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1A review of data mining technologies in building energy systems: Load prediction, pattern identification, fault detection and diagnosisEnergy and Built Environment2020175
2Thermal comfort models and their developments: A reviewEnergy and Built Environment2021154
3Review and outlook on the international renewable energy developmentEnergy and Built Environment2022139
4Preparation, Properties, and Applications of Natural Cellulosic Aerogels: A ReviewEnergy and Built Environment2020108
5Sizing, optimization, control and energy management of hybrid renewable energy system—A reviewEnergy and Built Environment2022104
6Investigation of heat transfer of a building wall in the presence of phase change material (PCM)Energy and Built Environment202096
7Recent progress in liquid desiccant dehumidification and air-conditioning: A reviewEnergy and Built Environment202083
8Aerodynamics of railway train/tunnel system: A review of recent researchEnergy and Built Environment202076
9A high-efficiency regenerative shock absorber considering twin ball screws transmissions for application in range-extended electric vehiclesEnergy and Built Environment202067
10A study on the comparative review of cool roof thermal performance in various regionsEnergy and Built Environment202266
11Energy consumption pattern and indoor thermal environment of residential building in rural ChinaEnergy and Built Environment202063
12Solar aided power generation: A reviewEnergy and Built Environment202062
13Evaluation of stearic acid/coconut shell charcoal composite phase change thermal energy storage materials for tankless solar water heaterEnergy and Built Environment202059
14Synthesis and thermal properties of nanoencapsulation of paraffin as phase change material for latent heat thermal energy storageEnergy and Built Environment202056
15Effect of tilt angle on the performance and electrical parameters of a PV module: Comparative indoor and outdoor experimental investigationEnergy and Built Environment202255
16Trends, benefits, risks, and challenges of IoT implementation in residential and commercial buildingsEnergy and Built Environment202250
17Energy saving analysis of a transparent radiative cooling film for buildings with roof glazingEnergy and Built Environment202150
18Operational performance of a novel heat pump coupled with mini-channel PV/T and thermal panel in low solar radiationEnergy and Built Environment202048
19Building occupancy and energy consumption: Case studies across building typesEnergy and Built Environment202146
20A review on zero energy buildings – Pros and consEnergy and Built Environment202346
21Future cities and autonomous vehicles: analysis of the barriers to full adoptionEnergy and Built Environment202142
22Assessment of renewable energy: Status, challenges, COVID-19 impacts, opportunities, and sustainable energy solutions in AfricaEnergy and Built Environment202242
23Electricity demand forecasting for decentralised energy managementEnergy and Built Environment202040
24Photovoltaic-thermal solar-assisted heat pump systems for building applications: Integration and design methodsEnergy and Built Environment202340
25Global technological advancement and challenges of glazed window, facade system and vertical greenery-based energy savings in buildings: A comprehensive reviewEnergy and Built Environment202339
26A review of intensified conditioning of personal micro-environments: Moving closer to the human bodyEnergy and Built Environment202137
27Towards digital architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry through virtual design and construction (VDC) and digital twinEnergy and Built Environment202333
28Low-temperature compression-assisted absorption thermal energy storage using ionic liquidsEnergy and Built Environment202031
29Optical and thermal performance analysis of aerogel glazing technology in a commercial building of Hong KongEnergy and Built Environment202028
30The environmental and financial implications of expanding the use of electric cars - A Case study of ScotlandEnergy and Built Environment202127
31A state-of-the-art review on shallow geothermal ventilation systems with thermal performance enhancement system classifications, advanced technologies and applicationsEnergy and Built Environment202327
32Effect of traffic tidal flow on pollutant dispersion in various street canyons and corresponding mitigation strategiesEnergy and Built Environment202026
33Study on the impact of window shades’ physical characteristics and opening modes on air conditioning energy consumption in ChinaEnergy and Built Environment202025
34Windcatchers and their applications in contemporary architectureEnergy and Built Environment202224
35Solidification in a shell-and-tube thermal energy storage unit filled with longitude fins and metal foam: A numerical studyEnergy and Built Environment202324
36Natural Ventilation Design: Predicted and Measured Performance of a Hostel Building in Composite Climate of IndiaEnergy and Built Environment202123
37Experimental study of oil mist characteristics generated from minimum quantity lubrication and flood coolingEnergy and Built Environment202123
38Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) assessment of Nigerian university libraries: A pilot studyEnergy and Built Environment202123
39Decreasing inhaled contaminant dose of a factory worker through a hybrid Emergency Ventilation System: Performance evaluation in worst-case scenarioEnergy and Built Environment202022
40Effect of thermal load on performance parameters of solar concentrating photovoltaic: High-efficiency solar cellsEnergy and Built Environment202222
41Simulation study on performance of a dual-source hybrid heat pump unit with alternative refrigerantsEnergy and Built Environment202021
42Preparation, characterization and thermophysical properties investigation of A70/polyaniline nanocomposite phase change material for medium temperature solar applicationsEnergy and Built Environment202121
43Parametric analysis of a solar-driven trigeneration system with an organic Rankine cycle and a vapor compression cycleEnergy and Built Environment202120
44The reinforcement learning method for occupant behavior in building control: A reviewEnergy and Built Environment202120
45A new pin-to-plate corona discharger with clean air protection for particulate matter removalEnergy and Built Environment202019
46Thermal performance of a lightweight building with phase change material under a humid subtropical climateEnergy and Built Environment202219
47Impact of residential building heating on natural gas consumption in the south of China: Taking Wuhan city as exampleEnergy and Built Environment202019
48Optimizing the solar energy capture of residential roof design in the southern hemisphere through Evolutionary AlgorithmEnergy and Built Environment202119
49Prospects of shallow geothermal systems in HVAC for NZEBEnergy and Built Environment202119
50Overview of the development and application of wind energy in New ZealandEnergy and Built Environment202319