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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Psychiatry254441515
2Department of Applied Biology24523
3Division of Pharmacology33546129
3Department of Medicine6351694
5College of Medicine630160628
6Department of Anesthesiology2252565
7Department of Medicine123465601
7David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA12370159
9Department of Psychiatry122154151
10Department of Physiology216618
11College of Medicine and Public Health215187389
12Department of Psychology21149219
12Department of Biomedical Engineering1116198
12Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology1115190
12College of Applied Medical Sciences31126115
16Department of Education and Psychology510653
17Department of Neurology195078
18Faculty of Medicine38180773
18Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences3837183
18Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science181318
21Department of Anthropology17910
22Department of Psychiatry16430687
22Department of Medicine166631.2K
22Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care16244445
22Department of Biological and Medical Psychology16130256
22School of Medicine16321687
22Faculty of Engineering and Science163168
22College of Pharmacy16243468
29Department of Medicine259091.8K
29Graduate School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences15348557
29Department of Psychiatry15831
32Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences2429
32School of Pharmacy14147323
32School of Public Health14434792
32Department of Psychology14198392
32Department of Pharmacy Practice14417
37School of Management and Labour Studies131234
37Department of Neurology13108216
37Department of Neurophysiology134799
37College of Nursing131222
41Department of Neurology12267552
41Shanghai Medical College12953
41Department of Pharmacology12103223
41Department of Medicine12402853
41College of Nursing12237456
41Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1298215
41Department of Bioengineering2227166
41Department of Internal Medicine125961.1K
41School of Life Sciences12333654
41Department of Zoology122348
41School of Dentistry1275135
52Graduate School of Engineering118141.4K
52Department of Bioengineering11164363
52College of Medicine117531.6K
52Department of Psychiatry11110265
52Department of Computer Information Systems11617
52Institute of Psychiatry1182182
52Department of Zoology11268575
52School of Pharmacy1189247
52Department of Medicine11129351
52Faculty of Medicine116381.1K
52Department of Zoology11101212
52Research Center of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences1137113
52Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics1145
65Faculty of Medicine101.1K1.8K
65Department of Pediatrics10111288
65Department of Neurology103098
65Department of Neurology1076205
65Institute of Experimental Psychology101474
65Department of Neurology10192446
65College of Medicine101.3K2.4K
65College of Medicine106531.4K
65Department of Medicine10265665
65Division of Endocrinology10529
65Department of Pediatrics2082386
65Department of Psychiatry1081231
65School of Medicine109351.8K
65School of Medicine and Public Health101.7K2.7K
65Department of Psychiatry10189414
65Department of Psychology10332639
65Faculty of Medicine10227589
65Department of Electrical Engineering10169348
65Department of Psychobiology10110300
65Department of Neuroscience101576
65Department of Humanities and Social Sciences1017