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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Chemical Engineering71836067
2Department of Mechanical Engineering1182348
3Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry1918117
4School of Environmental Ecology and Biological Engineering3121615
5School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering51164462
6Department of Mechanical Engineering1664025
7Department of Chemistry2609592
8Chemical Engineering Department1585334
8Faculty of Engineering158294109
8Faculty of Engineering1584218
8Department of Chemical Engineering15856
12Faculty of Engineering156533347
13School of Chemical Engineering352122160
14Department of Chemistry44895170
15Department of Carbon and Nano Materials Engineering44713
16Department of Physics145101
17College of Materials Science and Engineering54395185
17School of Chemistry and Materials Science2438587
19Department of Chemistry3421935
20School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering140330247
20College of Materials Science and Engineering14010878
20College of Dentistry14022
20College of Education1403517
20Department of Chemistry1402214
25Department of Chemistry138420335
25Department of Materials Science and Engineering238203229
27Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering63719103
28Department of Mechanical Engineering236383383
28Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering236193223
30College of Pharmacy134289
30College of Applied Medical Sciences1346631
30Department of Chemistry1342222
30Department of Chemistry1343632
34Joining and Welding Research Institute233135149
34Department of Physics and Electronics23379
36Department of Mechanical Engineering1322113
36Department of Mechanical Engineering132610
38Department of Materials Science and Engineering231110141
39Department of Chemistry230449497
39Department of Chemistry130195129
39Department of Chemistry1303141
39School of Chemical Engineering130246187
43Faculty of Chemistry129191149
43Department of Organic Chemistry1294744
43Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering1292722
46Graduate School of Energy Science and Technology1284550
46Department of Physics128191140
46Department of Chemistry1285936
46Department of Physics128611
50Department of Materials Science and Engineering1272836
51Department of Chemical Engineering1268096
51Faculty of Chemical Engineering1266269
53Department of Chemistry2242134
54Department of Energy Systems Engineering1231314
54Faculty of Engineering1231520
54Department of Physics123121114
54Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering1232927
54College of Applied Sciences12354
54College of Pharmacy12373
54College of Environmental and Chemical Engineering223316
54Department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering1235584
54Department of Materials Science and Engineering1237788
54Department of Chemistry123182186
64Department of Energy Engineering2221020
64Department of Chemistry12297
66Faculty of Energy and Fuels121106108
66Department of Chemistry1213242
66Department of Physics2212530
66Discipline of Mechanical Engineering1216068
66Department of Materials Engineering221211
71Faculty of Engineering120336274
71Faculty of Engineering120140136
71Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering120118
74Department of Chemical Engineering119296333
74College of Materials Science and Engineering119250262
76Faculty of Engineering318123310
76Department of Energy Engineering2182043
76Department of Chemical Engineering118131170
76Materials Science Centre118169182
76School of Materials Science and Engineering118446524
76Department of Chemistry118290355
76Department of Mechanical Engineering1182322
76Faculty of Engineering1184543
76Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering118128149
85School of Chemical and Energy Engineering217106170
85Department of Materials Engineering and Convergence Technology3172160
85Department of Polymer Science and Engineering1175364
85Department of Physics117105131
85Department of Physics11797
85Department of Chemistry1171315
85School of Engineering1171615
92School of Materials Science and Engineering116346395
92School of Materials Science and Engineering1168595
94Department of Chemical Engineering215162282
94Department of Energy Science115167191
94Department of Environmental Engineering21519
94School of Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Information1156161
94Department of Chemistry1151521
94School of Materials Science and Engineering115102112
94Department of Plant Physiology1152458
94Department of Physics11596124
94College of Science and Engineering115151225
94College of Applied Sciences115713
94Department of Industrial Chemistry115626
94Department of Physics1151417
106Faculty of Engineering and Architecture1144980
106Department of Environmental Engineering1141117
106Department of Nano Convergence Engineering1142740
109Department of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology1135996
109Department of Materials Process Engineering1135864
109Department of Chemical Engineering1131526
109Department of Electrical Engineering113148161
109Department of Mechanical Engineering11386102
114School of Chemical Engineering and Pharmacy112152226
114Department of Chemistry112231276
114Department of Chemical Engineering11280113
114Department of Chemistry1121022
114Department of Physics112114149
114Department of Chemistry112188256
120School of Chemical Engineering111279378
120Department of Mechanical Engineering11174129
120Department of Chemical Engineering11174121
120Department of Advanced Materials Engineering for Information and Electronics11164102
120School of Engineering and Computer Science1112861
120Faculty of Chemical Technology and Engineering11193127
120Department of Chemical Engineering111107185
120College of Materials Science and Engineering111197293
120Department of Materials Science and Nanotechnology11139
120Department of Chemical Engineering1112437
120Department of Chemistry1113666
120Ministry of Education111517638
120School of Chemical and Material Engineering111289352
120Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering1113051
120Department of Electromechanical Engineering Technology11123
