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Most Cited Articles of Forensic Sciences Research in 2017

Metabolism and metabolomics of ketamine: a toxicological approach201754
Modern post-mortem imaging: an update on recent developments201733
Virtual anthropology - a brief review of the literature and history of computed tomography201720
Assessment of cognitive dysfunction in traumatic brain injury patients: a review201716
Astrocytic clasmatodendrosis in the cerebral cortex of methamphetamine abusers201715
Quantitative analysis of opioids and cannabinoids in wastewater samples201714
The increase of firearm-related violence in Sweden201713
State of the art in post-mortem forensic imaging in China201712
CT-scan . 3D surface scanning of a skull: first considerations regarding reproducibility issues201710
Microscopic examination of pituitary glands in cases of fatal accidental hypothermia20178
Diagnosis of coronary artery disease using targeted post-mortem computed tomography coronary angiography: a case report20177
Violent offences of methamphetamine users and dilemmas of forensic psychiatric assessment20177
Determination of five endosulfan pesticides in the fish pond water by dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction combined with GC-MS20175
Forensic application of comet assay: an emerging technique20175
Massively parallel sequencing of 231 autosomal SNPs with a custom panel: a SNP typing assay developed for human identification with Ion Torrent PGM20175
Influence of functional polymorphism in MIF promoter on sudden cardiac death in Chinese populations20175
The mechanical properties of plastic evidence bags used for collection and storage of drug chemicals relevant to clandestine laboratory investigations20175
A fatal case of oxygen embolism in a hospital20174
The Humanitarian and Human Rights Resource Center: support to address global forensic issues20174
Intramedullary schwannoma of the upper cervical spinal cord: a case study of identification in pathologic autopsy20173
Metabolic risk factors associated with sudden cardiac death (SCD) during acute myocardial ischemia20173
Screening for volatile sulphur compounds in a fatal accident case20173
Clinical forensic imaging and fundamental rights in Austria20173
Brugada syndrome: a fatal disease with complex genetic etiologies - still a long way to go20173
Unexpected sudden death in pregnancy - arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy/dysplasia: a case report20172