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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Civil Engineering126427131
2Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering4603060
3Department of Civil Engineering1444429
3Department of Civil Engineering104446162
5Department of Civil Engineering530417
6Department of Civil Engineering42629
7Ingram School of Engineering1238686
8Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1197481
9Department of Civil Engineering1182424
9Faculty of Engineering1188193
11Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism11622
11Department of Civil Engineering1162039
11Department of Civil Engineering11642
14Chair of Building Physics and Energy Efficiency11546
15Environmental and Materials Engineering114101163
15Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering114914
17Department of Mechanical Engineering1135247
17Department of Mechanical Engineering1131622
19Department of Civil Engineering212518
20Department of Engineering for Innovation110189304
20Department of Civil Engineering110711
20Department of Microbiology1104165
20School of Civil Engineering1103759
20Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering11056
25Department of Agricultural Engineering1923
25Department of Civil Engineering194063
27Department of Computer Science1852100
28Department of Materials Engineering1797154
29Faculty of Engineering166891.1K
29School of Engineering36414
31Department of Civil Engineering151221
31Civil Engineering Department251738
31Department of Civil Engineering15813
31Department of Materials Science and Engineering151532
31Department of Civil Engineering151324
36Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering14114255
36Department of Civil Engineering14411
38Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture1385152
38Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering13722
38Department of Architecture Engineering2313
38Civil Engineering Department131331
38Department of Civil Engineering13612
38Department of Civil Engineering233279
38Department of Mechanical Engineering13107177
38Department of Civil Engineering13411
46Faculty of Engineering12545867
46Department of Chemistry123980
46Civil Engineering Department121531
46Civil Engineering Department12513
46College of Engineering1251105
46Department of Civil Engineering22730
46Department of Civil Engineering1245
46Department of Civil Engineering12925
46Department of Civil Engineering12820
55School of Architecture112360
55College of Fine Arts111963
55Department of Civil Engineering11219366
55School of Civil Engineering and Surveying1148128
55School of Architecture1164132
55School of Engineering11105266
55Department of Civil Engineering11417
55Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering112153
55Department of Mechanical Engineering1154126
64School of Civil and Environmental Engineering10372708
64Department of Civil Engineering10611
64Department of Civil Engineering1028