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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1School of Mechanical Engineering71934432
2Institute of Refrigeration and Cryogenics21833913
3Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering1139386197
3Energy Research Institute1139126
5School of Materials Science and Engineering2111202123
6School of Environmental Science and Engineering67197151
7School of Mechanics and Engineering16711856
8School of Mechanical Engineering162213119
9School of Architecture6602736
10Ministry of Education150436297
11School of Engineering and Computer Science1482930
12School of Engineering and Applied Science146170158
12Faculty of Engineering1465036
12Department of Mechanical Engineering1461717
15Department of Architecture and Urban Planning1421812
16Department of Architecture and Built Environment3393557
17Department of Civil Engineering1371225
17School of Civil Engineering and Architecture3375687
19School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering43194163
20School of Mechanical Engineering62842132
20School of Chemical and Process Engineering228128179
22Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering227159236
23Environmental Energy Technologies Division12699157
23Department of Mechanical Engineering126321313
25College of Civil Engineering225142195
26School of Energy and Power Engineering124397332
27Centre for Energy and Environment1232226
28School of Engineering and Physical Sciences122405455
29Center for Energy Informatics2211423
29School of Thermal Engineering2212431
29School of Energy Management1212934
32Department of Mechanical Engineering220618
32School of Technology and Business Studies1202837
32School of Mechanical Engineering120172176
35Department of Mechanical Engineering119199206
35Department of Engineering219123312
35School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering1191713
35Department of Mechanical Engineering11933
35Department of Aerospace Engineering1191621
40School of Architecture and Built Environment1183856
41School of Energy Science and Engineering117130157
41Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering117131137
41School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering1172631
44School of Energy and Environmental Studies1161420
45School of Environment and Architecture21596160
46Department of Mechanical Engineering114272399
47School of Computer Science112140266
47Department of Physics11290109
47School of Energy and Power Engineering2122157
50School of Civil Engineering111203230
51School of Energy and Environmental Engineering11092118
52School of Architecture19112161
52Department of Energy and Process Engineering19213303
52Faculty of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering192679
52School of Civil Engineering3969201
52School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering4928116
52School of Architecture1985109
52Faculty of Mechanical Engineering1963100
59School of Chemical Engineering18333531
59Faculty of Engineering18533782
59Department of Civil Engineering182030
59College of Engineering18104148
59School of Engineering and Physical Sciences182652
64Department of Architecture1779
64School of Mechanical Engineering17660807
64Faculty of Engineering Technology17210376
64Faculty of Engineering17612
64Department of Mechanical Engineering17321404
69School of Civil Engineering1697126
69Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering164568
69School of Energy and Power Engineering163247
69School of Information Science and Technology262362
73School of Energy and Environment14205374
73Faculty of Engineering14262408
73College of Energy and Power Engineering142645
76School of Architecture131530
76School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering13141243
76Department of Electrical Engineering134587
79Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering121133
79Department of Mechanical Engineering12156346
79Department of Civil Engineering1296197
79School of Architecture1264121
83School of Civil Engineering113766
84College of Civil Engineering10229405
84School of Control and Mechanical Engineering101862