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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Pharmacy218932
2College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering6185151165
3School of Pharmacy1153101
4School of Chemistry11343123
5Department of Civil Engineering210511462
6Department of Chemical Engineering5977593
7Department of Mechanical Engineering996214
8Department of Mechanical Engineering192112
9Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering1898539
9Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry1893134
11Department of Chemistry28463
11School of Engineering and Technology284107
11Department of Chemistry28431
14Institute of Process Engineering172589372
14Department of Physics172275
16Department of Materials Science and Engineering2704736
17Department of Chemistry169154122
18Department of Chemistry267250198
19Department of Physics26683
20School of Engineering1627740
20School of Engineering and Physical Sciences162405261
22Department of Chemistry1613419
22Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering4611951
24Division of Microbiology1516155
24Department of Electrical Engineering1518248
26Department of Chemistry2502347
27Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences1495851
28Department of Chemical Engineering1451012
28Department of Chemical Engineering1451314
30Department of Physics140290188
30Department of Chemistry14021
32Department of Chemical Engineering23711
33Department of Chemical Engineering436184357
33School of Chemical Engineering136236216
33College of Engineering1361.1K809
33Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1361317
37Department of Civil Engineering435166359
38School of Mechanical Engineering133236189
38Department of Physics133191127
38Department of Physics1333121
41Chemistry Department232153168
42Department of Physics and Astronomy231126163
42Department of Physics2312840
44Department of Chemical Engineering2301425
44Department of Physics2304153
44Faculty of Chemical and Materials Engineering2302144
47Department of Applied Chemistry2271936
47Department of Chemistry12788
49Department of Mechanical Engineering1254048
49Department of Physics12596101
49Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering125184196
52Department of Physics12378
53Department of Chemistry122142133
53Department of Chemistry1223153
53Department of Chemistry1224859
56Department of Chemical Engineering221718
56School of Basic and Applied Sciences2212277
56Department of Chemical Engineering22158
59Department of Chemistry1208781
59Department of Chemical Engineering1203841
61Department of Physics119151174
62Department of Chemical Engineering11877
62School of Engineering118815
62Department of Civil Engineering118242247
62Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering118144179
66Department of Chemistry5171340
66Department of Physics1178480
66Department of Chemical Engineering117310
69Department of Physics316517
69Department of Applied Chemistry116117151
69Materials Science and Engineering Department1161122
69Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering11613
69Chemistry Department116296340
69Department of Organic Chemistry1162030
69Department of Chemistry216120168
76Department of Physics115136139
76Department of Applied Physics31539
78Department of Chemical Engineering1144581
78Department of Materials Engineering114218276
78Department of Biomedical Engineering214613
78Department of Chemical Engineering2141549
82Department of Chemical Engineering1132028
82Department of Energy and Materials Engineering1136599
82Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering113312404
82Department of Chemical Engineering113141205
82Department of Chemistry113710
82Department of Chemical Engineering1132243
88Department of Chemistry112107147
88Institute of Agricultural Engineering1125476
88Department of Physics1126074
91Department of Mechanical Engineering111181230
91School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering111813919
91School of Materials Science and Engineering211337579
91Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment111303425
91Department of Chemical and Process Engineering111112187
91Department of Mechanical Engineering31123119
91Department of Physics1113457
91Department of Physics1112437
99Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering110115174
99Department of Chemistry21091185
99College of Biological and Chemical Engineering1103442
102Technical Physics Division1899149
102Department of Physics182741
102Department of Chemistry181333
102Department of Biotechnology18921
106Department of Physics and Technology16138240
106Department of Civil Engineering161936
106School of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering2675212
106School of Physics and Electronics26156272
106Institute of Chemistry of São Carlos1654126
106Faculty of Applied Sciences16218342
106School of Engineering16105208
106Department of Chemistry26840
106Department of Materials Engineering16111180
106Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering161030
106Faculty of Engineering161430
106Department of Mechanical Engineering16210
106Centre for Energy163880
106Department of Civil Engineering1614
106Department of Chemical Engineering162147
106Department of Civil Engineering16518
106Department of Chemistry161130
123Department of Chemistry15121181
123Department of Physical Chemistry155897
123Department of Physics25418
123School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering15316459
123Faculty of Metallurgical and Energy Engineering25128249
123Department of Chemistry252141
123School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering15208337
130Department of Chemical Engineering3454259
130Department of Chemistry3434218
130School of Materials Science and Engineering14309430
130Ministry of Education14161314
130Ministry of Education144992
130Department of Chemical Engineering1426
136Department of Mechanical Engineering13476762
136College of Civil Engineering13144229
136Metallurgical and Materials Engineering1384151
136Department of Materials Science and Engineering13180280
136Department of Chemistry131032
136Department of Mechanical Engineering133381
142Department of Chemical Engineering12211348
142Department of Chemical Engineering12202383
142School of Engineering1263142
142Department of Mechanical Engineering122969
142Department of Environmental Engineering and Management1256105
142Department of Civil Engineering12295482
142Department of Mechanical Engineering12500775
142Department of Physics and Nanotechnology12117210
142Department of Mechanical Engineering12422
142Department of Physics12106191
142Department of Civil Engineering12205341
153Department of Chemistry11292524
153School of Engineering116081.1K
153Energy Engineering113170
153Department of Mechanical Engineering114886
153Department of Chemistry11105219
153School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering1189170
153Department of Chemistry11215
153Department of Chemistry11939
153School of Materials Science and Engineering1183156
153Materials and Manufacturing Engineering11833
163Department of Chemistry10248511
163Department of Nuclear Physics102747
163Department of Physics101433
163Bahir Dar Energy Center1015
163Department of Chemistry102271
163Department of Physics104085
163Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences101152
163Department of Physics101227
163Department of Chemical Engineering10519