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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Graduate School of Engineering9982532
1Department of Chemistry for Materials9981743
3Department of Energy28910671
4Department of Chemical Engineering1638654
5Institute of Chemical and Electrochemical Process Engineering1502113
6Department of Industrial Engineering347138211
7Department of Chemistry146290232
8Department of Chemistry4422568
9School of Chemical Engineering84149286
10Department of Chemical Engineering23887119
10Institute of Chemical Engineering538311
12School of Chemical Engineering135279275
12School of Basic and Applied Sciences13533
12Department of Medical Devices13539
15Department of Physics13411690
15CNC-Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology13489117
15Faculty of Chemistry134288244
15Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering1349873
19Department of Chemistry13312
19Department of Chemistry2331430
21Faculty of Engineering1326832
21Chemical Engineering Programme132178
23School of Chemistry and Materials Science2301119
24Food Process Engineering Group1292728
25Department of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology1285973
26Department of Chemistry12759
26Department of Chemistry1271217
26College of Engineering and Technology1271318
29Department of Chemical Engineering1263639
29Center of Sustainable Process Engineering (CoSPE)12665
31Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics325317
31Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering32570196
33Department of Chemical Engineering2247198
33Department of Materials Process Engineering2243337
35Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1232646
36Center of Excellence in Environmental Studies1223555
37Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science22186147
37Faculty of Environmental Engineering1214438
39School of Chemical and Process Engineering220128212
39Faculty of Engineering420251743
39Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering120915
42School of Pharmacy119221276
42Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering119386484
44Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition2182947
45Department of Mechanical Engineering216620
46School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science115225361
47Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering114161218
48Graduate School of Engineering1131.0K1.1K
48Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture1132329
48Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering113316
48Faculty of Chemical Engineering1132344
52School of Mechanical Engineering112237333
52Department of Chemistry112234315
52Department of Chemical Engineering1124773
52Faculty of Mechanical Engineering1123034
52Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering2122999
57Department of Chemical and Process Engineering111125203
57Department of Process Engineering21155121
57Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research2111975
57Faculty of Mechanical Engineering111162195
57Applied Physics Institute11138
62Department of Physics1101213
62Unit of Applied Chemistry11017
64Department of Chemical Engineering1967125
64Department of Chemical Engineering1966116
64Department of Engineering2998274
64College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering1996125
68Department of Chemical Engineering17224341
68Institute of Statistics and Mathematical Methods in Economics171010
68Institute of Chemical Engineering172865
68School of Energy and Power Engineering17397488
68Department of Physics17181273
68Department of Chemistry and Biology1762157
74Department of Electromechanical Engineering164391
74Department of Chemical Engineering16446638
74Department of Engineering16107213
74Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science16132249
78Department of Chemical Engineering15274487
78Department of Chemistry15167266
78School of Mathematics15160239
78Faculty of Mechanical Engineering152778
78Department of Energy and Process Engineering15213350
78Department of Chemical Engineering15155299
78Graduate School of Engineering Science157951.1K
78Division of Chemical Engineering15123218
78Department of Mechanical Engineering157790
78Department of Chemical Engineering2584276
78Ministry of Education15665988
78Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry1557117
78Institute of Technical Acoustics152027
78Department of Agriculture and Food Technology15611
78Department of Electromechanical Engineering Technology1527
78Materials and Manufacturing Engineering15820
94Department of Biology14155341
94Institute of Chemistry14244416
94Department of Chemical Engineering14117216
94College of Medical and Dental Sciences145771.1K
94Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry14215358
94Institute of Chemical Process Engineering14514
94Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology142582
94Materials Science and Engineering1460116
94Faculty of Science and Engineering2461332
94Department of Chemistry141746
94Department of Chemical Engineering242783
94Center for Photonics and Quantum Materials14733
94Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences242362
94Department of Chemistry1438
94Faculty of Engineering2439118
109Faculty of Chemistry13390602
109Faculty of Production Engineering1355149
109Department of Physics and Astronomy13151275
109Department of Chemical Engineering1349104
109Department of Mechanical Engineering13623
109Department of Chemical Engineering132977
109Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering13119255
109Department of Civil Engineering13189322
117Department of Chemical Engineering4215114
117Faculty of Engineering4227220
117Materials and Aerospace Engineering1254136
117Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology12278451
117Department of Mechanical Engineering122956
117Department of Mechanical Engineering1256126
117Institute of Chemical Engineering2248110
117Department of Engineering12165328
117Department of Physics and Astronomy123476
117College of Chemical Engineering12191326
117Department of Chemical Engineering123371
117Department of Chemistry12266434
117Department of Chemistry12125265
117Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering1288158
117Department of Chemical Engineering122695
132Department of Chemistry11530836
132Department of Chemical Engineering112049
132School of Chemical Engineering11162341
132Department of Mechanical Engineering11119281
132College of Engineering113988
132Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering11222431
132Department of Pharmacy1129
132Institute of Microbiology11122267
132Department of Chemistry111942
132Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering113683
132Department of Chemical Engineering1145111
132Civil and Environmental Engineering1112
132Department of Mathematics112570
132Department of Chemical Engineering1184212
132Department of Chemistry112081
147Materials and Manufacturing Engineering10154348
147Department of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering1072183
147Department of Chemistry1079213
147Department of Chemical Engineering10161305
147College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering10122286
147Department of Chemistry101047
147Department of Chemical Process Engineering1067
147Department of Chemistry102798