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1Orbital angular momentum: origins, behavior and applicationsAdvances in Optics and Photonics20112,457
2Cylindrical vector beams: from mathematical concepts to applicationsAdvances in Optics and Photonics20092,382
3Optical communications using orbital angular momentum beamsAdvances in Optics and Photonics20151,377
4Structured-light 3D surface imaging: a tutorialAdvances in Optics and Photonics20111,170
5Optical AntennasAdvances in Optics and Photonics20091,131
6Advances in quantum cryptographyAdvances in Optics and Photonics2020848
7Long-range surface plasmon polaritonsAdvances in Optics and Photonics2009839
8Whispering gallery mode sensorsAdvances in Optics and Photonics2015752
9Space-division multiplexing: the next frontier in optical communicationAdvances in Optics and Photonics2014606
10Three-dimensional display technologiesAdvances in Optics and Photonics2013518
11Stimulated Brillouin scattering in optical fibersAdvances in Optics and Photonics2010514
12Integrated photonics on thin-film lithium niobateAdvances in Optics and Photonics2021503
13Creation and detection of optical modes with spatial light modulatorsAdvances in Optics and Photonics2016479
14Optical image compression and encryption methodsAdvances in Optics and Photonics2009446
15High-contrast gratings for integrated optoelectronicsAdvances in Optics and Photonics2012443
16AlGaN photonics: recent advances in materials and ultraviolet devicesAdvances in Optics and Photonics2018442
17Advances in optical security systemsAdvances in Optics and Photonics2014434
18Ultrafast laser processing of materials: a reviewAdvances in Optics and Photonics2015418
19Characterization of ultrashort electromagnetic pulsesAdvances in Optics and Photonics2009404
20Ghost imaging: from quantum to classical to computationalAdvances in Optics and Photonics2010333
21Ultralow-noise mode-locked fiber lasers and frequency combs: principles, status, and applicationsAdvances in Optics and Photonics2016326
22Electromagnetic metasurfaces: physics and applicationsAdvances in Optics and Photonics2019324
23Diffraction phase microscopy: principles and applications in materials and life sciencesAdvances in Optics and Photonics2014317
24Quantum state discriminationAdvances in Optics and Photonics2009314
25Optical methods for distance and displacement measurementsAdvances in Optics and Photonics2012314
26Optical fiber nanowires and microwires: fabrication and applicationsAdvances in Optics and Photonics2009311
27The Talbot effect: recent advances in classical optics, nonlinear optics, and quantum opticsAdvances in Optics and Photonics2013310
28Toward real-time terahertz imagingAdvances in Optics and Photonics2018301
29Laser feedback interferometry: a tutorial on the self-mixing effect for coherent sensingAdvances in Optics and Photonics2015294
30Terahertz dielectric waveguidesAdvances in Optics and Photonics2013282
31Application of space–time duality to ultrahigh-speed optical signal processingAdvances in Optics and Photonics2013279
32Two-photon absorption: an overview of measurements and principlesAdvances in Optics and Photonics2010278
33Nonlinear refraction and absorption: mechanisms and magnitudesAdvances in Optics and Photonics2010277
34Infrared fibersAdvances in Optics and Photonics2015274
35Principles of interference microscopy for the measurement of surface topographyAdvances in Optics and Photonics2015267
36Recent advances in holographic 3D particle trackingAdvances in Optics and Photonics2015258
37The photonic lanternAdvances in Optics and Photonics2015257
38Inducing and harnessing stimulated Brillouin scattering in photonic integrated circuitsAdvances in Optics and Photonics2013253
39Negative curvature fibersAdvances in Optics and Photonics2017250
40Recent advances in fundamentals and applications of random fiber lasersAdvances in Optics and Photonics2015248
41Recent advances in coherent optical communicationAdvances in Optics and Photonics2009240
42Fundamentals of 3D imaging and displays: a tutorial on integral imaging, light-field, and plenoptic systemsAdvances in Optics and Photonics2018234
43Engineering nonlinearities in nanoscale optical systems: physics and applications in dispersion-engineered silicon nanophotonic wiresAdvances in Optics and Photonics2009221
44Raman spectroscopy: techniques and applications in the life sciencesAdvances in Optics and Photonics2017204
45Optical properties of black phosphorusAdvances in Optics and Photonics2016203
46Understanding leaky modes: slab waveguide revisitedAdvances in Optics and Photonics2009202
47Recent progress in semiconductor excitable lasers for photonic spike processingAdvances in Optics and Photonics2016190
48Photonic technologies for angular velocity sensingAdvances in Optics and Photonics2010189
49Photoacoustics: a historical reviewAdvances in Optics and Photonics2016189
50Light-sheet microscopy: a tutorialAdvances in Optics and Photonics2018188