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1A review on liquid-phase exfoliation for scalable production of pure graphene, wrinkled, crumpled and functionalized graphene and challengesFlatChem2018154
2Top-down synthesis of graphene: A comprehensive reviewFlatChem2021143
3MICAtronics: A new platform for flexible X-tronicsFlatChem2017132
4Liquid-phase exfoliation of black phosphorus and its applicationsFlatChem2017129
5Conductive transparent V 2 CT x (MXene) filmsFlatChem2018123
6Graphene: Fundamental research and potential applicationsFlatChem2017120
7Ar plasma modification of 2D MXene Ti 3 C 2 T x nanosheets for efficient capacitive desalinationFlatChem2018106
8Covalent stabilization and functionalization of MXene via silylation reactions with improved surface propertiesFlatChem201994
9A comparative study of graphene oxide: Hummers, intermediate and improved methodFlatChem201980
10Graphene/graphitic carbon nitride-based ternary nanohybrids: Synthesis methods, properties, and applications for photocatalytic hydrogen productionFlatChem202080
11Fabrication of MnO2 nanowires and their nanohybrid with flat conductive matrix for the treatment of industrial effluentsFlatChem202179
12Graphene-based functional nanomaterials for biomedical and bioanalysis applicationsFlatChem202072
13Synthesis of emerging two-dimensional (2D) materials – Advances, challenges and prospectsFlatChem202165
14Enhancing corrosion and wear performance of PEO coatings on Mg alloys using graphene and graphene oxide additions: A reviewFlatChem202164
15Photocatalytic activity of CoFe2O4/g-C3N4 nanocomposite toward degradation of different organic pollutants and their inactivity toward hydrogen production: The role of the conduction band positionFlatChem202262
16Covalently functionalized graphene as a supercapacitor electrode materialFlatChem201961
17Functionalised graphene as a barrier against corrosionFlatChem201760
18Structure and stability of bilayer borophene: The roles of hexagonal holes and interlayer bondingFlatChem201858
19NaTi2(PO4)3-Ag electrodes based desalination battery and energy recoveryFlatChem201856
20Low-temperature synthesis of graphene by chemical vapor deposition and its applicationsFlatChem201755
21Influence of g-C3N4 and g-C3N4 nanosheets supported CuS coupled system with effect of pH on the catalytic activity of 4-NP reduction using NaBH4FlatChem201955
22Recent advances of two-dimensional transition metal nitrides for energy storage and conversion applicationsFlatChem202054
23Perylene-based non-covalent functionalization of 2D materialsFlatChem201753
24Recent advances in the application of two-dimensional materials as charge transport layers in organic and perovskite solar cellsFlatChem201753
25Ag-doped FeCo2O4 nanoparticles and their composite with flat 2D reduced graphene oxide sheets for photocatalytic degradation of colored and colorless compoundsFlatChem202253
26Recent progress in two-dimensional nanomaterials: Synthesis, engineering, and applicationsFlatChem201952
27Transition metal dichalcogenides: structural, optical and electronic property tuning via thickness and stackingFlatChem201751
28Effect of graphene dispersion and interfacial bonding on the mechanical properties of metal matrix composites: An overviewFlatChem201951
29Excitation energy dependence of Raman spectra of few-layer WS2FlatChem201748
30A comparative study on few-layer graphene production by exfoliation of different starting materials in a low boiling point solventFlatChem201747
31Metamorphosis in carbon network: From penta-graphene to biphenylene under uniaxial tensionFlatChem201746
32Sweet graphene quantum dots for imaging carbohydrate receptors in live cellsFlatChem201746
33Hibiscus subdariffa leaf extract mediated 2-D fern-like ZnO/TiO2 hierarchical nanoleaf for photocatalytic degradationFlatChem202046
34Octadecanethiol-grafted molybdenum disulfide nanosheets as oil-dispersible additive for reduction of friction and wearFlatChem201744
35A review on the superb contribution of carbon and graphene quantum dots to electrochemical capacitors’ performance: Synthesis and applicationFlatChem202044
36Adsorption and photocatalytic removal of Rhodamine B from wastewater using carbon-based materialsFlatChem202143
37Research progress on the preparations, characterizations and applications of large scale 2D transition metal dichalcogenides filmsFlatChem202042
38Synthesis of silver nanoparticles/porphyrin/reduced graphene oxide hydrogel as dye adsorbent for wastewater treatmentFlatChem202041
39MoS2 nanosheets via electrochemical lithium-ion intercalation under ambient conditionsFlatChem201840
40Ultrasonication and electrochemically-assisted synthesis of reduced graphene oxide nanosheets for electrochemical sensor applicationsFlatChem202040
41Enhanced capacitance properties of nitrogen doped reduced graphene oxide obtained by simultaneous reduction and nitrogen dopingFlatChem201839
42Two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenides for electrochemical hydrogen evolution reactionFlatChem201939
43Power generation from graphene-water interactionsFlatChem201938
44Electrochemical sensor for the detection of dopamine using carbon quantum dots/copper oxide nanocomposite modified electrodeFlatChem202238
45Hydrothermally reduced nano porous graphene–polyaniline nanofiber composites for supercapacitorFlatChem201737
46Conductometric gas sensing behavior of WS2 aerogelFlatChem201736
47Epitaxial two-layer graphene under pressure: Diamene stiffer than DiamondFlatChem201836
48Graphene/Co3O4 composites in application of electrochemical energy conversion and storageFlatChem201936
49Chemical vapor deposition-grown carbon nanotubes/graphene hybrids for electrochemical energy storage and conversionFlatChem201935
50A brief review on synthesis, properties and lithium-ion battery applications of boropheneFlatChem202035