biology201434