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1Autism Spectrum Disorder Detection with Machine Learning MethodsCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews202028
2Hormonal Contraception and the Brain: Examining Cognition and Psychiatric DisordersCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews201911
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4“Being a Woman” in the Shadow of Vaginismus: The Implications of Vaginismus for WomenCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20206
5The Effect of a Spiritual Care on Hope in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis: A Randomized Controlled TrialCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20206
6Beyond Information Overload and Stress: A Plea to Acknowledge the Complexity of Problematic Internet Use and Consider Individualized Intervention StrategiesCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20195
7Dysfunction of Magnocellular/dorsal Processing Stream in SchizophreniaCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20195
8Misinformation About COVID-19 and Confidential Information Leakage: Impacts on the Psychological Well-being of IndiansCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20214
9The Effect of Some Symptoms and Features During the Infection Period on the Level of Anxiety and Depression of Adults after Recovery from COVID-19Current Psychiatry Research and Reviews20224
10Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Online for Adult Depression: A 10 Year Systematic Literature ReviewCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20193
11Suicides and Suicide Attempts Among Psychiatric Hospital Inpatients in IranCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20193
12The Effect of Tele-acupressure Self-practice for Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Community During COVID-19Current Psychiatry Research and Reviews20213
13The Effect of Relaxation Technique (Jacobsen and Benson) on Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in Patients with Multiple SclerosisCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20213
14Mental and Emotional Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Unprecedented Malaysian ExperienceCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20213
15A Systematic Review on the Prevalence of Depression and its Associated Factors among International University StudentsCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20213
16A Psychosocial Risk Assessment Tool to Predict Postnatal Depression in Women with Complicated PregnancyCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20233
17Review and Analysis of thought Records: Creating a Coding SystemCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20192
18Psychopathological and Psychosocial Repercussions of Suicide in the FamilyCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20192
19Alzheimer’s Disease-related Biomarkers in Aging Adults with Down Syndrome: Systematic ReviewCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20192
20The Relation between Preserved Social Support, Resilience (Depression and Anxiety) and Psychiatric Disorders among a Sample of Egyptian Patients on Regular HemodialysisCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20192
21Epigenetics, Gender, and Sex in the Diagnosis of DepressionCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20202
22Rates of Anxiety, Depression, and Stress Among High School Students During the COVID-19 PandemicCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20212
23Phenomenology in Gerontology: From Philosophy to MethodCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20212
24Factors Affecting the Adoption and Use of Hearing Aids among Older Adults: A Systematic ReviewCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20212
25Association between Structural Determinants of Health and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms during the COVID-19 PandemicCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20212
26Pure Emotion-loaded Materials in the International Affective Digitized Sounds (IADS): A Study on Intensity Ratings in Chinese University StudentsCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20191
27Apathy: A Conceptual ReviewCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20191
28Music Therapy in the Management of DementiaCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20191
29Clinical and Therapeutic Challenges when Psychiatric Disorders Occur in Neurological Diseases: A Narrative ReviewCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20191
30Spirituality and Religion-Relevance and Assessment in the Clinical SettingCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20191
31Right Temporal Variant Frontotemporal Dementia Misdiagnosed as SchizophreniaCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20191
32Diagnosis in PANDAS: An UpdateCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20201
33Association Splitting for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Systematic ReviewCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20201
34The Role of Depression, Anxiety and Illness Characteristics on Risky Sexual Behaviour among People Living with HIV in A Malaysian Tertiary Reference HospitalCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20201
35Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Heart Failure Patients: A Test of the Cardiac Disease-induced PTSD HypothesisCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20201
36Immunomodulatory Effects of Antipsychotic Drugs in Whole Blood Cell Cultures from Healthy SubjectsCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20201
37Levels and Correlates of Disability in Life Skills among Patients with SchizophreniaCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20211
38Chronobiology and Chronotherapy in Depression: Current Knowledge and Chronotherapeutic PromisesCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20211
39Network Analysis of Depressive Symptomatology in Elderly Patients with Major Depressive DisorderCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20211
40Clinical Case of Organic Pseudopsychopathic Disorder in a Teenager in Terms of Differential Diagnostics with Childhood SchizophreniaCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20211
41Alcohol and psychosis: a narrative review of the prevalence, clinical manifestations, and management of alcohol-related psychotic symptomsCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20211
42A Brief Overview on the Contribution of Machine Learning in Systems NeuroscienceCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20211
43EEG Correlates of Cognitive Functions and Neuropsychiatric Disorders: A Review of Oscillatory Activity and Neural Synchrony AbnormalitiesCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20211
44Twitter Trends Reveals: Focus of Interest in the Sleep Trend Analytics on Response to COVID-19 OutbreakCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20211
45Controlled Parenteral Formulations: An Efficacious and Favourable Way to Deliver the Anti-psychotic DrugsCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20201
46Epigenetic Studies in Psychotherapy: A Systematic ReviewCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20201
47Clinical Profile of Mortality among Chronic Schizophrenic Patients: A Local Pilot Survey in IranCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20201
48Psychiatric Patients with a Serious Mental Illness and a Recent History of Violent Behavior: An Exploration of Developmental, Clinical, Cognitive, and Demographic CharacteristicsCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20201
49An Overview of the Quality of Life in Patients With SchizophreniaCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20221
50Evaluation of Childbirth Self-Efficacy in Pregnant Women with Variables: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisCurrent Psychiatry Research and Reviews20211