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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1College of Food and Bioengineering2215174
2Department of Horticulture217711
3College of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering1124243
4College of Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences111751
5School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering1916023
5Guangxi Talent Highland of Preservation and Deep Processing Research in Fruit and Vegetables19112
7Institute of Botany167208140
7Institute of Microbiology167362243
9Faculty of Agriculture265128107
9Department of Horticulture16522
11Department of Horticulture16354
12Department of Chemistry158220182
13Ministry of Agriculture156251204
14Department of Environmental Engineering15284
15Faculty of Food Technology Osijek1514728
16Faculty of Agriculture2482719
17College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine1475828
18Department of Agronomy1457352
19Department of Environmental Biology336827
20Department of Biology1353823
20College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences335923
20Faculty of Agriculture1353319
23Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology13457
24Institute for Epidemiology and Pathogen Diagnostics1332830
25Department of Botany132150138
25Plant Physiology Section1323843
25Faculty of Agriculture232142169
28Department of Chemistry131172165
29Department of Chemical Engineering129308320
29School of Chemistry129337361
29Faculty of Biological and Physical Sciences12912
29Department of Microbiology12932
33Department of Chemistry12895110
33Faculty of Agriculture2283432
35Department of Zoology4261037
36Faculty of Agriculture12394109
37Department of Bioengineering222510
37Faculty of Agriculture2224780
37Department of Chemistry1222230
37Department of Chemistry12244
41Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry3192898
41College of Horticulture3192452
41College of Food Engineering and Nutrition Science119712
44Department of Anatomy118123147
45Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences2173792
45Department of Pharmacy2172455
45Department of Agriculture1172525
48Faculty of Agriculture316164329
48Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry1163846
50Department of Agronomy11573106
51College of Agriculture and Bioresources11488146
51Department of Physics1142452
51College of Agriculture1143143
54Faculty of Agriculture and Biology1131845
54Department of Plant Physiology1131323
54Faculty of Pharmacy113173233
54Department of Biochemistry113168261
54Faculty of Chemistry41347214
54Faculty of Agriculture113109119
54Department of Biology1131518
61Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry112103176
62Department of Chemistry111537746
62Department of Chemistry111472587
62Department of Biology111558848
62Faculty of Agriculture1114371
62Department of Physics1113371
62Department of Chemistry1112845
62School of Life Science and Food Engineering11199161
69Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences110237366
69Botany and Microbiology Department11099163
69College of Horticulture and Gardening1105183
72Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine19511
72School of Materials Science and Engineering19346448
72Department of Biochemistry19121261
72School of Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences191519
72Faculty of Agriculture1911
77Faculty of Veterinary Medicine18111184
77Department of Life Sciences18524
77Department of Organic Farming and Cropping Systems38111
77Faculty of Agriculture18227304
77Department of Agricultural Engineering18624
77College of Agronomy281848
77College of Life Sciences184590
77Ministry of Education18215373
77School of Life Science and Engineering1883160
77Department of Food Science and Technology18310
87Department of Pharmacy17183357
87Department of Industrial Engineering17278458
87Faculty of Veterinary Medicine171630
90College of Agriculture164567
90Faculty of Agriculture163930
90College of Food Science16128230
93Institute of Inorganic Chemistry15104188
93Department of Horticulture151334
93Faculty of Horticulture152347
93Department of Chemistry1555104
97Department of Health Sciences and Technology14191487
97Faculty of Agriculture14165323
97Faculty of Health Sciences1471166
97Faculty of Agriculture14170256
97Faculty of Agriculture14128203
97Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences14416760
97Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering1411
97Faculty of Pharmacy141029
105College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences132771
105Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology131561
105School of Chemical Engineering13280509
105Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science13183334
105College of Food Science and Engineering133065
105Ministry of Education136651.1K
105School of Civil Engineering1368108
105Department of Surface Engineering131542
105Department of Chemistry13122211
105Department of Horticulture13830
105Department of Geography and Environmental Studies13520
105Department of Food Science and Technology132450
105Department of Agronomy132561
105Graduate School of Engineering13299418
119Department of Chemistry12592866
119School of Food and Biological Engineering1265159
119Department of Plant Pathology122981
119Department of Chemistry12236372
123Faculty of Civil Engineering11144262
123Department of Food Science and Technology11121260
123Institute for Multidisciplinary Research in Applied Biology (IMAB)11420
123College of Life Sciences11319
123College of Agriculture111136
128Faculty of Veterinary Medicine10119280
128Department of Plant Agriculture10181388
128Institute of Microbiology10122282
128Department of Crop Science and Horticulture101044
128Graduate School of Health and Nursing Science1069