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Top Articles

1Diabetes complications severity index and risk of mortality, hospitalization, and healthcare utilizationAmerican Journal of Managed Care2008377
2New medication adherence scale versus pharmacy fill rates in seniors with hypertensionAmerican Journal of Managed Care2009371
3Relationship between patient satisfaction with inpatient care and hospital readmission within 30 daysAmerican Journal of Managed Care2011337
4Estimating medication persistency using administrative claims dataAmerican Journal of Managed Care2005311
5The economic burden of osteoarthritisAmerican Journal of Managed Care2009310
6A meta-analysis of interventions to improve care for chronic illnessesAmerican Journal of Managed Care2005306
7Emergency department visits for nonurgent conditions: systematic literature reviewAmerican Journal of Managed Care2013298
8Overactive bladder significantly affects quality of lifeAmerican Journal of Managed Care2000296
9Patient-centered medical home demonstration: a prospective, quasi-experimental, before and after evaluationAmerican Journal of Managed Care2009270
10Differences in the use of telephone and video telemedicine visits during the COVID-19 pandemicAmerican Journal of Managed Care2021259
11Obesity: definition, comorbidities, causes, and burdenAmerican Journal of Managed Care2016254
12BPH: epidemiology and comorbiditiesAmerican Journal of Managed Care2006233
13Long-term cost effects of collaborative care for late-life depressionAmerican Journal of Managed Care2008232
14Effect of medication dosing frequency on adherence in chronic diseasesAmerican Journal of Managed Care2009225
15Measuring concurrent adherence to multiple related medicationsAmerican Journal of Managed Care2009224
16Overview of epidemiology, pathophysiology, and diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritisAmerican Journal of Managed Care2012224
17Incorporating telemedicine as part of COVID-19 outbreak response systemsAmerican Journal of Managed Care2020201
18Improving the outcomes of disease management by tailoring care to the patient's level of activationAmerican Journal of Managed Care2009200
19Validating the adapted Diabetes Complications Severity Index in claims dataAmerican Journal of Managed Care2012190
20Implementation of evidence-based alcohol screening in the Veterans Health AdministrationAmerican Journal of Managed Care2006183
21The patient-centered medical home in the Veterans Health AdministrationAmerican Journal of Managed Care2013182
22Economic burden of Alzheimer disease and managed care considerationsAmerican Journal of Managed Care2020179
23Development and validation of a simple questionnaire to facilitate identification of women likely to have low bone densityAmerican Journal of Managed Care1998175
24Economic analysis of targeting chemotherapy using a 21-gene RT-PCR assay in lymph-node-negative, estrogen-receptor-positive, early-stage breast cancerAmerican Journal of Managed Care2005174
25Agreement between patient-reported symptoms and their documentation in the medical recordAmerican Journal of Managed Care2008172
26Psychological family intervention for poorly controlled type 2 diabetesAmerican Journal of Managed Care2011170
27Oral antidiabetic medication adherence and glycemic control in managed careAmerican Journal of Managed Care2008169
28A review of methods to measure health-related productivity lossAmerican Journal of Managed Care2007166
29Wait times, patient satisfaction scores, and the perception of careAmerican Journal of Managed Care2014164
30The Veterans Health Administration: quality, value, accountability, and information as transforming strategies for patient-centered careAmerican Journal of Managed Care2004161
31Medication noncompliance in patients with chronic disease: issues in dialysis and renal transplantationAmerican Journal of Managed Care2003155
32Preferred roles in treatment decision making among patients with cancer: a pooled analysis of studies using the Control Preferences ScaleAmerican Journal of Managed Care2010150
33Patient access to an electronic health record with secure messaging: impact on primary care utilizationAmerican Journal of Managed Care2007150
34A study on the economic impact of bariatric surgeryAmerican Journal of Managed Care2008150
35Comorbidities associated with overactive bladderAmerican Journal of Managed Care2000146
36Proactive case management of high-risk patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus by a clinical pharmacist: a randomized controlled trialAmerican Journal of Managed Care2005146
37The effects of prescription drug cost sharing: a review of the evidenceAmerican Journal of Managed Care2005145
38Screening for depression and suicidality in a VA primary care setting: 2 items are better than 1 itemAmerican Journal of Managed Care2004144
39Patient and clinician experiences with telehealth for patient follow-up careAmerican Journal of Managed Care2019142
40Issues in the measurement of satisfaction with treatmentAmerican Journal of Managed Care1997140
41Overview of the epidemiology, diagnosis, and disease progression associated with multiple sclerosisAmerican Journal of Managed Care2013137
42A comparison of comorbidity measurements to predict healthcare expendituresAmerican Journal of Managed Care2006133
43Accuracy of computerized outpatient diagnoses in a Veterans Affairs general medicine clinicAmerican Journal of Managed Care2002132
44Metabolic syndrome and mental illnessAmerican Journal of Managed Care2007129
45US cost burden of ischemic stroke: a systematic literature reviewAmerican Journal of Managed Care2010129
46Evidence for the effect of disease management: is $1 billion a year a good investment?American Journal of Managed Care2007127
47Parkinson's disease--Part 1: Pathophysiology, symptoms, burden, diagnosis, and assessmentAmerican Journal of Managed Care2008127
48Prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk factors among US adults with self-reported osteoarthritis: data from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination SurveyAmerican Journal of Managed Care2002126
49Early evaluations of the medical home: building on a promising startAmerican Journal of Managed Care2012125
50Analytic models to identify patients at risk for prescription opioid abuseAmerican Journal of Managed Care2009124