135School of Materials Science and Energy Engineering11077141
135Department of Physics11043
135Department of Mechanical Engineering110175225
135School of Physics11086129
135Mechanical Engineering Department1104566
135Department of Physics110913
141College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering29400677
141Department of Biophysics192455
141School of Chemical Engineering195687
141School of Materials Science and Engineering291740
141Faculty of Medicine19246329
141Department of Biophysics19510
141School of Materials Science and Engineering19382432
141Department of Food Science and Technology19121185
141Department of Chemistry19152192
150School of Engineering188921.1K
150Department of Materials Science and Engineering18120172
150Institute of High Energy Physics18592706
150Department of Chemistry184957
150Materials Science Group2878155
150Materials Science Group281762
150Department of Materials Engineering18168265
150School of Management1898154
150School of Finance and Economics185497
159Graduate School of Engineering17165199
159Department of Biological Engineering17137238
159College of Engineering171.1K1.4K
159Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology271658
159Department of Materials Science and Engineering272182
159Department of Chemistry171229
159Department of Chemistry1748116
159Department of Mechanical Engineering17185295
159Department of Basic Sciences and Social Sciences171733
159Department of Biomedical Engineering171221
159Department of Mechanical Engineering17107144
159Department of Mechanical Engineering17817
171Department of Physics1675100
171Department of Applied Genetics1626
171Institute of Advanced Composite Materials16924
171School of Physics1696124
171School of Materials Science and Engineering16137192
171Department of Physics16258374
171Department of Chemistry16386593
171Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering163769
171Department of Materials Engineering162341
171Department of Physics162754
171Department of Chemical Engineering161327
171Department of Chemical Engineering162865
171Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering16513
184College of Material Science and Chemical Engineering15119189
184College of Materials Science and Engineering15157238
184Department of Mechanical Engineering2586262
184School of Materials and Energy15236327
184Department of Chemical Engineering153582
184Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry1576131
184Department of Physics151036
184Department of Chemistry15133234
184Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering153488
184School of Chemistry and Biological Engineering1544100
184Inorganic Chemistry Department154697
184Physical Chemistry Department1580141
184Department of Mechanical Engineering1525
184Department of Chemical Engineering1524
184School of Materials Science and Engineering15310
184College of New Energy15102139
184College of Chemical Engineering15208326
201Department of Nano-Physics142445
201Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering1449105
201Department of Food and Nutrition141534
201Department of Chemistry143372
201Department of Mechanical Engineering14234352
201Department of Physics145787
201Department of Chemical Engineering141331
201College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering14378533
201Department of Chemistry1450101
201Department of Studies in Physics14108170
201School of Materials Science and Engineering14254347
201Analytical and Spectroscopy Division141938
201Department of Physics14149240
201Department of Mechanical Engineering1491159
201Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering141433
201Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering14146238
201Department of Mechanical Engineering141430
201School of Materials Science and Engineering14154222
201Department of Mechanical Engineering142156
201Department of Chemistry14225359
201Center for Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics142049
222College of Electronic Engineering133269
222School of Mechanical Engineering1374143
222School of Chemical Engineering and Technology13163268
222Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering1334106
222School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering13182298
222Department of Biomedical Engineering1365144
222School of Civil Engineering and Architecture131841
222School of Distance Education1387223
222Petroleum and Chemical Engineering131754
222Faculty of Engineering1339103
232Department of Materials Science and Engineering12360529
232Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics12189396
232School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering12124234
232Department of Chemistry12291503
232Department of Mechanical Design and Production Engineering122660
232Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering12253410
232Department of Materials Science and Engineering1248
232Department of Physics12136227
232Department of Chemistry221850
232Department of Physics123979
232School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering12127232
232Department of Physics1264133
232College of Engineering1269196
232Department of Physics121026
232Department of Physics12129251
247Department of Environmental Engineering11102199
247Department of Environmental Engineering114075
247Department of Chemical Engineering111029
247College of Artificial Intelligence1148111
247Department of Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology11121216
247Graduate School of Engineering11349587
247Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering11165424
247Faculty of Applied Sciences11218466
247Department of Materials Science and Engineering1157120
247Department of Mechanical Engineering11942
247Department of Chemistry11836
247School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering1187188
247Faculty of Civil Engineering and Mechanics1188186
247School of Pharmacy11134370
247School of Information Engineering1172157
247School of Economics and Management11925
247Department of Chemistry115293
247School of Materials Science and Engineering11131219
247Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering111341