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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Psychiatry236323497
2Department of Psychiatry331505966
3School of Medicine2268391.1K
3Department of Neuropsychiatry2263167
5Department of Psychiatry222238415
6Department of Psychiatry321327748
7Department of Psychology419147474
7Department of Psychiatry119141199
7Department of Psychiatry1193856
7Department of Neuroscience119915
7Department of Medical Biophysics1196068
12School of Medicine118346480
13Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy117103126
13Faculty of Health Sciences11762
13Department of Psychiatry117149253
16Graduate School of Medicine2161.3K1.8K
16Department of Neuropsychiatry21658126
16Institute of Medical Science216202593
16Department of Economics and Business Economics116106126
20Department of Psychiatry215427829
21Department of Computer Science11478162
21Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences114425611
21Department of Psychology214167354
21Department of Physiology11494173
21School of Medicine114537727
21Division of Psychiatry and Applied Psychology11480150
21Department of Psychiatry114302481
28Department of Psychology1125990
29Department of Psychiatry31164270
29Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy31159176
29Department of Clinical Psychology21159191
29Department of Psychiatry21171214
33Department of Psychiatry210280622
33Department of Psychology110346553
33Department of Psychology1109031.3K
33School of Medicine1102.3K2.7K
33Department of Psychiatry1103158
33Department of Psychology210210419
39Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences396561.7K
39Cumming School of Medicine199051.1K
41Department of Social Work and Social Administration28132350
41Division of Psychiatry3894326
41Department of Psychology38203609
41Department of Psychology18203355
41Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology18212366
41Department of Psychiatry183779
47Department of Psychiatry17232409
47Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy3725124
47Department of Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology173081
47Department of Psychology17177355
47Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurobiology17102194
47Faculty of Medicine171.2K1.5K
47Department of Psychology1769174
54Department of Psychology16309551
54Department of Anthropology1675136
54Department of Economics16109211
54Department of Psychology162050
54Department of Psychiatry1676170
59Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy2557154
59Department of Neuroscience15415776
59Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology15163314
59Department of Biological and Medical Psychology15130269
59Institute of Psychiatry157141.1K
59Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences15497745
59School of Medicine15276463
59Department of Neuropsychiatry153383
59Department of Systems Neuroscience1525
59Department of Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience1539
59Department of Cognitive Science154172
59Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine155341.1K
59Faculty of Health Sciences155961.1K
59Center for Social and Affective Neuroscience153784
59School of Psychology15264464
59Faculty of Medicine and Health15315550
59School of Medical Sciences15173340
59Department of Physiology and Pharmacology15134270
59Faculty of Medicine15132293
59Department of Psychiatry1570186
59Department of Radiology1537118
59Department of Psychiatry15396695
81Department of Psychiatry24331891
81Department of Psychiatry24170526
81Medical School14344732
81Department of Psychiatry14442729
81Institute of Clinical Medicine243861.0K
81Department of Psychology14329574
81School of Health Sciences1453156
81Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience14253469
81Department of Neuroscience1453148
81Program in Neuroscience142873
81Institute of Psychiatry and Neuroscience of Paris (IPNP)14928
92Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine137211.3K
92Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology13279558
92Department of Psychiatry13552949
92Center for Human Nutrition132886
92Department of Psychiatry13470813
92Department of Human Genetics13219449
92Faculty of Medicine and Psychology13162406
92Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry132250
92Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine1342120
92Department of Psychiatry13151323
92Department of Psychiatry1339110
92School of Psychology13401669
92Medical Statistics Team133293
92Department of Psychiatry1314
92Department of Psychometrics and Statistics132159
92Department of Psychiatry13143319
92Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology1358145
92Department of Psychiatry13117277
92Department of Psychiatry13132275
92Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences13210
92Department of Psychiatry131025
92Division of Psychiatry1360131
114Department of Psychology1255131
114School of Medicine128861.7K
114Research School of Psychology1294233
114Management and Evaluation12337646
114Department of Clinical Neuroscience127671.4K
114School of Psychology12135294
114Department of Psychiatry1256136
114School of Sociology12532
114Department of Clinical Medicine12446914
114Department of Psychiatry12165372
114Department of Psychiatry122977
114College of Medicine122285
114Department of Psychiatry124291
114Department of Medicine127381.3K
114Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology122440
114Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics12317643
130Department of Radiology11163322
130Department of Psychology and Logopedics11126312
130Faculty of Medicine11459971
130Department of Psychology11360665
130Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences112696
130Department of Clinical Psychology11131286
130Institute of Medical Sciences11386862
130Department of Psychiatry111658
130Department of Psychiatry11842
130Department of Psychiatry11191463
130Department of Psychiatry11141308
130Department of Psychiatry11102225
130School of Medicine1130148
130Department of Psychiatry11284553
130Institute of Psychiatry1146106
130Department of Psychiatry1143130
146Perelman School of Medicine102.2K3.3K
146Department of Psychiatry105501.1K
146Medical Faculty Mannheim108911.6K
146Institute of Human Genetics10141291
146Department of Pathology10362747
146Institute of Geography101447
146Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry107501.6K
146Department of Pediatrics10464975
146School of Public Health10405909
146Department of Psychology10203472
146Medical Faculty Mannheim10279498